Ishkara…the pair of truth and lie ( Episode 12)

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?Episode Twelve?-
In the car….
Shivaay explained Ishana’s situation to everyone.
Rudra- What an intelligent and dramebaaz girl. First she fooled me by fake tears, then tried to con Om by fake hurts and now fooled you by fake stories. What Bhaiya, you came in her words so easily….Even you are dumb.
Shivaay- Rudra…I am not like u or Om. I am neither an idiot nor the kind person who thinks by heart. I take decisions by mind only and that too when I am damn sure and certain about it. And you know that For me, nothing is more important than my family and their safety. Trust me, this means no harm to us. And Ishana….welll, I didn’t hire her because of this story…I HAD to.
Anika- wohhhh….Someone made the bagad billa Do something…that’s interesting. Usually you are the person who forces people.
Shivaay- Come on Anika…don’t start again. And Ya, she didn’t force me, the situation did.
Everyone( Shouted)- Meaninng??????????????
Shivaay- I mean…that….Ishana was THE ONLY PERSON with all the qualities and Qualificationes which Om wanted for this SPECIAL post. And I know that he is really serious as well as too passionate for his work. And this art-company is the first thing through which he will somehow enter the Buisness, which is bade papa’s dream. So I wanted everything to be just perfect…that’s the only reason I hired that girl.
Everyone was touched with Shivaay’s concern for his family.

Anika- But Shivaay aaapne Om ko batana chahiye tha..( u should have told Om)
Rudra- Yeah…I mean…I know Om ki demands fulfill karna impossible tha. Ek hi insaan mein intelligence….management….art ke liye passion aur pata nahi kya kya chahiye tha unhe…Par vo insaan ISHANA hi kyu thi????ussi ladki ko hona tha all-qualified!!!!!!!!!
Soumya- Come on crybaby…I think this is good. I mean, now we will only have to make Bade baalonvale bhaiya understand her true self and ask him to forgive her.
Rudra- Yeah, Sumo, But asking THE SACH KA BOYFRIEAND to do this, it is not a cheese cake to eat, that it’s easy. He’s going to eat us with that intense gaze now.
Shivay- Yeah, but we will have to handle that. Om gets affected by even small incidents and I cannot see my brother sad or unhappy. I have a plan for this. When we reach there, I and Rudra will first take Om with us and make him understand. And you girls go to ishana and try to support her, I just now realised that she thinks me as the boss, not om. If she knew, this company belongs to Om, she would have never applied. So, try to make her understand the situation. Or here we will, convice Om, and there Ishana will resign the job.
Anika- vaa…kya plan hai billugi…aap ko ye lagta hai, ki ab tak vo ek doosre se mile nahi honge? Arre, vo bacche nahi hai jo chal nahi sakte, gallery mein dekha to haga hi ek-doosre ko.
( wow…what a plan. You really think that they wouldn’t have met till now. They are not babies that they won’t walk. They must’ve met eachother in the gallery till now)
Prinku- Ha Anika, but phir ab tak Om bhaiya ne call kyu nahi kiya hume. Office mein aur bhi to phone hai Possibility is more that they didn’t meet.Om bhaiya pata nahi kya kar rahe hoge ab…

Inside the gallery-
Ishana was still struck between Om and wall and was lost in his deep, intense eyes. They were so close that they could almost feel eachother’s breath on their faces now. Om and Ishu realised their positions and also the fact that they were a little too much close. Both felt awkward and Om moved away turning his back to Ishana. Both were a bit blushing thinking of their moment and after a second, angry on themselves for that blush. “ don’t u dare to melt for her again”, he warned himself. “ She is a LIER and a CHEATER, and that’s the ONLY TRUTH.” He kept reminding him the same thing.
And Ishana was again filled with guilt and regrets. “ I know I deservr this hatred. But not now, when I am trying to finally be MYSELF. My real identity, my life, my face without any Mask.”
