Naagin Season 3 25th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Mahir kills Sumitra, Shivangi fights with Shesha

Naagin Season 3 25th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tamsee scolding Rithvik and Rocky that they did a great job. Snake charmer says if we attack the naags then he will attack us back. Rithvik tells that they shall do their planning. Sumitra asks what do you want? Rocky says to get rid of them, and says they will get lot of money by selling the naagmani. Sumitra asks what did you do till now? Rithvik says we were doing the land business. Sumitra says I sent Vish to you due to my plotting and asks them to come to her side. Tamsee asks what do you mean? Sumitra says it has become powerful and we shall sell it to the person who knows its value. Tamsee says that means someone is coming. Sumitra says yes, we are waiting for that person. Yamini comes there in the car. She gets down and says I have come, kayamath has come, this naagmani

is just mine. Yamini song plays….Bela asks Shivangi why she didn’t return after the attack on her. Shivangi says she was in the haveli who has innumerable stairs. Bela says why didn’t you return to take revenge. Shivangi says I was a cursed naagin as I was killed by my husband and father. Whenever we kill someone, we forget that he is related to others, and when that person is our father or husband, we realize that our revenge is useless. She says hatred can’t kill evil, but kills goodness. Bela says you came just for me. Shivangi says yes.

Vish and Mahir come to the haveli. They get Shivangi talking to Bela. Shivangi tells Bela that she shall be safe first, and tells that she has to rule on naag lok, but have to protect everyone. She says you have to protect like you was doing till now. She says we shall get Naagmani soon. Bela says we have to kill Sumitra and others to get it. Shivangi says I can’t kill my husband and father. Bela says a daughter and wife can’t kill them, but a naagrani will. Vish says if you can’t kill them then I will kill them. Bela says if we get killed then…? Shivangi says we will think atleast we fought.

Rohini asks Sumitra to tell who is buying naagmani. Just then Yamini comes there and says I am buying it. She hugs Sumitra. Rithvik comes and calls her mom. She hugs him. Rocky comes and greets her. Yamini hugs him too. She says my Karan and Arjun came. Tamsee gets angry. Yamini says you might be Andhka and says I came to get Naagmani here and asks her to show the mani. Sumitra asks her to show her the money first. Tamsee gets angry. Yamini says I will give you a chance to touch you. She asks Sumitra to show naagmani. Sumitra asks her to show the money. Yamini calls her men, who bring big bags of money. Sumitra gets happy and gives naag mani to Yamini. Tamsee asks Yamini why did she act all the while. Sumitra smiles and tells Yamini that real part is remaining of deal. Yamini says she will do. Sumitra says our lives are not less than a hindi film. Yamini asks her to call Bela and she will call shivangi. She plans to kill them. She asks Rohini and Alek to bring them.

Mahir gets the book and shows to Bela. Bela says this is the book which I got and came to know about your curse. Alek and Rohini come there. Rohini says two bahus are there, and says she is upset with Maha naagrani as she didn’t do any dhamaka. Mahir hides the book. Rohini asks Snake charmer and Alek to take the losers. She says we will do a big dhamaka for them. She asks them not to forget that they have naagmani with them. Alek says we are tired, but you are not tired. They take them. Alek asks Vish to come. Vish tears the page of the magical book and takes it in her hand.

Bela, Shivangi, Mahir and Vish are tied. Sumitra asks Shivangi to see the surprise. Shivangi is shocked to see Yamini. Yamini says I wanted your face to turn mourning face. Sumitra says what did you say that she is your grand daughter. Yamini says due to bad fortune and tells that she hates Shivangi’s mother and as her face is similar to her mum, she hates her double. She shows naagmani and says finally I bought it and feeling that I got something in my life. Sumitra asks her to meet her bahu. Yamini says all bahus are enemy of saas. Sumitra says she was Bela Naagrani and now Shravani Naagrani. She says we made them dance also. Vish signs Bela as she is holding the paper. Tamsee asks what they are signing secretly and asks what is the price of Ghulam in naaglok. Vish says free me, I will tell you what a Ghulam can do. Tamsee says we have a better plan. Sumitra says we have a live telecast here, you (Vish) can’t do anything when they (Bela and Shivangi) will be killed.

Sumitra asks Yamini who will cut the ribbon first (do the murder). Yamini asks her to do first. Sumitra asks for their last wish. Vish says I want to hug Naagrani. Tamsee says no, kill them. Yamini asks Rohini to open her and says she wants to see their dance. Vish comes to bela and hugs her. She says your value can’t be changed by any relation, and tells that they are taunting her calling her Ghulam. She tries to cut the rope with her finger ring nail. She says I want to become your Ghulam in all births, and says sorry for couldn’t do anything. She shows the magical paper to Bela. Bela says Vish…my sister and hugs her. Sumitra says over acting shop. Yamini says that’s me, they are doing more acting than me. Bela says yes, we are dramatic and says she will miss her. Vish asks her to go to naaglok’s world after death and says we will meet you there. Sumitra asks her to tie Vish again. Vish throws the nail near Mahir. Mahir says Bela and Shivangi will kill them. Yamini says I have come to kill you. Beal shouts no. Shivangi asks her to come. Yamini asks why did you come here, and says people will laugh on you. Sumitra says people will joke on you now. Rocky says I think she wanted a worst death. Yamini says that too in humans hand. She says you might be big naagrani, but we the humans are more dangerous, and says we light the jungle and burns it, and says we are that bad. Shivangi says you said it rightly.

