Naagin Season 5 20th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Peacock makes Entry at Veer house

Naagin Season 5 20th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sorry guys for mistakes and if I left any part as this much that I watched..

Episode start with Bani free herself by turning into naagin🐍 and goes into party.. veer think🤔 about Bani and drink near pool and says you have made me hate yourself inspite of loving♥️ you deeply… Bani take Veer’s brother near pool side to kill him but when she turn, she find Veer.. Veer and Bani have heated argument on jealousy and party crashing.. Bani inform Veer that she won bet and now she is free from these chains⛓️. Veer try to put Bani in Pool 🏊‍♀️but they both fall with song dil ibbadat kr raha hai🎶🎶.. Bani try to free herself from chain⛓️ but Veer pushes her in pool and laugh 😆😆that this is just day 1 be ready for more pain day by day, bani swims🏊‍♀️ and goes out..

Jai’s family is worried for jai. They get call 📱from Police👮 that they just found, Jai’s Mobile📱 near clif but they are searching him. Aaru says to Jai’s brother may be he saved himself after turning into snake🐍 but still why bani is not contacting us, why she is playing with jai’s feelings??

Bani is shown searching Jai in jungle and get worried for him. Next day someone drop jai in jungle and girl see him.. she see snake 🐍and turn into female peacock🦚, she put her feather on jai and take him with her..

At Veer house Bani removes all curtains and open windows and send servent out. Balwant shout at her for this, and ask all boys to put curtains, and they think 🤔they can’t even use their powers infront of Bani. Bani tell them that now she is here only as DIL. Balwant try to use his powers but stopped by his brother and son.. bani says she will change everything and bring cleaning things, and ask everyone to clean..

That girl take Jai to her home, and call shukla informing about Jai with her.

Bani ask Balwant to clean rather than resting, but shukla intrupts and help balwant. Veer intrupts them but bani give him work as well, and accidently he make water💦 fall on her. Just than peacock 🦚come with that balwant house. He welcome her and ask tapish for her comfort. When bani try to show her room their powers strike with each other making almost turning them Naagin 🐍and Peacock🦚 respectively..

Later Bani goes to Shiv Temple and pray🙏🏼 to him stating she dreamt to take revenge with cheel🦅 with Jai, but now she is married to Veer but she will take her revenge, and worried about her new enemy. Plz help me.
Pandit and Akhogri come and she greet them. She ask how can Jai die before her? Pandit ji inform that you have changed history by marrying Veer, now story will be written by Shiv ji, do as your heart♥️ says. Bani goes..
Aghori ask Pandit ji why he didn’t tell her truth? Pandit ji says we can’t interfer in Shivji work, and AdiNaagin has to find everything alone, even we can’t help her..

Shukla warn peacock🦚 to be aware of asinaagin. Peacock🦚 try to flirt with veer, though veer uncomfortable but when bani come into room, he acts normal. Peacock 🦚says about food, clothes, drinks everything to be arranged in party veer nods yes.. she goes.. bani while arranging clothes in cupboard says that atleast someone is here to whom you listen. Veer hold her that I wanted to listen you but you choose jai, bani says whom you killed🔪. Veer say I guarantee that neither me nor from my family killed🔪 him, but I shall make your life hell..

Bani look for dresses just than girl come and bring her helper for choosing dress and style for bani and try to mix something in water.. veer come with one dress and ask about Bani advice but she rejects saying you don’t know my choice. Peacock🦚 sent him out saying that bani is right and choose dress for her and ask either to wear this or she shall call veer.. bani goes to change.. peacock🦚 think🤔 just wait adinaagin, veer shall kill🔪 you soon..

Jai wake up at house and remember flashes of what had happened and turn into snake🐍..

Precap: Bani says that if cheel 🦅body is kept on moonlight cheel🦅 gets free from life.. Veer stop her aksing why you did this?? peacocok 🦚says to shukla that these arrows will take away adinaagin powers. Jai from behind tree says get ready to die by my hands adinaagin🐍..

Update Credit to: ShraddhaSharma

  1. I like veer’s attitude but throwong his wife in pool is just too much..he should know his limits..theres a difference between being cool nd being totally manner less..

    It seems I am watching some crap show of ekta Kapoor..this season is full of love triangles..nothing bani really adinaagin?? Insano wali guts v naii h isme 🙄

    Day by day its getting boring..may be thats y trp is so low this time

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Totally agree with you.. this is turning daily soap of ekta kapoor with love- dhoka- villian- and poor helpless female lead… Its less supernatural show now and more of daily soap drama..
      And even i doubt that in future they might show all cheel being good expect shukla and jai as main villian of show…

    2. Bani isn’t helpless
      I feel she is the most fearless Naagin in positive role
      She isn’t like Shivanya or Bela
      Purely Family Oriented Naagins
      It’s not like if you are seeing flaws then the Show has it
      Yesterday everyone were talking about why Bani didn’t looked out for Jai
      But she did it today
      So Can’t you all wait for Sometime before giving a poor Judgement!!!

