RadhaKrishn 29th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Radha Reveals Truth

RadhaKrishn 29th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Balram asks Krishna why he is still worried about love and attraction, what about Radha’s love. Krishna says Radha has to leave path of attraction and head towards love first. Balram says he can lift mountains and break anything, but cannot explain Krishna. Krishna continues his explanation. Balram asks what is next. Krishna says now Radha has to either cross her attraction and understand love or forget Krishna.

Kirtida pampers Radha and showing her childhood items says she is still baby for her, but her father understands world better and she has grown up and attained marriage age. Radha says she does not want to marry yet. Kirida insists to tell reason. Radha confesses that she loves Krishna.

Nand with his Yashoda, Krishna, and other family members walks to Vrishbhan

and congratulates him for fixing Radha’s alliance. Vrishbhan says he is very happy and asks Krishna to bring Radha. Ayan taunts that Radha informed about her marriage to Krishna. Krishna walks in to bring Radha. Ayan follows Krishna and taunts that Radha is marrying someone else. Krishna says he also loves Radha, then why he looks so happy. Ayan says he does not care if he does not get Radha, he is happy that even Krishna is not getting her. Krishna says he sees jealousy on his face and it is really bad. Ayan says whatever it is, now Radha is forced to marry someone else. Krishna says he will prove that Radha loves her and takes him along.

Radhha asks Kirtida if she doe not like Krishna. Kirtida says when she saw Krishna and Radha, she thought they are made for each other, but when Kans was behind Krishna, she was worried. Radha asks when that problem is solved, does she accept her and Krishna’s relationship. Kirtida asks if Krishna also loves her. Radha says Krishna loves her a lot, he got rid her off her fear, gifted his favorite shaligram to her, risked his life and brought her beautiful flower by climbing mountain. Kirtida gets happy. Krishna reaches with Ayan. Kirtida says let us speak to Krishna. Krishna walks in asking what she wants to speak. Radha emotionally tries to speak when Ayan walks in saying Vrishbhan uncle is calling her and Radha. Kirtida asks Radha to stay with Krishna and walks away. Krishna smirks at Ayan. Ayan walks away fuming. Radha looks at Krishna smiling.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that they think best for themselves, better life, better respect; one who wants to dream, night is short for them, and one who wants to fulfill their dreams, day is short for them; one has to prioritize their needs.

Precap: Boy’s family brings shagun gifts for Radha. Radha writes a letter to Krishna to come and take her. She nervously waits while Vishakha delivers letter to Krishna. Krishna looks sad reading letter.

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