“ Be strong Ishana, not for you, but you need to do this for Mona. After papa, she is the only family left to u, she needs a better life if not you, your past cannot snatch your sister’s happiness”, Ishana said to herself. She thought of the only thing which made her feel strong, her only reason to live.
After a minute, Om realized that Ishana was still standing there, so now he turned, composing himself a bit, but his eyes were still furious.
( The gang reached gallery and came near the painting section and saw Ishkara in a fighting mode.
Anika- Lo…ho gayi na chop…they are already together.
Rudra- And fighting again
Soumya- with a lot of anger
Shivaay- Omg…stop it u three, even I can see that, but we have to…..
Anika- Oh beteki….ye Ishana hai?
Shivaay- Yes…but tumhe kya…Do you already know her?
Anika- she is the same girl who saved Dadi’s life that day.
Prinku- Anika, you mean the girl whom Dadi was praising a lot the other day? The one whom you met in temple?
Anika- ya. So see, this tells us that she really is a good-hearted girl.
Rudra- I hope Om too understands this and doesn’t ask her to leave)
“LEAVE”, Om said in an angry and hard voice, because of that everyone present there( inside and outside) went numb. The gang was now listening to their convo carefully)
Om- I already told you to leave.

Ishana- And I also told that I will not.I deserve this job and moreover, you cannot judge me by my past. It will be more appropriate if you clear ur misunderstandings.
Om- Misunderstandings…..well, now they are cleared fully by seeing ur shameless behavior. I cannot forgive u even if I want to. Why are you so Interested in me ?
Ishana- First of all, I still have not forgiven myself so, I am not asking you to do that. And second, I really don’t care what u think about me , I am not even interested in you, actually, I didn’t even know that this company belongs to your family. I joined in here only because I thought that it will give me a fresh start. Not for YOU.
Om- plz don’t give me all that again. And what do you think of yourself?
To that question, Ishana replied staring him with an equal amount of anger and rage in her eyes
Omkara too, was not backing Off, But before the room would explode, the gang frozen outside came to their senses.
Anika- agar abhi hum andar nahi gaye na, toh pakka ye dono Hahakar macha denge.
Shivaay- yeah…right Panika…but everybodty, stick to the plan. Boys handle Om and girls will handle Ishana.
Everybody nodded at that and entered the Painting section. Om and ishu were surprised with the five new enterys there.
They, both saw, a stable, firm-looked and calm Shivaay, an overexcited Anika, Rudra with expressions like a kid going to his exam, soumya with looks telling that she is all prepared and Prinku with a slightly worried face. For, Ishana, it was even more shocking and surprising. She quickly realised that they were his family or friends. She was even more tensed and nervous seeing them, but seeing Shivaay present there, she felt kind of relived. Now atleast Om’s brother can explain Om that he has hired Ishana and this is not her cheap plan or trap”, Ishana thought.
Om( who was surprised)- What are you guys doing here
Everyone( stammered)- vo actually…we…
Om- Anyway, thanks for coming, especially you Shivaay. Now I can prove this girl wrong with proof. ( with a smirk that hurted Ishana beyond limits) According to her, YOU hired HER in this gallery. Early or later, but Lies are always caught, so what is your answer on this, Miss Ishana? Ishana was about to say something, but Shivaay cut her Off.
Shivaay- No Om, she is right this time. I hired her.
This was really unexpected for Om.
Om- What? How’s this possible. Shivaay, do you have any idea what are you saying?
Shivaay- I am pretty much sure that, this is right and if you give me a minute, I’ll explain that to you too. So can we Talk?
Om- No Shivaay. I don’t want to listen anything. Just tell her to get lost from here.
Shivaay- Om, don’t be the THE STUBBORN KID, just come with me, we will talk in your office. Trust me with this plz.
This line of Shivaay, forced Om to listen all that once. He silently followed shivaay, moving outside. “ She is a good girl Om”, Anika whispered while Om was crossing her. To this, he gave an unbelievable look and still ignored Ishana as if she was not even present there.
The guys left the room, and there were only girls left Anika, Soumya, Priyanka moved to Ishana.