    3. That pool scene brought back Shivika memories… Ishqbaaz before the time leap was awesome… Miss the O bros…. My poor Surbhi they are painting her more like a villainess than a heroine… Veer can’t be so silly that he doesn’t realize she’s a Naagin. Wonder if Hriday was actually evel in his previous birth…

    4. *evil… agree they are getting more and more careless with the writing of Bani’s character, tossing in a random twin and now a random peacock… I wonder if the creators actually have a plan… Show Bani as calculating rather than persistently angry… I miss Sesha

    5. What I feel is that she is more angry with Cheels than Shivanya used to be with Rahejas
      But then nobody judged
      Giving Simple Comments like Very Good Episode,Lovely Episode and now Judging as if you have to give IMDb Ratings

  2. Everyone is behind my aadi naagin..she is alone..🥺😪🤧🥺🥺

  3. Kya Bakwaas hai.. Kachraa shoe

  4. Story is the biggest flaw of Naagin 5 god knows who are the creative team of this Naagin series. I wish both the Surbhi would not be the part of the NON SENSE aka Nagin franchise.
    But I am glad of one thing till now they have not streched anything otherwise they could have shown first Jai and Bani killing Singhanias and then jai revealing to be bad. But this is still a very bad storyline made by makers just spoiled whole show. I wish this show to get over ASAP.

    1. If you don’t want to see then please don’t
      But don’t talk shit about Naagin 5
      What if I also wish that your most favourite Show also turn down ASAP

  5. After seeing sharab in the begining and his and surbhi’s chemistry I was so very excited but now they have ruined it..its all shit.

  6. Garv Sharma, we are free to write whatever we feel..zaruri naii ki reviews humesha accha ho..sabki apni apni thinking hoti hai..bani’s character is full of nonsense..shivanya or bela k bohot sare dushman the isliye unhone us family me shaadi ki..bani k is shaadi ka koi sense naii banta..infact vo usi din shaadi kar li jis din jai mar gaya wowwwww kya pyaar hai🙄🙄 vaise v jab jai zinda tha tab bhi vo jao se zada veer pe dhyaan deti thi..y she was dancing with veer nd thn nafrat ka drama 😑😑

    1. All this was intentional
      Makers are trying to loosen the Chemistry of Jai-Bani intentionlly
      Wait for me future Episodes
      You will get the answers why???

  7. i wonder why jai is trying to kill bani he used to love her no .

  8. Even a statue can give better expressions than this Bani Sharma.

    1. That’s being rude to surbhi chandna you know it’s not easy to this. you should say good comments and say that you could improve that or that. you sh…

  9. shivika and ishqbaaz fan

    i only like my shivika’s pool romance vani pool romance not much good like shivika missing shivika obros obhahus and ishqbaaz i think the show names will change to cheel because cheel revange lot of cheels surbhi is fearless woman in ishqbaz but in this?

  10. Shesha485

    I like this episode also but I agree with the people who have criticized the Episode. I don’t think the story is worst or not good. Actors are fab. Even its not surprising about Cheel-Naagin pair as Ekta always does cross-breeding in her serials. Even I like Cheel family, 1000 times better than Parekh Casanovas.
    It’s good to see the show is going with mystery elements. Mayuri is good. In precap, Jai looks better.
    Am I the only one who think it would be better if she might have made peacock-naagin pair? (What do you guys think?)
    Surbhi changed almost four clothes in this episode😂😂 I liked the family scenes for the first time. But pushing Bani into the pool is too much. Bani’s attitude towards her sasural is also good.

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Totally agree with you shesha485

    2. This Change is also quite good
      If Naagins take Revenge on Innocent People as a part of lame misunderstanding then it is acceptable so here Bani herself confessed that she killed Veer’s Brother which actually Shukla did
      So why can’t Veer take Revenge that way
      And that too wasn’t serious but was for Fun

  11. Why everyone thinks that veer pushed bani into pool…in the episode it was clear that it happened unintentionally, when bani said he was showing his face shamelessly, he asked her to turn back and tried to turn her, it’s just a accident that both fell into pool and vani claimed as it’s their revenge, just covering up to accident…..

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Mallu, they fell in pool but veer tried to push Bani inside pool water by her head just like to kill her… And added that its day 1 for her pain

    2. What I don’t get is what’s so wrong in it
      If Naagin would have done this no criticizm
      But if it is done to Naagin then everyone….
      Why??? This is too much😑😑😑Why all such remarks

    3. Exactly, if bani done this they call it wowww…and if veer do this they call it howw…(dilbechara version), Bani with half truth trying to kill his family without learning truth fully and tried to kill teer, but after attacking him and saw veer she’s seeing teer’s hand for injury for identification, she better done that before, anyway it’s a fiction but they should show some logics and positivity, this bani only hell bent to kill cheel family….without an attempt to learn truth fully, incomplete truth is more dangerous than a complete lie…

  12. Shesha485

    @Garv Sharma, I agree with what all you’ve said. Being too judgmental (including me) make ourself so depressing and it is after all weekend show running for 2 hours. We are just watching it for entertainment not for reviews. After all, why can’t we wait until they unfold the mystery?
    In Season 2, Shivangi’s sleep poison didn’t work for Rocky at 45th episode approx. After that for 10 episodes, they didn’t concentrate on Rocky’s mystery and afterwards they have shown him as Naag. I know there happened many things between 2 and 5. Season 4 did a huge injustice to actors and audience by giving a garbage story. But somehow the makers are justifying the story of S5. So we should wait patiently.
    So, the makers are trying to justify the mystery.

  13. Biology student

    Seriously they show a peacock – a female???? Gender should have been eight . Peacock is a male bird. In the show peacock is a female bird. Whole theory is changed 😂😂😂😂

    1. True!! This is utterly nonsense!! This show is lack of basic knowledge…

    2. There could be a female or a male peacock

  14. Why jai want to kill aadinaagin?

    1. they will tell later i think

  15. Why the remarks? just don’t watch

  16. Shesha485

    Actually Mahaepisode of Naagin 5 is on Sunday. In the promo. they didn’t said anything about Saturday. Would Colors air Naagin 5 on Saturday? As far I know, Colors is an unpredictable weirdest channel afterall. Anyone say please.

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