Naagin Season 3 7th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Bela gets weak seeing Mahir’s unconditional love

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Naagin Season 3 7th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sumitra gives Pooja stuff to Bela and prays for them. She asks Andy to bless them as they are going to Kul devi temple. Poulomi comes there and says you didn’t inform me that they are going? Sumitra says Pratham and Suhani had already left. She says she is not talking about them. Andy asks if she is talking about Adi and says he is unmarried. He asks if they have any more kids. Poulomi says yes and calls her puppies. Sumitra asks Mahir and Bela to go. ACP comes there and introduces himself as ACP Ajitabh Singh and tells that he is handling Rehaan Mital’s case. Mahir says I had called you. ACP says you are leaving after handling the case to us, this is cheating. Sumitra asks him to let them go. ACP asks who is Bela and says you were there in that haveli that night. He asks for a pen and takes it in his mouth. He says just now he left smoking. He asks Bela if she saw something or hiding something. Mahir tells him that Bela had said that she didn’t see anything and asks him to talk to her with manners. ACP drops the pen and tells that it is surprising that you didn’t hear anything. He asks who was there in the haveli that day. Jhamini comes and says she was not there but can help him. Mahir and Bela are in the car. He tells that he is thinking to gift them something. Bela thinks he is talking about Suhani and Pratham and says he already gave them a gift. Mahir says I thought many things and suggests umbrella, bones…Bela is surprised. Mahir says he is talking about Mrs. and Mr. Poshtu and says if I call them dogs then Poulomi aunty will make me wear band. Bela laughs. Mahir asks her to laugh often. Jhamini tells something to ACP. ACP leaves. Adi gets tensed thinking about Bela.

Mahir and Bela’s car is stopped by the Police. They check the car. Constable asks Bela if she is fine and touches her shoulder. Bela asks what is this misbehavior? Constable turns out to be Vish and she reminds her to kill Mahir. They sit in the car and leave. Police turn out to be Vish and Arvind who are in disguise. They stop Pratham and Suhani’s car and puncture their car’s tyre. Pratham calls Mahir and tells that they can’t come as their car is punctured. Mahir says we will come back, but Pratham asks them to go. Bela gets Vish’s message and tells that they shall go and do the puja. They reach near the lake and he lifts her and starts walking. He says Mamma told about this ritual. She asks are you fine? He says yes and asks about her. She says you are walking carrying me. Rain starts. The song plays….dil diyan gallan…..plays….She takes out an umbrella. He covers on her head and says now you will not get drenched. They come to the lake to get water. Bela takes water in the pot and is about to fall, but Mahir holds her. Janam janam plays…..

He lifts her again while the song continues to play. He takes her to temple. They climb the temple stairs and get inside. Pandit ji takes the puja stuff from their hand and asks bela to sit down and light the diya. Mahir lights the diya and looks at her. Alvida song plays…Pandit ji gives him sindoor and asks him to fill his wife’s maang fully. Bela thinks of Vikrant and recalls seeing Mahir holding gun in his hand. She asks Mata Rani to stop it. He tells Pandit that he will keep the sindoor plate in front of Mata Rani. He tells Bela that he will not do anything against her will. He is about to keep the plate when sindoor falls on her maang and on his face. Pandit ji says it is a miracle and blesses her for married all life.

Jhamini comes to Adi and asks what did he say? Adi says Rehaan messaged that someone wants to kill him. Pandit ji asks Bela to go and do the rituals and asks Mahir to take promise in front of God. Bela thinks to kill Mahir. Mahir tells that he never loved anybody before and then got married. He promises to protect her all life and give her happiness. Bela thinks to kill him looking in his eyes. She comes inside the temple and hears him. Pandit asks them to go home and says weather is getting bad. Jhamini asks Adi who wants to kill Rehaan. Adi in low tone says Bela wanted to kill him. Anu hears him. Jhamini asks him to say again, but he sees Anu’s reflection and asks Jhamini to go.