Rithvik asks her to kill her. Yamini says Naagmani is in my hand, nobody can save you and tries to kill her keeping naagmani near her neck. Sumitra gives knife to Yamini. Yamini is about to stab her, when a heavy wind comes and stops Yamini. Yamini says what is happening. Everyone is losing balance. Yamini says Shivangi’s death can’t stop and says she will kill her with Naagmani. Shivangi says Om Namashivay…and recites it repeatedly. Yamini’s hand is stopped and couldn’t bend. She asks what did you do? Shivangi says God has done this and continues saying Om Namashivay. Mahir frees himself. Bela frees herself and tries to go to Shivangi. Sumitra holds her and says I will kill you now. Sumitra is about to stab Bela, when Mahir stabs Sumitra. Sumitra shouts and asks Rohini and Alek to catch them.

Rohini tells Alek that they shall run before getting killed. Tamsee runs out. Mahir fights with Rithvik and Rocky. Bela bites Sumitra. The Snake Charmer/Maha Sapera is stopped by Vish and Bela. Vish asks him to see how they dance. Shivangi frees herself. Bela and Vish bite the Snake Charmer. Yamini tries to kill Shivangi again. The naagmani flies in air and falls on Shivangi’s hand. Rithvik and Rocky fight with Mahir. Shivangi says nobody can ignore Shivji’s sayings. She says I didn’t know that you are alive and says you got saved twice. She says may be you are destined to die with my hand, and asks her to pray that she gets some place in hell and says there is no place for you in hell also.

Yamini gets scared and asks her to leave her. Shivangi walks towards her and tells that I didn’t tell you one thing, and tells about Naagmani’s strong power. She bites Yamini and makes her dust with the naagmani. Mahir gives the magical paper to Bela and goes outside. Rithvik apologizes to Shivangi and apologizes to her. Rocky also apologizes to her and says we did a mistake, and will not do this again. Rithvik says forgive us, we will not do this again. Shivangi gets emotional again. Bela says you are doing the same mistake again. Shivangi says I can’t see their tears and can’t kill them. Vish says their tears are fake. Shivangi says I can be cursed naagin, but can’t kill them. She says I came forward before, due to my emotions and asks them to take Naagmani and kill her. Rocky takes Naagmani from her hand and says we fooled her thrice. He asks her not to say Om Namashivay and says it will not go anywhere now. Rithvik asks Rocky to kill her.

Rocky is about to kill her, when Bela stops him and asks him to check the magical read. Shivangi reads and is shocked. Bela says they are not your father and husband, and says they are imposter. Vish asks her to kill them and says your father and husband never killed you. Shivangi asks where are they and who are they? Rocky and Rithvik become two snakes and then becomes one snake. The snake turns into Shesha. Shivangi is shocked. Shesha asks if she liked her two faces and says one is of your father and one is your husband. She says she was living all these years using these two faces. Shivangi asks where is Rocky and Papa and asks her to tell. Shesha asks her to kill her and says you will never know where are they? Shesha says they are between earth and sky and asks her to ask Naagmani to locate them. She says if you give me Naagmani then I will think to tell you, but will not tell. Shivangi pushes her. Shesha says you can do just this.

Shivangi asks her to tell. Shesha says Yamini and Sumitra are gone, but this Shesha will be Shesha always. She asks Shivangi, why she is searching her father and husband and says they might have got old or died, and says they might be thinking that you thought them to be your murderer, I did that good work. Shivangi slaps her. Shesha says you will live with this guilt that you thought your father and husband wrong, cursed them etc. She says you are lucky to know this secret and says your mother died thinking your father is dead and asks where did she go, heaven or hell. Shivangi shows her snaky eyes. Shesha becomes half snake and attacks Shivangi. Shivangi moves. Bela comes near Shivangi. Shivangi becomes half snake too. Shesha becomes two faced snake and fights with Shivangi. Bela watches everything. The snake fight ends. Shesha comes human and says if you kill me then you will never find your husband and father. Shivangi says I will be happy that I killed evil. Shesha asks her to use her mind and says you will never find them. Shivangi says if I leave you then I can’t forgive myself and says she will search them. She attacks her with her tail.

