Naagin Season 3 29th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Vish stages a big drama on Vikrant’s orders

Naagin Season 3 29th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikrant running out of the house. Adi, Boltu and others come out following him. Bela sees Vikrant hiding and tells them that she saw that man jumping off from there. They go to that side. Vish comes out. Bela tells her that Vikrant was in waiter’s attire and bite RJ. Kuhu asks RJ to open her eyes and cries badly. Sumitra asks her to calm down. Andy and others cry. Sumitra acts to pacify Kuhu. Andy asks Inspector who was that waiter? Inspector says we can get clue from you. Andy says he heard Bela shouting and then. Inspector asks Sumitra to tell how many waiters have come? Sumitra acts and says someone is killed you and you want me to tell how many waiters have come here. She runs to room. Mahir comes to her. Sumitra says see what happened to our RJ. Mahir asks if she

is hiding anything and asks her to tell. Sumitra acts as she is hiding something and gives her promise asking her to tell what happened? Sumitra tells that security sent her CCTV footage. She tells that Bela was standing near the killer, but is silent and said that she didn’t see his face. She says since 6 months strange things are happening, and I told you in haveli that Bela attacked me, and says she came here with some motive and she knew that the killer came to kill RJ and that’s why she stood near him. Mahir says I will confront her now. Sumitra says if she knows that we are doubtful then don’t know what she will do. Mahir says this is the murder proof. Sumitra deletes the video and asks Mahir to protect himself from Bela.. She thinks she will rule on the world and Naagworld because of him and smirks.

Vish tells Bela that she is going to search Vikrant. Bela says she will also come. Vish says no and tells that Sumitra is here. Bela asks her to take care and inform her. Vish says ok. Bela hugs her and says sorry. She says I know what you are bearing and says I feel that he is genuinely changing. Vish says we shall think of our love’s safety and I am learning this from you. She says I feel that Vikrant is in big problem, he would have picked my call, but he didn’t. She says she will not lose her love. Bela nods her head and asks her to take care. Vish hugs her and leaves.

Bela comes to room and sees Mahir standing. Mahir asks why are you doing this? He blames her for killing RJ. Bela says what are you saying? Mahir says I can see your real face. He says I understand what my mum says. Bela says oh, your mum said this and says she just lie to you and keeping you in dark and betraying you, and says that woman….Mahir asks her not to utter a word against his mum. Bela asks him to beat her. Mahir says I can’t raise my hand on any girl. Bela says do you think why you can’t you throw me out. Mahir says I hate you. Bela recalls his love and gets emotional and teary eyes. Song plays yeh kaisi jagah…Yuvi is standing out and feeling pity on Bela. He asks if Mahir didn’t hug her and says I am ready to hug you always. Bela goes from there upset. Sumitra tells Bela that she is very slow and until she understood RJ is gone. Bela says how can you get your daughter’s husband killed. Sumitra says she is not my daughter, but step daughter. Bela says you have killed one. Sumitra says I will kill everyone and you will be blamed. She says I will tell Mahir that you are responsible and this is truth. She asks her to accept that I have won and asks her to give Naagmani. Bela refuses. Sumitra asks her to tell how many are left now. Andy comes to Kuhu’s room and sits by her side. Mahir comes and asks for her health. Andy says Doctor gave her sedatives. Andy says Sumitra is unwell and asks where is Bela? Mahir tells that Bela is not needed and says he will take care of the baby. He takes baby with him.

Vikrant vents out his anger in the haveli and recalls Sumitra’s words asking him to kill RJ. Vish comes there and says I knew that I will find you here. Vikrant asks her to leave him alone and says you are mad to love me, but you will not get anything from me. he says if you think that my heart will melt then it is a misunderstanding and says my heart is broken badly. He asks her to go and love someone. Vish asks him not to hurt her and give her pain as she is married to him. He says I feel happy when I give you pain as you married me forcibly. Vish says you are telling this as you want me to leave you. Vikrant tells that he is really a bad guy and asks her to leave him. Vish says you are not a bad guy and hugs him. She says you are very honest and that’s why I love this heart. Vikrnt hugs her and cries. Vish says I know you haven’t done this with your wish, but with someone’s order. She asks him not to ask her to go, and says I will not leave you. Vikrant hugs her and cries. Vish asks why are you doing this and obeying to that woman. She asks can I help you? Vikrant asks her if she will do his work. Vish asks him to say.

Mahir is handling the baby as she is crying. Bela says she will take care of her, but bela says he will take care of baby. She comes to room following them. Mahir says he will change the pamper. Bela says it is not right. She says whenever we are fighting, baby is stopping crying. Mahir says baby is unsafe if you are around and asks her to go out. Bela goes out and thinks phone is inside. She goes inside and takes her phone. She sees Mahir sleeping and the baby crying. She takes baby in her hand and takes care of baby. She tells she is cute like her Mamu, and says your Mamu’s eyes are clear and honest. Mahir wakes up and sees Bela taking care of baby. Bela asks Baby to see in the mirror who is there. She sees Mahir sitting. Mahir takes baby from her hand and asks her not to take baby. He tells himself that he can’t trust Bela knowing her truth. He sleeps with the baby. Song plays….Bela covers them with blanket and looks at Mahir. Mahir gets up and asks her to stop staring at him, and says you have no rights on me or on the baby. He asks her to take the blanket and pillow and says if you sleep without it then will get unwell, I mean others will get unwell too. Bela smiles and takes pillow and blanket from his hand and rests on the couch.