Mahir tells Bela about liking the earthy smell, greenery, nature etc. She asks then why you want to break the temple. Mahir says I don’t want…and just then he gets Sumitra’s calls. Sumitra asks if they did Puja. He says yes. Bela thinks why do I get weak in front of him. Arvind holds her hand and tells her that he will kill him if she can’t and asks her to go if she wants. Arvind attacks Mahir with a rod. He shouts. Sumitra hears his voice and runs to inform Andy. He changes his avatar. Bela also changes her avatar and takes disguise of a man and picks a big stone to kill him. Mahir falls down and asks where is Bela? Bela in disguise of a man tells that you will die today, leave thinking about her. Mahir asks them to tell about his Bela and says I don’t care about myself, but tell me where is Bela? He gets up.

Sumitra calls Andy and tells him that Mahir shouted when she was talking to him. Pratham and Suhani come back and tell that they couldn’t reach the temple. Sumitra gets even more tensed and tells that someone wants to harm Mahir. Anu comes and tells that she heard Adi taking someone’s name. Mahir asks where is my Bela and beats Arvind. Bela comes near the tree and thinks of her marriage with Mahir. She then thinks of Vikrant’s murder and thinks to kill him. She comes to Mahir in a man’s disguise and hits on his chest. Mahir falls down unconscious. Bela says your last time came. She sits near him and comes in her real form. She is about to bite him. Mahir is unconscious and tells that he will not let anything happen to Bela. Bela couldn’t bite him and runs away. She runs and sits down. She thinks what is happening and why I am not taking revenge on him. She says I have to give him death for killing Vikrant.

Anu takes Bela’s name. Sumitra says she is a nice girl. Suhani asks her not to lie. Pratham tells that Adi is saying something or other since he came from the police station. Anu says we shall call Adi and asks him before anyone goes missing. ACP comes and says it is a good idea. Bela decides to kill him. Just then some mongooses come there. Bela gets tensed. ACP asks where is Adi? Sumitra says Mahir’s life is in trouble. Anu blames Bela and says Adi knows about it. Poulomi asks her not to take her son’s name. ACP asks Anu to call jhamini and Adi. Anu and Poulomi check them and says they are not at home. Poulomi gets worried for Adi. Sumitra tells Andy that they shall go and search Mahir. Poulomi says she will also come, just then she keeps her leg on someone’s hand.

Bela is shocked seeing Mongoose/ Nevla there. she tells that she knows that they have identified her and tells that today she doesn’t want to fight with them as her prey is someone else. She threatens to kill him. She is about to take Naagin’s avatar, but just then Mahir comes there and is about to hit them. Bela stops him and says they are dangerous. She throws a stone on them. She thinks she can’t kill Mahir in front of Mongooses. She steps back and is about to fall down from the cliff.

Mahir and Bela fall in the valley from the cliff. They have an eye lock while the song plays….Bela shouts being scared.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This season is much better than last 2 seasons, for a change the lead naagins are not crying always.

    1. I agree with you!

    2. OMG, ya. And it has a plot. Like at least a sensible one.

  2. Thanx for the update Hasan ma’am

  3. all these nevla/mongoose are vikrant(rajat tokas) friends….
    they came for revenge that vikrant lover Ruhi (bela) married another boy mahir.. that why group of nevla plans to attack bela ?? LOL?

  4. Sagarika ganguly

    I think there were two Vikrants !!!!!One a sheshnag whom Ruhi loved and another Vikrant in disguise who acted along with Vish to get naagmani and everything is a part of a masterplan by him even his death!!!!!.I think the real Vikrant whom Ruhi loved was killed when Ruhi went for Tapasya and is reincarnated in the form of Maahir.The one showed in the 1st episode is fake takshak nag who wanted naagmani and killed Ruhi’s mother for the same.he wanted the entire sheshnag to be killed and made a plot of getting killed himself in front of Ruhi so that Ruhi will try to seek revenge from seghals and when seghals come to know about it they would kill Ruhi as well as all snakes in the haveli and this will make an easy access for him to get the naagmani.vish may be his real lover who is helping him for the same.may be maahir is not a seghals but a sheshnag who is exchanged for sumitras stillborn baby years is also possible that Sumitra is plotting everything to get rid of poulomis sons and maahir along with Vish and Yuvi is not dead but her only son and maahir an adopted one just like first season.come on yaar its naagin and here the unpredictable happens!!!?

