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Naagin Season 2 21st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivangi killing Akhilesh with Mahadev’s Trishul. She sees the Naagmani on the ground. She faints down and her hand touches the Naagmani. She turns into a snake. Mahish appears there and takes his human avatar. He wonders how did Akhilesh die. He sees injured Shivangi lying there in the snake avatar. He picks the Naagmani.

After some time, Shivangi gets back to human form and checks for Naagmani. She looks for the Naagmani and thinks who has taken the Naagmani. Mahish holds the Naagmani and gets away.

At home, Yamini thinks I have revived the bee today, now she will not sting me. She tells Avantika that she was thinking about him. Avantika asks if Kapalika has died. Yamini says yes, Kapalika has died, I have seen it myself. Mahish enters the house and greets someone as darling. Everyone look on shocked. Shivangi wonders who is he. Sesha asks Yamini to whom did he address as darling. Yamini thinks this bull has come as if I have opened an animal shade. She recalls Akhilesh’s words about Mahish. She thinks it means Akhilesh died, else Mahish would have not come inside the house. Mahish hugs Sesha, shocking everyone.

He asks Sesha to give him a chance to prove his love. He says I will stay here in this house. Rocky asks who are you. Yamini says yes, you can stay here, my house is a guest house, I mean I have many guest rooms, you can stay as long as you want and enjoy. Shivangi thinks who is this new guest and why did he come here. Mahish thanks Yamini. Yamini asks Sesha/Ruchika to give her hand, that’s a chance to Mahish to prove his love. Sesha turns and sees Rocky. Sesha says fine, if Yamini is saying so, I will give a chance, Mahish can prove whatever he wants. She thinks after all this, I will not leave Yamini and this bull. Mahish hugs her and says you are so sweet and cute, I love you, thanks. Yamini tells Rocky that Mahish is actually her close friend’s son Mahish Suri. Mahish greets Rocky. Rocky says I m surprised, Ruchika did not tell about her affair, but i m really happy for both of you. Yamini introduces her bahu Shivangi, Rocky’s wife.

Mahish and Shivangi shake hands, and both get a current shock. Rocky asks what happened, are you fine Shivangi. Mahish says maybe its shock to meet stranger, or current on touch…. Rocky says static. Shivangi thinks who is he, he is friend of my enemies. Yamini asks all of them to get ready, we are heading back to Mumbai. Mahish asks what will I do here, I have to prove my love. Yamini says fine, I m not leaving you here, I m taking you alone, I told you my house is guest house. He thanks her and calls her sweet. Sesha gets irked.

Yamini hugs her fav. saree. Sesha comes and starts arguing with her in usual way. Yamini boasts of her young days and beauty. Sesha asks her to do packing fast. Avantika asks them to stop drama. She asks why did Mahish come here. Yamini says I know it, Anky Part 2 told clear cut that if he dies, then his bull Mahish will come here. Avantika says it means something happened to Anky 2. Sesha asks did he die. Yamini laughs and says old man is gone. Sesha says but his bull has come back. Avantika says leave the bull, think of the Naagmani, it was with Anky 2. Yamini says right, he had it. They all wonder who has it now.

Mahish comes and says I have it. Yamini asks him to prove it. He says so you want proof, fine…. He bends his neck and shows the Naagmani appearing out of his head. The trio get shocked. He does not let any of them touch the Naagmani. Yamini asks is this fake like you or not. He says so fake women need the proof. He injures Sesha. Sesha asks him how could you slap a Naagin. He says sorry sweetheart, they needed proof. He heals Sesha’s injury with the Naagmani. Yamini says its real Naagmani. Mahish asks do you want other proof. Yamini says no, but you can do experiments on Sesha, I m helpless woman, you three are dangerous big animals. Avantika says if you had Naagmani, why did you come here. Shivangi says for my dear Anky 2, a Naag or Naagin had killed him, I got to know that Naag or Naagin is in this house. They get shocked.

Rocky gets drunk. Shivangi asks him to come, its cold outside, he can get unwell. He asks him to leave him. She asks him to come. He holds her hand and stops her. Kaise batayein…..plays………… He pulls her close and recalls their old romantic moments. She asks him to come. He asks do you really care for me. She says yes, I know there are annoyances and misunderstandings between us, but… He says but sometimes its not me or you, and sometimes its neither of us. She says you are drunk, we will talk later. Rocky says I don’t touch wine, this is apple juice. She says enough of your drama. He says you scold me a lot. She says its late night, I feel cold. It starts raining. She takes him to the room. He asks her to drink apple juice. She takes him to room and removes his shoes. He says I did not get drink.

Shivangi says I know it. He falls asleep. She sees him and recalls their old moments. Kyu itna mai tujhko….plays………….. She cries and says even I love you a lot. She hears the window hitting sound and turns to see. She sees Rudra standing outside the window. She goes to the window and tells Rudra that she will talk to him tomorrow. She shuts the window. She sits by Rocky’s side. Rudra looks on and turns away. He leaves. Mahish spots Rudra leaving and thins this Icchadhaari Naag is still alive, what is he doing here. He goes to the window and sees Shivangi and Rocky.

