Naagin Season 3 18th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Bela gets Naag Mani back and saves her clan

Naagin Season 3 18th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bela thinks of her mum’s words and thinks Mahir’s chapter is ended, don’t think about it, think about searching Naag mani. She closes her eyes and sees Naagmani’s place. She gets down from the stairs and looks at the vase. She sees same house and thinks how did Naag mani reached here. ACP comes and greets her. Bela says I have some important work to do. ACP says even I have important work and that’s why I came. Bela recalls Naag guru’s words and looks at the eclipsed moon. ACP says it seems you have interest in astronomy. Vish thinks to alert Bela about ACP. Police officers come there. Vish becomes snake and hides. She hears Police officers talking and telling that ACP is inside. Vish sees police officer name and calls in commissioner’s voice, asking them to go to accident spot of a high profile people. She asks them to take ACP also. ACP tries to talk to Bela. Bela asks him to run. Police officers come there. Bela runs. ACP runs behind her. Police officer tries to tell about commissioner. ACP says we have to catch the girl. Bela again closes her eyes and comes near the room which she saw. She closes the lights.

ACP comes and says I know you are here and asks her to come. Bela comes and sees the way closed. She sees eclipsed moon and again closes her eyes. She sees pics in the haveli. She thinks Naagmani is in haveli and thinks who could be the thief. She appears as snake and goes to haveli. ACP comes there, and sees her already gone. Bela comes to haveli and thinks to search Naagmani. She comes to her mother’s photoframe and thinks Naagmani is not here. She closes her eyes again and asks Shiv ji to help her find Naag mani. She comes to the haveli’s secret side and thinks I have never seen this side. She sees her mother’s pic there itself and thinks Naag mani is here. She asks her mother to give her strength and keeps head on her mother’s photo frame. She hears sound and takes the photo frame out. She sees a secret passage behind the photo frame and comes inside.

ACP comes back fuming. Vish thinks he is angry, it seems he couldn’t catch Bela. ACP asks who got commissioner’s call and asks him to give Vishal’s phone. Vishal gives his phone. ACP asks who has deleted the call list. Vishal says he didn’t. Vish asks him to relax and says why you are terrorizing them. ACP says I would have caught Bela today, but someone made fake call on commissioner’s name. Vish keeps hand on his hand and says we will do the work together. Bela comes inside the cave and sees mani. She says you are here and is about to pick it. She says jai bhole naath. Just then someone attacks her with arrows. Bela holds the arrows and says who is here, who wants to steal someone’s safe keeping. Someone jumps down with her face masked and ring in her hand. Bela recalls it is the same ring. Bela says you might have thought that naag mani is useless until I touch it, and you might have thought to snatch it from me and says I will never give naag mani to you, and says you can’t make me lose. She says you will get death and not naag mani. The mysterious attacker says you will give me Naag mani surely.

Naag guru puts something in havan. Heavy wind is played. Naag guru tells that naag mani is found, but battle is still going. Bela fights with the masked woman. She fires arrows on Bela. Bela holds the arrow. She throws arrow on her. She thinks she is a woman, but whom. She holds her and says you will not get naag mani, but death. She says I will see whi si my new enemy and holds her with her tail. She asks him to accept defeat and leave Naag mani. She says you will never get it. Masked woman gets up and attacks Bela. Bela tries to see her face. She runs. Bela picks Naag mani.

Adi comes there wearing mask. Bela picks mask from his face. Adi says I was the one who stole it. Bela says you are not the one. Adi says I was not there, and tells that I am from your side, you brought Naag mani to your sasural. She says your enemy is very powerful and you are like worm infront of enemy. Bela holds him with her tail. Adi asks her to leave him. Just then attacker kills Adi with the arrow. Adi says she/he is coming. Bela thinks he is dead. She picks Naag mani and thinks to make Naag mani reach Naag guru. She thinks don’t know how many lives are gone to get this naag mani.

She recalls Mahir and thinks if he dies, then why I am feeling bad. She thinks he was nothing to me, and thinks she was feeling bad as he was a good man. He didn’t give me a reason to hate him, he took care of me and agreed to accept my baby thinking I am pregnant with his brother’s baby. She thinks how can anyone be so good. She thinks where such good human exist. She thinks Mahir don’t show off and then thinks why I am getting sad and crying. She thinks that chudail was right, I think from my heart and thinks Mahir was one among the killers and had gun in his hand. She recalls Vikrrant’s death. She thinks Mahir is dead, I will kill everyone one by one. She comes to Naag guru and shows Naag mani. Naag guru says you have proved that you are our savior and courageous like your mother. They all say jai. Bela gives Naag mani in Naag guru’s hand. Naag guru asks who had stolen it. Bela says I couldn’t see her face, but got the ring. She tells that she saw Adi’s face, but he didn’t steal naag mani. She says I didn’t know how it was stolen. Naag Guru says we have to find out, as they can steal again. He says lets complete the yagya.