Prinku- Hi..hi IShana, I am priyanka, Om’s sister.

Anika- And I am Anika. Ishana, do u remember me? We met in the temple that day.
Ishana( was shocked seeing them behave so genuinely)- Hi, And off course Anika, I remember you.
Soumya( in a excited tone)- Oh wow!! Ishana di, Finally we met you. You know what, we have heard so much things about you.
Ishana( in a low tone with upset face)- I am sure all that was not good things.
The three girls felt bad for Ishana, they knew that she was forced to do all that.Anika sensed that Ishana was not comfort, so she diverted the topic.
Anika- arre, humne to badi taarife suni tumhari. Shri shri shri bagadbille Shivaay Singh Oberoi tumhari itani taarif kar rahe the ki kya batau. Tum na duniya ki pehli insaan ho jo unh empress kar payi, You made a record yaar. ( no, we heard a lots of praising words for you. Mr. bagadbille Shivaay singh Oberoi was praising you a lot. You are the first person to impress an arrogant man like him, you made a record yaar)
Ishana smiled cutely at this funny gesture of Anika and the girls were reviled to see her coming out of tension. The girls began to talk ( well, we girls don’t need any special reason to talk, we have got a Ph.D in that) Ishana mixed up with those three in a very short time. AniSoumPri were impressed by Ishana’s free, transparent nature and her confidence. ( ishana’s got the charm to win people)
In Om’s cabin
Shivaay tells Om that ishana is only option for this post and tries to convince him. Rudra too joins, but Om is not ready to hear anything.
Shivaay- come on Om, she is talented you gotta give her a chance to prove it.
Om- Shivaay mere nazaron mein har galati ki sa maafi hai, par jhut ki nahi. Kyu ki Jhut, sirf bharosa nahi todta, aapka apane faisle par ka vishwas bhi kam kar deta hai. Ye tere liye aasan hoga, par mere liye nahi. Meri zindagi ka sabse bada usul sach hai, jiske sath mai compromise nahi kar sakta. Mai uss ladki pe bharo sa nahi kar sakta. Bilkul nahi. ( shivaay, according to my view, every mistake can be forgiven but not lies. Lies don’t just break trust, but they also mmake youunsure about your own decisions. Truth is the only principal of my life and I cannot compromise with that. it’s impossible for me Shivaay. I cannot trust her. NOT AT ALL
Rudra- arre shadi nahi karni, sirf job to deni hai ishana ko. Itma kya trust, trust kar rahe ho ( you don’t have to marry her, just have to give her the job. Why are you talking about trust?)
Om- Shut up Rudra.
Shivaay- No, you shut up Om. First I thought you were serious about this art-company and all, but looks like you have more interest in focusing on past. You don’t think even a bit about work. Noone is asking you to compromise with truth, we are just asking you to give someone a chance to change her life to truth. You know what, I think that you have made an equation in your mind, “Ishana = Lies”
Om- are you out of your mind Shivaay? It is nothing that.
Shivaay- If it is not, then Accept Ishana for the betterment of company. We don’t have any other option om, she is the only person with a sense of both, Art and Business and technology too.
Om( thinks that he can never win this argument, as Shivaay had a point but, he still could not make up his mind to give Ishana the job. So he thought for a while)- okay, I will give her the job.
Shivaay and Rudra were shocked.
Rudra—Om, you said yes so easily.
Om- (keeping a hand on his shoulder)- Yeah, you two explained me so well, that I understood it quickly. Let’s go.
Om left for the painting section followed by Shiv Ru.
In the painting section-
While talking, Ishana was looking at the door every now and then.
Anika- don’t worry Ishana, those two will convince Om. We came here for that only.
Ishana( was overwhelmed)- I don’t know how to thank you all, even after knowing about me, that I hurted Omkara, the purest soul, you all are here to support me.
Priyanka- Don’t talk like this, we all know that you didn’t do that willingly. And don’t worry Om bhaiya is not that rude, he will surely forgive you.