Its morning, Avantika asks who will go to get Naagmani. Yamini asks Sesha to go. Sesha refuses. Yamini and Sesha argue and taunt each other. Yamini asks Avantika to go. Avantika also refuses. She asks Yamini to go and get Naagmani. Yamini’s drama begins. Avantika asks Sesha to leave it, Yamini is useless. Yamini says even you are taunting me now. Yamini asks Sesha to woo Mahish, as she has tried to woo Rithik and Rocky till now. Sesha says I can never do this. Yamini says I m not asking you to sing duet, just go and get Naagmani from him. Avantika asks Sesha to do this if she wants Naagmani. Sesha nods. Yamini praises Sesha. Sesha leaves. Yamini says we will get the Naagmani now.

Sesha in snake form enters Mahish’s room. Mahish sees the snake and catches its neck. He says just show your real avatar please. Sesha comes to human avatar. He says I heard Naagin has killer looks, I have seen it today. Sesha asks how did you know I have come. He says Naagmani is here. He hides the Naagmani inside his head. Sesha tries to find it. Mahish says you can’t have it, Naagmani did the magic to get a beautiful Naagin like you in my arms, I like it. He laughs and reminds he has the Naagmani, its not easy to trap him in beauty and get Naagmani. Sesha strikes a deal and tells him that you will get Anky 2’s murderer, I will help you in finding the Naag or Naagin. He asks what do you want in return. She says you will make all the walls between me and Rocky fall down. He asks since when does Naagin start falling in love. She says since bulls started taking revenge. He says there is no deal in love. He kisses her hand and seals the deal. Sesha leaves.

Mahish says I have to find out about that Icchadhaari Naag or Naagin, but not for Anky 2, the reason is something else. FB shows Mahish goes to the cave and asks Naagmani to show him, who’s that Naag or Naagin who has broken his horn and stolen it from the cave. He gets to see the visuals of Yamini’s haveli, and says I felt that Naag or Naagin is dead, but now that snake will die by my hands. FB ends. Mahish says I will find out who is that Naag.

Shivangi meets Rudra and says we don’t know where is Naagmani. Rudra says I thought you forgot it. She says I find Mahish strange, I got a shock after shaking hands with him, as if he has some big power, like Naagmani, does he have the Naagmani. He asks her to go and find out as Sesha, Mahish has come as Sesha’s boyfriend. She agrees. He says you remember why we came in this house, your emotions…. She says its my personal matter. He says we have come to take revenge, there can’t be anything personal. She says I know, I lost my mother. He says I lost my wife. She leaves.

Shivangi takes Sesha’s avatar and goes to meet Mahish. Mahish says you can’t stay away from me right. She asks what are you doing here. He says I was waiting for you. He holds her neck. She asks him to leave her. He asks her to come in her real avatar, you are Icchadhaari Naagin and I have Naagmani, you can’t fool me, before I burn you to ashes, come to real from. Shivangi takes the Naagin avatar. She holds him. Mahish says please leave me….. He smiles and says atleast you got close to me by this excuse. He shouts come to your true avatar. Shivangi turns to her human avatar. Mahish gets shocked seeing her and says Shivangi, you are this house’s bahu, you are a Naagin, did you tell them, anyways I will give this breaking news to them. Rudra waits for Shivangi. Mahish throws Shivangi away. She falls on the glass table and gets hurt. Rudra hears the sound and rushes to her. Mahish leaves.

Rudra asks Shivangi who did this with you. Shivangi says Mahish has done this, he has seen my true avatar, everything is finished, he will tell truth to everyone now. They hear Mahish calling out Rocky. Shivangi and Rudra rush to see Mahish. Mahish meets Rocky and signs towards Shivangi. Shivangi asks Rocky to understand. Rocky says I felt its my mistake, you are the liar, you should be punished. She asks him to listen. He drags her to the hall and throws her on the ground. Yamini asks why did you throw my bahu down. Rocky says you would do same knowing her truth, she is an Icchadhaari Naagin, who has come to kill all of us. Yamini and everyone surround Shivangi. Yamini holds some locket close. Shivangi says I did not do anything, leave me. She screams. Shivangi’s imagination ends. She enters the room and sees Rocky with Mahish.

Mahish says I was telling Rocky the thing which none knows, I wanted to see Rocky’s reaction. She gets tensed. Mahish says Rocky, your wife is a Nagina/diamond, perfect wife, bahu and lover. He asks Shivangi did I say wrong, should I say truth. He calls Rocky very lucky to get such a wife, your family is lucky to have such a diamond, you are true people, you gave me so much love and did not make me feel that I m a stranger, I just want me and Ruchika to become ideal couple like you all, who does not know how much you love each other, the love story is great of a human and a Nagina. Rocky excuses himself. Mahish asks Shivangi why is she scared. He says you are shocked that I have seen your true avatar and did not tell Rocky. He goes. Aunty asks Shivangi did he tell Rocky that you are an Icchadhaari Naagin…. Shivangi worries……

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Wow what a nice episode………..

  2. Cnt Imagne Anwmythng.One Story Showing And It Becme A Imagnatin..Nw Hw Wil They Take Nagamani Frm That Bul??

  3. It is not at all interesting as well as boring
    and lead couple are vast

  4. Oh set now what will shivangi do to that mahish

  5. nice episode superb….
    ijazat is really nice song and today it shoots on shivangi and rocky but i think it would be more better when rudra play the lead role

  6. i think rocky is better than rudra today episode is good but where is precap?

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