Elite Series : Shivika : Tempting Mr Oberoi – Chapter 15

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Annika goes fencing
Shivaay (shocked) : Annika?
Her name seemed to jolt her into action and she moved, still clutching her arm. The pain and the shock at being discovered made her quite angry and she scowled at him.
Shivaay : Did you just scowl at me?
Annika : So what if I did? You spoiled everything.
Shivaay : I spoiled everything? What on Earth are you talking about?
Annika : You are not supposed to be here.
The words escaped before she could stay them. Their gazes locked, and Shivaay shook his head at her, as though he could not quite believe what he was seeing.
Shivaay : I…. I am not supposed to be here? At a MEN’s club where I am a member?
Annika : That’s just it. Why is this a men’s club? Why can’t there be fencing for women? This is so s*xist. The man who began this club should be incarcerated.
Shivaay raised a hand as though to defend himself.
Shivaay : I didn’t begin this club, So I’d appreciate not being lectured to, Thank you. In the mean time, This is a men’s club and you as a woman shouldn’t be here, even if it is unfair.
Annika’s anger deflated slightly as she heard the valid points that Shivaay made.
Shivaay : You shouldn’t be here, Miss Mishra. If people were to see you, they would criticise you and change your reputation. Are you reckless, mad or just uncaring that you don’t care how this will affect your family, should you be found?
Tears sprang to Annika’s eyes and she turned away, not willing to let him see her. She wished she were anywhere other than here, with him.
Shivaay : Oh damn! I didn’t mean to make you cry. I’m sorry.
He went to the corner of the room and brought over a bottle of water that Annika had remembered to bring. She took the bottle gratefully and drank it slowly, pushing the inevitable questions for a while longer. Finally, she kept the bottle down and looked at Shivaay, whose expression had softened by now.
Shivaay : Why did you come here?
Annika shook her head.
Annika : I don’t know how to explain. You won’t understand.
Shivaay : Just try.
Annika : I… I’ve.. I’ve always been the obedient one, the quiet one. I’m going to be thirty in a few years time and… I don’t want to be the same Annika anymore. I want adventure and even though you discovered me now, This is easily one of the best days of my life. I’m just trying…
Shivaay (softly) : Trying to find the real you.
Annika nodded, surprised by the understanding in Shivaay’s voice. She notices he was smiling slightly and encouraged, her lips curved upwards as well.
Shivaay : So, the real Annika is a rebel?
Annika smiled a little wider now.
Annika : Not a complete rebel, but yes. She is.
Shivaay moved closer. Involuntarily Annika stepped back, wondering why the room suddenly became thirty degrees hotter. Shivaay opened his mouth, all the while moving forward.
Shivaay : What else is Annika, I wonder?
Annika gulped deeply as her back hit the wall. She knew that Shivaay realised that she had no ways of escaping now. She looked at his bewitching eyes which seemed to make her legs melt.
Shivaay (whispering) : Shall I tell you what else you are, my dear?
Annika nodded mutely. Shivaay put a palm on her right cheek and caressed it so tenderly that Annika nearly swooned then and there. He bent down and whispered in her ear, the hot air making her tingle all over.
Shivaay (whispering) : You are a temptress, Annika Mishra. You make me feel things I shouldn’t feel. You make me think thoughts I shouldn’t think. You make me do things I definitely shouldn’t do. However, you are too much of a temptation.
And with that, he pulled her possessively as his lips met hers. The kiss was intoxicating yet gentle. It made her forget who she was, their surroundings, everything. All she could feel was the pressure on her lips and the exquisite pleasure coursing through her.
Shivaay finally rose leaving their mouths swollen. However, He just moved and held Annika from the back such that her hair fell on his chest. He enveloped her in a hug making her feel warm and cozy while his soft kisses to her nape made her squirm with pleasure.
Annika groaned. This teasing was torture but at the same time exquisite. She was ready to fall in bed with him if this pleasure would last forever.
This last thought brought her back to her senses and she withdrew from him, albeit reluctantly.
Annika : We… We shouldn’t. I mean…
Shivaay (in a gruff voice) : Ofcourse. I.. I didn’t mean to.. I mean..
His voice drew to a close and Annika bent down to retrieve some pins that had fallen from her hair. Shivaay bent down as well to help her when he noticed a folded piece of paper near the couch.
Shivaay : Is this yours?
Annika’s eyes widened. She put her hands in her trouser pocket, then looked at Shivaay alarmed.
Annika : Yes, That’s mine. Please give it back to me.
Shivaay looked at her puzzled. Why was her voice high pitched suddenly? She had a secret, Shivaay realised. He wondered at the sudden, irrational feeling of irritation coursing through him. After all, How much did he know Annika Mishra? Ofcourse she could have a secret. But why did this bother him?
