Kaira OS : Teri Meri Kahani by Vrushy

Hello Everyone.
Teri Meri Kahani.

“Kaira, I know you are missing your dad. But he too needs rest. After all he was with us since the last 2 days and he didn’t even had a sound sleep. But don’t worry today we are going home. That’s why he has gone to the store to bring necessary things for us.” Naira said to a little baby girl who was in her arms.

The baby was looking at her wide eyed as she didn’t even get a single word that her mumma was speaking. The three days old baby had the same features as her dad, Karthik Goenka except for the doe-eyes that she took from her mother, Naira Goenka.

Kaira had her thumb and her forefinger inside her mouth and was sucking onto it. She looked at her mother as she continued on speaking something that was still not understood by her.

“You know about three years ago, I was admitted to Sanjeevani hospital after being diagnosed with very high fever. Your Nanu and Nani were very much worried as it had been about 3 days but the fever was only increasing and not cooling down. I was on the hospital bed with an IV attached to my right hand. I was completely sulking as I had been completely bed ridden since the last few days.” Naira spoke looking into a distance as she tried to recollect her memories.

“Being a very short tempered person, I was almost shouting on everyone who came in front of me but my mood took a 180 degree turn when I saw this handsome man walk towards me. I was on my bed, burning hot with high fever, but still I was feeling good looking at him.” Naira said blushing a little at the memories.

“He actually was my doctor and had come for my daily checkup. He checked my BP, body temperature and pulse count, and the fact that this was going to be my everyday routine, generated butterflies in my stomach . I was actually blushing, which he probably noticed, or maybe thought my cheeks were all red because of the high fever. I didnt forget to see his batch – Karthik Goenka. His name was as cute as him.” Naira said further.

“I would look forward to his routine round, every morning. No matter how dizzy, sleepy or ill I was, the fact that he was around would wake me up. One day, it dawned on me that he was seeing me every day in those stupid hospital clothes and unkempt hair and I thought, “Oh boy, I look much better than this !! You have to see me outside this hospital and all healthy.” I was going crazy for this guy.” Naira continued with her story thinking about the crazy times.

“One morning, he came for the regular round. I got up and sat feeling conscious of my hair and how I was looking. Surprisingly, that day he said, “Good morning !!” . And all I did was whisper back my greeting in a hoarse voice as I had a sore throat. He finished his daily routine and other file work and left.” Naira said smiling at Kaira who was still looking at her with zero expressions on her face.

“When he left, my mumma asked me why I didn’t greet the doctor. And I was like “No. I did greet him. My stupid voice ditched me !!” Obviously, he also didn’t hear me, I felt so bad.” Naira continued with a frown on her face and a sad expression.

“The next day I got up before it was time for his round, cleared my throat and was all prepared to talk to him. But, sadly, he didn’t wish me. He did the file work and went. I kept cursing myself, “Look at what you have done !!”. Every day I would try to start a conversation with him, but I couldn’t gather enough courage. And he never spoke to me after that day. All he did was look at me once or twice and when I would catch him looking at me he would look away.” Naira stated further.

“On my last day at the hospital, he came for the morning round and then just disappeared from the ward. I was having very mixed feelings – on one hand I was happy to be my healthy self again, but at the same time I was feeling sad that I wouldn’t be able to see him again. For a moment I wished I wouldn’t get discharged at all.” She said.

“After all these days, the only thing I knew about him was his name. It was time for me to leave, all the paperwork was done, and my eyes were searching for him, but there was no sign of him.” Naira said as disappointment dripped in her voice.

“At last, I left with a heavy heart and the thought that this was it, I would never ever see him again. But to my surprise, as I was walking out of the hospital premises I saw him coming towards me. “Thank you God !!” I kept whispering, and then mumma said, “You should thank your doctor.” If only she knew my situation !! All I could manage was a smile at him. He smiled back and my heart just melted.” Naira said as a slow smile crept on her face.

“However, I was not ready to let it go. I decided to take the next step and started looking for him on Facebook. Since he had rather unusual name, it didn’t take me too much time to find him. And there he was, looking all cute and handsome in his doctors coat.”

“Friend request sent !!”

Guess what Kaira, within an hour he accepted my request. That night we chatted till 4 a.m and within 12 days he proposed me. Of course I said “Yes !!”

It had been a year since we had been in a relationship and he was such a gentleman and the perfect guy for me.

After a relationship of 1 year we got married happily and now we are blessed with a cute angel like you.

Naira finished with her story and looked at Kaira who was beaming at her. Naira smiled and kissed her baby girl on her forehead. She looked up to see Karthik standing at the doorstep of the hospital room.

“What were u doing till now ?!!” asked a curious Karthik as he entered the room.

“Telling our love story to kaira.” replied Naira goofily.

“You really love telling it to Everyone, right ?!!” He asked her with a smirk.

“Well yeah, its the best love story after all.” Naira replied.

Then they both burst out laughing. Kaira also smiled cutely looking at her parents. Naira kissed her daughter’s nose, while Karthik caressed her forehead.
Hello peeps. Hope all of you are good, healthy and happy. First of all I am so sorry for disappearing just like that without any warning. I hope you all still remember me and are not angry with me.

Well I just had a Writer’s Block and could not write anything all this while. Wrote this One shot and therefore posting it. Hope you all liked it.

Will be writing on my Fan Fictions after this and will try to update them as soon as possible. Just need some faith, patience and love from all of you.

PS : I had posted the Chapter of “Together for a moment called forever.” long time ago. But it got posted in the “Yeh hai Mohobatein” section. I don’t know how did this blunder happened. But if you haven’t read it yet then do check that out.

Do comment. Keep smiling. Keep watching Yrkkh !!

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