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      1. First of all I agree that naagin is such an unpredictable show..

      2. Secondly there can’t be two vikrants, as when it was releaved that bela is ruhi, they showed that vikrant said about being from different naagvansh and problem in their love story from sheshvansh side.

      3. I agree on mahir truth, that he might not be human or 100% not real son of sumitra and andy and yes vikrant is the one who killed ruhi’s mom…..

      4. Ya it may be sumitra’s planning but not for getting rid of paulomi or her son, but as most innocent face in naagin show is master mind behind more bad happen with naagin, for naagmani…

  5. So quick Bela attracted to mahir ridiculous

  6. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. I just forgot that yesterday was saturday and naagain 3 will telecaste… Stupid of me?????? and missed full episode….

    2. I know why bela is unable to kill mahir is becoz he is innocent…

    3. Rest episode was okkk okkk…

    4. Mr and Mrs poshtu soooo cute?????????

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      4. Ek question to rehe hi gya…
      Pratham and suhani left first and due to acp entery bela and mahir got late in leaving, than how come pratham and suhani reaced late near police check post set up by vish????????????????

      1. During first two episodes when Ruhi was being dragged by yuvi nd adi and vikrant was killed pratham was also present there too and he had seen who actually shot vikrant and he was the one who was continously asking adi yuvi n whole gang to stop and leave but still he is not in bell’s hit list….. While mahir came there late and pratham only called him and the time vikrant was shot nd he fell down the cliff then only he came there and the gun in his hand was might be for protection but bela/ Ruhi took it wrong and mahir got unnecessarily into her hit list….

        After yesterday’s Precap it seems that both will get saved and Bela will be however realise that mahir cannot be the culprit and will tell vish that she will find the truth first and will not kill him also she owes him too for saving her life. But vish and arvind will decide to kill off that mahir their way without telling Bela as she is getting weak seeing his goodness as she herself is good at heart. They might attack mahir but Bela will save him at the meantime

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      U misunderstood my question aarti and i know all this…
      My question was that pratham and suhani left for pooja early, but at checkpost set up by vish, they reached late… And it was just for fun

  7. Nice episode specially behir scene wait for tomorrow I love precap specially the bg song I love that line mera dushman bn gya mera pyaar usse maro ya khud maro something like that

  8. The episode was so nice….
    There is news that Amarpali Gupta will enter the show as Yamini’s daughter and join hands with vish

    1. Hmm! She will be playing Shalaka, Yamini’s daughter. She is not yet revealed. Maybe she’ll enter within the next two weekends.
      Mahir was beaten badly but still he wants to ward mongooses off. He’s so protective. But what about Yuvi? Sehgals didn’t even call him since many days. Sumitra might be a negative character. She was shown caring towards her children. What about her younger son, about whom she didn’t talk at least?

  9. Thanks for the update h hasan.loved the episode want more BeHir scenes…maahir reminds me of arjun in S1 he is so caring and protective about bela…nice idea Sagarika ganguly well hoping for a twist like this
    Thank u Arjit thought jamini is yaminis daughter thank u for the clarification
    This season is better than S2 but missing mouni Roy
    Jamini is a positive character it seems she is rescuing bela and vish

  10. Like the thought of you Sagarika,but Mahir is also a naag &Sumitra has changed the babies in the hospital-I read somewhere

    Coming to the epi I like Mr.&Mrs. Poshtu so so sooo cute
    so Bela had got somthing for Mahir in her heart

  11. Fenil

    Don’t know which poision Vish had gave to Adi he is behaving so strange apni hi duniya me rehta hain….Shivnya Shesha Shivangi Rudra were giving Nindravish ….Vish ne konsa vish diya hai bhai Adi ko jail me !!

  12. Ooshi

    Y vish is hell bent to kill mahir now previously she was little bit soft to humans

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