Shivaay : What is it?
Annika : It’s a piece of paper.
Shivaay : I see that. But why do you need it if it’s any old piece of paper?
Annika sighed, exasperated. The man deserved to be in an interrogation room. Tenacious to the point of being stubborn, he was.
Annika : It’s not any old piece of paper. It’s MY old piece of paper. Now give it back to me.
Shivaay : No.
Annika’s jaw dropped.
Annika : What do you mean, no?
Shivaay : I don’t think you’re telling me the truth.
Annika : About what?
Shivaay : This paper.
Annika : And why should you know?
Shivaay shrugged and made a non commital noise. Annika huffed in annoyance, then scowled at him.
Annika : Fine, it’s a list. Now can I have it back?
Shivaay : What sort of a list is this?
Annika : A personal list.
She stomped her foot hoping that her annoyance may have penetrated his thick skull at last, but to no avail, he just looked more quizzical.
Shivaay : A personal list? Shopping? Make up? Wishes? Men?
He turned to her in horror.
Shivaay : Does this list contain a list of men you might want to marry?
Annika (surprised) : No! It isn’t really relevant what the list contains, Mr Oberoi. What is relevant is that it belongs to me.
Shivaay : Not the right answer.
He bent down to open it and Annika placed a hand over his, stopping him.
Annika : I’ll tell you what it is, if you promise not to look at it.
Shivaay nodded slowly.
Annika : Do you promise?
Shivaay : I don’t break my promises.
He said quietly and Annika knew he wasn’t lying. She nodded, then took a deep breath.
Annika : This list contains a list of activities that I shouldn’t do, but I want to do them.
Shivaay : Excuse me?
Annika : Activities such as visiting the pub that day then..
Shivaay : Fencing today.
Annika nodded.
Shivaay : What else is in the list?
Kissing, Annika thought. But she couldn’t tell him that.
Annika : Gambling, smoking. Activities that won’t make me passive.
Shivaay blinked.
Shivaay : You may be many thing, Goddess Annika… But passive isn’t a word among them.
Annika’s heart gave a flutter. He had called her a Goddess, just like he had done all those years ago. His words rang through her mind. Passive isn’t a word to describe you, Annika.
What a lovely thing for him to say.
She swallowed, closing her fingers over the edge of the paper.
He watched her fingers, so closely entwined with his own, as he considered her words. He could not help but be intrigued.
Shivaay : You really want to smoke? I wouldn’t have thought anyone would allow you to.
Annika (sighing) : I don’t think so, either. I tried with Akshat, but he refused to give me.
Shivaay : A wise man, your brother.
Annika : He doesn’t say the same about you though.
He chuckled.
Shivaay : I suppose not. But what have I done to earn such a bad name with your brother?
Annika : You gave me the name of a tavern the other day.
Shivaay (amazed) : He blames me for that?
Annika smiled and shrugged as he shook his head. He looked at her and gave a devious smile. Uh Oh, Annika thought.
Shivaay : I think that your brother is wrong to blame me for that night.
Annika : I did tell him it wasn’t your fault, You know.
Shivaay : I know. But, what if I told him you were here now?
Annika : You WOULDN’T!
Shivaay : Lower your voice, My dear. This is a gentleman’s club. You may have entered easily, but let me assure you, going back out is going to be far more difficult at this time.
Annika looked at the unlocked door, then reached for her hair and started tying a bun. Shivaay stepped forward and handed over the rest of the pins in his hand before bending down to whisper in her ear.
Shivaay (whispering) : I absolutely would.
Annika turned, shocked.
Shivaay : However, I would be happy to keep quiet and to help you escape from the difficulty in which you seem to have found yourself. For a price.
Annika : What price?
Shivaay : You don’t complete any item on the list without including me.
Finally, Annika managed to voice it out loud.
Annika : What?
Shivaay : I help you complete all the items on your list, Annika. Also, If I discover that you’ve completed another item on that list without my escort, I shall tell your brother everything.
Annika : That’s blackmail.
Shivaay : Someone has to care for you and your reputation and I’m available.
Annika blinked. Was he serious? She met his eyes for a long moment. As much as she wanted to leave him there, smug expression on his face, and find her own way out of the mess, she knew that his would likely be the quickest and easiest exit strategy.
Annika donned her cap and coat again, hoping her hair was firmly in place.
Annika : It looks like I don’t have any other choice so I accept. Help me get out of here and I shall take your help to complete the items in my list.
Shivaay smiled wickedly, sending a shock of excitement through her.
Shivaay : Excellent.
PRECAP : Swara and Shivaay argue in front of Annika

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