Naagin (Rivanya forever) season 2 epi-93-97

Thanks for comments.I am gonna start a new ff on Naagin and its name would be Naagin – Love forever and to be honest the first of mine on tellyupdates also have same name.If u want me to start the ff then u have to pm and non registered member can tell me in comments

The episode starts with party gets over.Its night and all are sleeping except Ritik and Shivanya.

Ritik comes out of his room to drink water.He is going back to his room when he listens someone crying.He goes towards Shivanya room.

In Shivanya’s room she was crying holding Ritik’s photo.

Ritik comes on the door and knocks.

Shivanya:Come in

Ritik comes inside

Ritik:Shivanya i just came here to ask whether u r fine?U were crying thats why.

Shivanya stands

Shivanya:I am fine

Ritik comes towards her

Ritik:No u r not.Can u tell me whats the time?

Shivanya:Its 11:30 pm

Ritik:After half an hour its your Ritik’s birthday know?

Shivanya was shocked

Shivanya:Yeah but how did u came to know?

Ritik:Karan told me and my birthday also comes on same date.

Shivanya was shocked by this fact.Ritik dint have expressions on his face.

Shivanya saw that the window got open so she went for closing it but she fell.She closed her eyes and waited to hit the floor.She opened her eyes and saw that she is saved by Ritik.

They have an eyelock.Dil ibadat plays in background.

After sometime their eyelock breaks.Ritik goes from their without uttering a word.

Shivanya was sad and saw Ritik’s photo for one last time.

It was morning and it was both Ritik’s birthday.Ritik was sitting in his room when Amrita,Karan,Sweety and Shivanya.

All:Happy birthday Ritik!!!

Ritik got happy.They bought cake for Ritik.Ritik cut the cake when……….

Precap:Karan and Shivanya takes Ritik to hospital.

  1. I love it ??? do update regularly

    1. Arni

      Yes sure piyu and can i know ur age?

  2. Rivanyaforever1

    Siddhi i love it u r seriously making it more intresting????
    It was really cute moment between the two about that holi one ???
    And when shivanya went to window and fell in ritik’s arms ????
    Please unite them☺️??
    One thing i wanna know is if shesha is gonna be their in these parts cause avantika is hear and yamini too???
    Any ways please do update soon u r just 3 epsiodes away from 100 episodess
    Can,t wait for the next one ???

    And please do add rivanya scenes like this one
    Luking forward for ur next episode????

    1. Arni

      Thnx and why u dont update ff’s?

    2. Rivanyaforever1

      Welcum dear?? actually becoz of shortage of time and busy with sum personal stuff but i am trying to get sum time to update my ffs too??????

    3. Arni

      Pls do update asap

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