Naag guru does the havan. Bela heals her injuries. Naag guru tells that Naag rani had sworn to find Naag mani before eclipse ends and have managed to search it back. Bela says it is my duty to safeguard Nani Mani. She tells that she has to return. Naag Guru asks her to go. Bela tells herself why is she crying for the persons who made her cry. She says she got the naag mani, but shall not forget the revenge. She says Naagin never forgets her badla and looks at Vikrant’s photo frame. She thinks she will kill all the guys one by one. She comes home and hears people coming there. A woman says we can’t know your pain, and says we have to live with God’s wish. She comes inside recalling Mahir.

Vish tells someone that if he gets saved before 24 hours then he won’t be saved from her. Bela sits near the dead body. Sumitra asks Bela where was you when Mahir’s condition deteriorated and tells she called her many times. She says whoever went can’t be return. Bela says sorry and runs inside.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Lokesh

    Thanx hasan

  2. Thanks for the update h hasan…adi was the one who killed vikrant if Bela killed him then it would be justified…and the masked woman is not poloumi as she cannot kill her own son… May be it is Sumitra or shalaka….it’s clear that Bela started loving maahir and she’ll realize he is her true love ? …first yuvi’s dead body is taken to sehgal house
    Don’t know how much it’ll take to discover adi’s body… Anyways Behir romance will be more interesting as Bela will shower her love
    Thanks to vish she calmed ACP saahab I don’t know why but I’m feeling they’ll be a pair but it won’t happen
    Waiting for tomorrow’s episode

    1. Mona146

      even i feel ajitab is reacting to vish. but i dont know y but knowing her personal life n other serials i dont feel chemistry with anyone.

    2. Amrapali Gupta denied joining Naagin 3. So there’s no point now to include Shalaka. Only Prince Narula and Kulveer Lalwani are joining the show as snake charmer and Naag.

  3. Hmm.tdy episode is just satisfied…
    That dead body may not be uvi’s.
    May be it’s mr.mittal ,and mahir is still alive that’s y Bela runs to see her true lover ♥️.
    Waiting for tomorrow ⏰???

  4. How much they will drag? Please reveal quickly that it is Yuvi’s and not Mahir’s dead body

    1. Ooshi

      Agreed although it will not be mahir’s

  5. Who is that masked woman…??

    1. may Sumithra

  6. I think dead body is of bela father means fake one.

  7. I think dead body is of bela father means fake one

  8. I Dont understand is Mahir really dead

  9. I just saw the picture frames ……I saw mouni Roy and aada Khan frames am.i only one.who saw ………and there will be actual bela …whom image got to ruhi…then it will be more interesting….
    If vikranth is William then there is no need to kill remaining murders as they don’t try to mollase ruhi…and I think vish is the actual lover of vikranth so she want to take revenge of hers lovers death with the help of naagrani(ruhi)and why that naag guru don’t want to tell that ruhis mother is still alive
    I am a Telugu member I got to know the meaning of some dialogues from you h hasan thank u very much

  10. Amazing episode bela love maahir alot I hope she soon realized it. When bela was fighting for naagmani with mask person should be sumitra. Acp and vish look good together. Really miss maahir today episode bela remembering all moments with maahir I m miss maahir caring nature. Wait for tomorrow I think vish maahir ko marne ki baat kr rhi thi.

  11. Hi guys the episode was good. It’s uv’s dead body .guys do u all want me to write ff on naagin do tell me

    1. Varshni

      Yeah please write naah

  12. Stop dragging the show!!!

    1. Ooshi


  13. Mona146

    one thing i dont understand is why adi is happy to die. he should be scared or sad atleast. bela is emotional about mahir when she has to worry that unknown enemy is nearby and killed adi and can attack her too. suprisingly enemy did not attack again.

    1. Lokesh

      He had been kidnapped for 3 or 4 times and beaten so so badly many atimes, so his fear of death is gone. ?? Poor adi, wo marte marte Bach jaata hai, I think wo ab bhi nahi maraa hoga.

    2. Mona146

      hmm me too feel same.

  14. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update H Hasan

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