Vish comes to Sehgal house holding sharp knife in her hand. She peeps inside Mahir’s room and sees Bela awake coming out to take water. She hides and tells herself that she has to do this. Yuvi is in the kitchen and sprays something on Bela’s nose before she could realize anything. Bela closes her eyes and falls on his embrace. She says you. Yuvi says it is me, Yuvi. Bela laughs and says I know you are Vikrant. Yuvi takes her and thinks it is good that you came out from the room by yourself and thinks Vish is making my conspiracy successful now. He takes Bela with him. Vish recalls, and a fb is shown, Vikrant asks Vish to take the knife. Vish asks did you decide surely? Vikrant says I know what I am doing? Vish says I didn’t think that you will make me do this. Vikrant asks will you do this or not? Vish takes knife from his hand. Fb ends.

She comes inside Mahir’s room and looks at the baby. She stabs. Bela wakes up in the tent on the terrace and thinks how did I come here? She thinks what happened after that. She sees blood stains and shouts seeing blood. Andy and Kuhu run to room. Mahir wakes up hearing Bela shouting. Bela asks are you fine? She asks where is Ruhi? Mahir takes Ruhi. They see Vish lying on the floor with blood around her. They take Vish to room. Sumitra asks why did you take this step in this condition. Vish says she don’t want to live. Yuvi asks what happened to her and asks Sumitra to make her understand. Sumitra asks her to tell what happened? Vish says she did a big mistake and did this because of guilt. Bela says what mistake and guilt? Vish pushes her and says you are the real culprit, you didn’t leave any way and that’s why I have to take this step. She says you gave me pain and snatched my love from me. Andy asks your love is here, Yuvi. Vish says my love is Mahir. Mahir asks what are you saying? Vish says when you don’t remember your wife then how you will remember me. Bela shouts Vishaka. Vish says this is happening because of you.

Vish tells Mahir that their love is true and that this baby is their love child. Sumitra asks Mahir to leave Bela. Mahir tells Bela that he don’t want her around him or Vish. He walks away with Vish. Vish tells Bela that she has already became his love.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. The episode is good as we saw Behir together. But the precap is very horrible as vish and Mahir are going to get married. We Behir fans cannot see Mahir and vish getting married. It will be nice if Bela becomes vishaka and get married to Mahir. Please don’t separate Behir Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee.

  2. What is happening in this show

  3. Lokesh

    Lagta hai Vikrant aur Vishaka Khel Gye, sumi aur Yuvi reaction bhi genuine nahi lag rhe the .iss drama se mahir Ko yaad bhi aaa jayega or wo safe bhi rhega ,TB tak Bela will do something.

  4. Irritating episode…😈😈so much of drama……no continuation……. I don’t know what is happening in this show……. Damn

  5. First think positive guys…..bela wont this marriage to happen… And vish also don’t do like that because she loves vikranth very much as we seen in yesterdays episode… There will be a definite flashback between vish and vikranths conversation
    And they are doing this because they want sumi and yuvi to believe in them……bela will come in vishs disguise for the marriage.. And I think a big dhamal(flash back) is the end for the present drama like the (episodes of vikranth killing belas mother)

  6. I think that maahiji is acting like he is memoru lost, to know the truth of bela

  7. Kamalanayanina

    I think that thebwriter have gone completely mentally ill or stupid.. Dont they know any thing other than heroine’s friend loving for the hero.. Atleast sesha or ruchika was not married.. But this vish.. Please dont flop the show by portraying mahir this way.. He is the only character making this show good enough to watch..
    Almost all dead characters are back except for paulomi rehaan acp ajitabh.. I think vish will say I love ajitabh if he comes back..
    Irritating stupid and awkward direction I have ever seen.. 👹😈👿

  8. So much of confusion in this story. Sumitra wants nagmani. For tat why shes making this much drama? Before bela as ruhi loved vikranth only. Tat time thy(sumi nd vikranth) could hav got nagmani from ruhi very easily. Next sumitra wants to rule the world it seems. For tat she married andy. But andy said he married sumitra becoz shes rich. Which one is true?

    1. The real Sumitra whom Andy married was rich. But she was murdered by the current Sumitra who is Vikrant & Yuvi’s mother. Mahir and Kuhu are the real Sumitra’s children which is why the fake Sumitra. That’s why in the previous episode Sumitra was reminding Vikrant that she took Andy’s wife’s place.

  9. nice but don’t separate bela and mahir

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