Ishana- yeah, but I am not quite sure if he’ll ever trust me and let me work here
Soumya- I f he doesn’t, then convince him. We mean, that by your behavior and personality, you can surely impress anyone.
IShana- ( gave a faint smile on this, she knew that this was never gonna work, Om was one of those few ones, who believe in the inner beauty not outer. This was what made him so special, the unique one. He was a person who listens what his heart says, not eyes or mind. And she knew, after breaking his trust, she had hurted that beautiful soul, heart which was not gonna forgive her).
Just then, Om opened the door, and came along with ShivRu. The girls were lost in their talks so, they didn’t even care to notice.
Rudra- Oh god…can they do anything other than Talking?
Shivaay- well, Panika, off course not.
Om- Hi girls! You care to notice us?
Anika- arre, we didn’t see you, how did you come? Like a ghost?
Shivaay- by the door only.
AniSoumPri looked at ShivRu and asked them by eyes, whether they conviced Om or not? Rudra showed thumps up indicating that it sorted out, but Shivaay was still not sure because he thought that Om was behaving odd.
Ishana- So, what did you decide? About me?
Om- Ohh so you really care for the job. That’s new.
Ishana- ( ignoring the taunts) Can I plz get the answer of my question?
Om- Yeah sure. I decided that you will GET the job.
Ishana’s face brightened up after hearing this. A sudden twinkle lit her eyes and a small smile crept on her lips. Seeing that, Om was totally lost and for a second, he forgot what he was gonna say. He started admiring the beauty which was standing infront of him. “That beautiful smile can surely bright and cheer any kind of surrounding”, Om said that out loud.
Hearing this, everyone got like a 440 volt current.
ShivAniSoumPriRu- WHAT?????? What did you say?
Om ( came out of the trance and realized that he was again lost in Ishana’s charm)- I…I said that IShana will get the job…But I have one CONDITION for that.
The blush and surprise on Ishu’s face and The smile and teasing expressiones from everyone’s face vanished with this.
ShivRu- Om, what are u saying?
Ishana- What kind of condition?
Om- Aasan hai. Agar sab tumhari kaabiliyat ki itani taarif kar rahe hai, to mai bhi vo talent dekhna chahta hu. Aaj company ke investors ke saath ek meeting hai. International exihibition ko conduct karne ka contract hai ye. (It is simple. Since, everyone’s telling me that you are really talented, I want to see that too. So, we have a meeting with the investers of next international art-exibition.) And you, will now create a report which will prove that we deserve this contract. Remember, with the business you will also have to include the art in it, it’s more important. I am going to be present our motives and art-preparationes there and you will be the one explaining our work-plan. If we get this contract, You get the job or else you are free to go.
Ishana- but how will I prepare today itself?
Shivaay- Yes om, at least give her some time.
Anika- haan, vo koi skates vali khargosh thodi hai ( she is not the rabbit on skates)
Om- No, if you want this, accept my condition.
Everyone tried to make Om understand, but he was too firm to change his decision.
Om – Agar ye sach mein tumhara naya chehra hai, to ye saabit karo.( if this is really your true face, then prove it)
Ishana- Okay. I will do it.
Everyone was now double shocked including Om.
Anika- Are you sure Ishana?
Ishana – Yes, I NEED to do this. I will start preparing the report and present it too, but I will need the previous records and info of exhibitions and the investors and..
Om- everything is there in the working area.
Ishana- ok, thanks, I will go there. ( she starts going out)
Om (from behind)- The meeting is just in an hour, you’ll never make it.
Ishana( without turning)- If it’s a challenge, it’s accepted. ( she leaves)
Om too leaves to his cabin without saying a single word.
Anika- Billuji, phaila hi diya na raita ( you spoiled everything)
Shivaay- What did I do?