Precap: Shivangi meets her father and husband. Her father collapsed after meeting her. Tamsee and Shesha to fight with Bela.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. 35 min episode was total waste 5 min break that made 40 min episode dragging dragging dragging dragging only.😑😑😑😑😑.. Last 15 min was mindblowing….👏🏻👏🏻

    2. So Ritik and Rockey turned innocent, thank god, otherwise even both seasons were ruined..😐😑😐😑😐😑😐

    3. how come shesha turned black naagin🐍🐍 again???🤔🤔🤔

    4. It was sooo good to hear old Nageshwarye🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶 song…🙂🙂😌😌

    5. Why I doubt🤔 that might be precap will leave question mark again for season 4!!! And if that happens, Ekta maam lost her mind by taking risk again for season4..😐😐😐

    6. I doubt 🤔🤔even Vikrant may be turned alive using Naagmani💎

  2. Vinitha Nayak

    I feel Shivanya is also returnIng in tomorrow’s last episode.

  3. SsiyAa


  4. This is too much of drama!! Like sesha is both of them!!?? 2episodes back Rocky was talking to Rithvik and all the while it was just Sesha talking to herself!?? 😮 how is this logic even acceptable??And Shivangi’s life was a lie all this while!! 😮 Wow!! This is unexplainable.
    And Shivangi and Bela danced because of the snakecharmers but Sesha despite being a “TWO HEADED SNAKE” was not affected at all -_- Now its just Shivanya and Vikrant to come back i guess. Yeah ask them to call Jhamini as well 😐 only she is left behind!! Seriously guys have they just lost it all!! Stupid logic and even more stupid story! They made the Season 1 and 2 ‘s to lose its charm as well.

  5. I have no words left to criticize only thing i can say is ‘what is this’
    Everything is unexplained like return of Yamini and Shesha as well as relationship between Sheshnaag clan and Takshaknaag clan
    And Today Shesha said that Ritik and Rocky must have aged
    Seriously has she forgotten that he is Takshak naagraaj an Ichhadhari Naag and that she is Takshika
    And back then in season 2 shesha killing shivangi in form of ritik and Rocky ,this revelation is disgustingly senseless

    I feel all the makers are suffering from memory losses therefore they are acting ignorant on minor ans sometimes majorthings of which if enlisted than a thick book of these stupidities won’t be enough

    I apologise for being harsh but what can i say
    This is reality


    naagin 3 director got complete “memory loss”

    1) shesha was died twice in season 2 finale. But how she was alive? And killed shivangi in the form of ritivik and rockey?? (completely story was spoiled)

    2) yamini died so many times, and came back? 👠

    3) ritivik was killed by yamini and her puppets in season 2. But how shesha got ritivik as captive/slave?
    4) next episode shivanya also will come. She was also stabbed by 8 members. But alive? 👿😱😱
    5) bela always dumb powerless naagrani.

    6) BUT AGAIN NAAGIN SEASON 4 THEY WILL START WITHOUT ANY CONTINUATION, LOGIC LESS, SCRIPT LESS, DIRECTIONLESS, MEANING LESS. but all those people surely will watch and show become no 1 in TRP rating.. Feeling sad for audiences and naagin fans.. I am extremely Disappointed ☠️☠️

  7. without knowing got angry. That shesha let she and tamasee die and all pairs unite

    1. What the f**k with this serial…i have never watched such senseless and logic less serial in my life. This sucks really sucks

  8. I am damn sure that either rocky or rithik would sacrifice their life. Similar to avengers end game. So sad that everything is unexplained. I wonder how yamini can live everafter.

  9. I dont know what’s happening. Nagins usually crave for power and immortality. But sumitra is fond of money more than power? How come sumi and yamini know each others?

    1. SsiyAa

      same here…. sumitra is more fond of properties.. all these years she plotted so much to get naagmani only for money.. ridiculous..writers actors directors everyone forget what they wanted to show.. suffering from amnesia may be..

  10. Anyway u should all watch malayalam film ‘lucifer'(with subtitles) . Its an awesome film and that film contains a deeper story . And its very interesting . And we malayalee fans are mad about it

  11. And pls post ur reviews in this page as replies.

    1. Are u malayali ?

  12. What nonsense

  13. i didn’t see lucifer but liked promo waiting to see. And shraddha ,aahir, ann,n3 , krishna i liked ur comments too. Not only jhamini i think ekta will bring back avantika yuvi also may be hukum too

    1. Treesa u should definitely see it . It is one of the best of malayalam films.( Might be of indian films too.)

  14. When is naagin 3 ending??

  15. Yes bro .

  16. How shesha and yamini came alive how is Rithvik alive how Shivangi came please any one know any answer reply my head is going off

  17. If good people die then won’t come back (rudra,vikrant etc)
    Only bad people always come back alive (yuvi, yamini, sesha (etc)

    Btwn Yamini is still young but her son ritik is old… Waw

  18. sure krishna . Now let see how ekta planning to end naagin 3 and naagin 4 is true or false

  19. What a boring episode? All of us alive and come back! Yamini is a human but she still young . What a story? 🤔 Rocky is a snake 🐍. But he was under their control. This story is unexpected way. 🤯 What nonsense 🤫please

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