Mayavi Maling 18th August 2018 Written *Last* Episode Update: Angad and Pranali unite

Mayavi Maling 18th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pranali getting caught. Angad thinks of Pranali’s words. His wife comes and asks what are you thinking. He says I m lost in your thoughts. She says its good, I arranged something special for you today. Pranali thinks where did I come, how will I save Angad. She sees someone in pain and goes to see. She gets shocked seeing Madhumali tied up. She asks are you fine. Madhumali regrets to curse Pranali. She cries and says I didn’t know that Chudail will sacrifice Angad and rule here. Pranali says you have seen the result of cursing me, why is this happening with Angad. Madhumali says Angad is also cursed, as you are his wife, don’t know how long will he be alive. Angad’s wife takes him to the room and surprises him. Pranali says Angad is in that Chudail’s spell. Madhumali says you have to break that curse now. Pranali asks how will I do that. Madhumali says that Chudail gave this Bhabhuti to me to curse you, you shower this on her, so that her real face comes out in front of everyone.

Angad complains of headache. His wife says I will make it fine. Madhumali says its not easy to go out. Pranali says there would be some way. They see the fireline. Chegu and Arak are tied up. They try to get free and see the fire blazing. Pranali breaks the roof and lets the water flow in. The fire gets blown off. Pranali gets hurt by a boulder. She still tries. Madhumali thinks I didn’t lose to Pranali, I lost to the power of her love. She sees Pranali getting hurt. She goes to help Pranali. Chegu and Arak get free. Madhumali apologizes to Pranali. She cries and regrets over her sins. She asks Pranali to be strong and protect Pranali. She promises that she will never come between Pranali and Angad. She hits the boulders and gets under the debris. Pranali shouts Madhumali. Pranali sees the way out and cries. Angad faints. His wife tries to stab him. Pranali comes to stop her. Pranali throws the bhabhuti on her. She disappears. Angad wakes up and asks who are you. Pranali asks him to come with her, his life has danger. She takes him to the temple. She asks him not to come out. He asks why. She says wait for me, I will come in some time.

He hears his wife’s call and goes to help her. She attacks him. He asks what are you doing, I m your husband. Pranali comes there with a Trishul. She fights with the Chudail by throwing Bhabhuti on her. Chudail comes to her real avatar and screams. Angad gets shocked. Pranali stabs her with Trishul. Chudail disappears, and Angad too. Pranali shouts Angad. Pranali wakes up and asks what was this bad dream. She goes out to see. She sees Maharaj and everyone smiling and happy. She says I m happy to see you all. Angad asks and me? She goes and hugs him. She asks are you fine. He says yes, what can happen to me when my wife defeated a Chudail. She says you remember, I thought its a dream. He says it was a reality, now everything is fine. They hug and smile.

The show ends with Pranali and Angad’s happy union.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Ooshi

    My farewell to Mayavi Maling in between i left when pranali sister get married to the bad one so don’t know how that chapter ended can anyone tell me if someone here

  2. Ooshi

    Thanks for updating all episodes Amena

  3. I m going to miss Harshad arora

  4. Aww.. why did it end so soon..

  5. that was abrupt, show ended, without any logical end. This channel is really going no where. Boring shows llike jiji ma and sam dam dund bhed are running beyond their useful life and this one ends out of blue.

  6. ShraddhaSharma392

    I knew this show will end soon since day first promo as its story was really week and meaningless and almost predictable like evil will try to take over good.. But when they showed second promo that all will ger freeze sister will save, i thought to watch but on episode 1 i understood it will not able to run for long.. And ended within afew months only

  7. Please don’t end this show.msucha beautiful concept story u got! Please continue picturing it…Hope many of us will be every waiting to see it..And actors and actress are giving their best in doing their characters …Really amazing to see all in such a historical type plot even though it’s imaginary… Plse continue..pls don’t stop!!

  8. How can u end this story like this. The story is nice but u people end like this. If u HV no idea to run remaining story u people can ask to us.

    We give u different idea and something but u people very bad I just want this serial again to telecast

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