Anika- Bagadbille aap hai, Om nahi. ye Tadibaazi ka idea aapne hi Om ko diya hoga. Ye 24-hours mein ye kar doonga, 1-hour mein ye kar lo, ye sab sirf aapke dimaag mein hota hai. ( You must have given Om this attitude-idea.these time-limit things and challenges are in ur mind only)
Shivaay- kuch bhi Anika….mein to ulta chahta hu ki Ishana ko job mile, mai kyu ye karunga? PAta nahi Om aaj aise kyu behave kar raha hai. ( why will I do this? It’s me who wants Ishana to get the job. I don’t know Why is Om behaving like this today.)
Soumya- jo bhi ho, but u boys didn’t work properly, according to the plan. If you would have conviced bhaiya, he wouldn’t have given the challenge.
Rudra- Jaise ladkiyon ne to bade zhande gaad diye. ( as if you worked very nicely) even you didn’t made Ishana understand. Why did she accept the challenge?
( shivika and Rumya were in full fighting mode so, they started arguing loudly)
Prinku- Bhaiya-bhabhi, Rudra bhaiya- Soumya, stop it now. We are here to solve the problem, not to fight. So now, let’s go and help Ishana.
Shivaay- I don’t think Om will let us, but we can at least check out on them and see what they are doing
Those five went out and were shocked to see the scene.
Ishana was working on her laptop, with lots of files and papers on the table and was totally lost in work. And our handsome artist was continuously staring her from some distance. Om’s hair were slightly flecking with the air and his gaze didn’t consist of any fury or anger now. It was totally filled with curiosity and also a little concern combined with a gloomy smile on his face.
ShivRu- (looking at eachother) Ye ho kya raha hai, abhi abhi to uss se ( what is this happening)
Anika- arre humara Om ishana ko ghur raha hai, actually taad raha hai.
Shivaay- Shut up Anika. Don’t use those cheap words for my brother.
Rudra- but bhaiya, it is the truth. Ten minutes ago he was fighting with Ishana and now he is staring at her intensely.Wait, I will drag Om out of his day-dream.
Rudra goes near om and sings in his ears “ Aankhon ki ghustakiya maaf ho…”
Om jerks away. .
Om- Are you mad Rudra? What songs are you singing? And plz maintain some distance yaar, for god’s sake remember, I am your brother.
Rrudra- O, I HAD to do this, in order to control you. you keep teaching me values and now, what were you doing?
Om- What was I doing?
Rudra- you were staring at Ishana. Anika bhabhi ki language mein, aap Ishana ko “taad” rahe the.
Om- shut up Rudra, it’s not like that. Maine aise kuch nahi kiya.
Rudra- Plz…humne apani aankhon se dekha ( we saw by our own eyes)
Om- Rudra tu sab ko apane jaisa mat samajh. I am not interested in her at all. ( don’t think that everyone is like you),
Rudra- then why did you challenge her?
Om- mai shivaay nahi hu jo challenge deta phirunga. Mai bas ye dekhna chahta tha ki vo iss kaam ke kaabil hai ya nahi
Rudra- Ohhh…so mujhe, “Kaabil”vala song gana chahiye tha. ( oh so instead of this, I should have sang “ Kaabil”’s song)
Om got irritated by Rudra’s talks,he shuted the glass door on Rudra’s face. ShivRuAniPri, laughed hard hearing Omru’s funny convo.
Inside the cabin, Om was again confused whether he did right or wrong. He was shocked that he was confused. Om always used to say that he will go against lies even if it comes to Family. But today, while taking decision for Ishana, he was unsure even after knowing that he is with truth. Ishana was the only person making an exception in his life. “ why does she matter to me so much? Why I just want to melt for her, whenever I see those eyes? Was rudra right? Am I really lost in her?, many questions were troubling him. And after a long internal struggle, he found out, that it was less confusing to ignore them, than to think about them and also the easiest way to stay away from the biggest problem ( or solution for his problems?)…..ISHANA

Precap- Om-Ishu challenge continues – Ranveer in the gallery – shocked Oberois- jealous Om-Prinku

So, will Ishana win the challenge ( or in Om’s words, will she prove that she is “ Kaabil”)
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