Muskaan 25th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Tara guides Sir ji

Muskaan 25th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sir ji coming home and getting angry on Ronak for making Gayatri away. Tara laughs and plays the chess. She asks Sir ji to make the weak links away to reach the queen. She gives him the idea. Dipendra gets an idea and tells Lovely that he has to go for the interview, he can start his new business. Ronak asks him to go. Dipendra and Bunty meet the manager to ask for credit card. Muskaan says I want to start coaching classes so that I can earn money for family needs. Ronak likes her idea and tells that he will arrange everything for her. Dipendra and Bunty come home and tell everyone about their new business of taxi service. He asks them to do puja of the taxus. He asks Gayatri not to call Ronak and Muskaan.

Ronak surprises Muskaan with the coaching class. He also gets the kids

and says some kids needed tuition and I told them that you will teach them and give discount also, so their parents agreed. He gives the fees. Muskaan says everyone’s tension will get less with this money. Dipendra and Bunty show the taxis and says thank the person who helped us in starting this business. Gayatri and everyone get shocked seeing Sir ji.

FB shows Sir ji helping Dipendra and Bunty and waiving off their loans. He asks them to do his work, help him in getting Gayatri home, Ronak and Muskaan shouldn’t know this. FB ends. Sir ji asks Gayatri to come with him, the family didn’t see the world yet, come. Ronak and Muskaan come and make Sir ji away. Muskaan asks him to stay away and not get himself insulted by coming again and again. Sir ji asks will you tell me what to do.

Ronak argues with Sir ji. Sir ji asks him where is his earnings, how will he take care of Gayatri. Muskaan gives her earnings to Gayatri. She says its our first income, we wanted to give this to you. Ronak says Muskaan and I opened a coaching centre for kids, Muskaan wanted to give this to you first. Gayatri says this is hardearned money, I m proud of my children. She lectures Sir ji and asks him to leave. She asks Bunty and Dipendra to return the taxi key. Bua agrees with Gayatri and refuses to do puja. Gayatri asks them to come. Dipendra and Bunty stay with Sir ji. Bua asks them to come. They refuse. Bua scolds Bunty and asks her to come home. Ronak asks are you mad, he will just use you, come home with us. Gayatri says leave it, they aren’t children that we force them, its their lives. Muskaan says we can’t force him. Bunty asks Bua to come home with them, there are all the comforts. Dipendra asks Lovely to come along with them, dad is ready to do anything for mum.

Lovely says we have no relation with him now. Bua says I m ashamed to call him my brother. She cries and scolds Sir ji. Muskaan says we all will stay together and spend this time. Gayatri says Muskaan is right, that’s final. Sir ji gets sad. Sir ji gets Dipendra and Bunty home. They get shocked seeing Tara and ask what is she doing here. Tara says you will get the queen soon. She acts close to Sir ji. Dipendra asks who is he. She asks Sir ji to make her wear the anklet. Sir ji gets embarrassed and does as she says. He asks Dipendra and Bunty to do as he tells them.

Sir ji says Muskaan was taunting me about her earnings. Tara says stop her from earning, they will come back home. Muskaan and Ronak slip in the washroom.

Update Credit to: Amena

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