Naagarjun 30th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagarjun 30th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maskini asks Mohini why is her son Shankchurn helping Arjun. Mohini says he is not, she should understand. Maskini punishes her and says Maskini makes people understand and not listens to anyone, asks her soldiers to kill Mohini Mohini pleads to give her a chance to prover truthfullness. Maskini says okay and says she herself will see Shanchurn is on whose side. Mohini says she will her everything.

Astika tells Shankchrun and Arjun that they should stop and think how to tackle Maskini. Shankchurn says they should not waste team and reach Maskini soon. Arjun says yes, he is worried about his parents and Chutki. Shankchurn says Maskini is very dangerous. They hear Maskini that they are right, she is very dangerous. Shankchurn gets afraid that she will not spare him. Arjun warns Maskini to come in front of him. Maskini reflects her image on water and says with his one step towards her, she will kill hs one family member. Arjun shouts in anger and tells Astika that they have to reach Maskini soon. Astika says Maskini is afraid of them and is just trying to frighten them.

Maskini orders her soldiers to capture Mohini and kil her. Mohini says she will tell truth and will not disappoint her. Maskini asks her bird to tell Shankchurn to kill Astika if he wants his mother alive. Mohini pleads not to do this.

Astika tells Arjun that they have to use rain than heart. Arjun says he is right. They find Shankchurn missing, find him and ask whom he is talking to, who is here. Shankchurn says nobody, let us find Maskini. Tina’s boss calls him and gives him clue about Maskini lok. Astika and Arjun feel something is wrong. They see a dragon attacking them. Arjun figghts with dragon and saves Shankchrun. Dragon falls down. Arjun gets down. Astika sees dragon throwing fire and saves Arjun. Arjun jumps on dragon and repeatedly attacks. Dragon then flies and falls in front of Maskini. Maskini fumes that Arjun killed her vehicle, he will be punished.

Tina gets ready packing a scripture to meet her boss and thinks because of her, Maskini lok’s door closed, she has to open it again somehow. Police reaches there and inspector asks subinspectors to arrest her, she is behind Amroli people’s kidnap. Tina says she did not do aything and asks them to see this book. They get busy and she runs out and then on her scooty. Inspector calls police station and orders to send 2 constable on highway and stop a girl on scooty. He also follows Tina in jeep. Tina’s scooty breaks down and she runs into jungle. SI pandey says good girl escaped, she was a ghost. Inspector runs behind Tina. Tina jumps frm cliff.

Arjun tells Astika that he is confused what kind of world is this. Astika says he told it is, their powers are getting weak each moment. Arjun says he is right, they have to be careful. Arjun skin starts itching and he removes his shirt. Astika says he knew this would happen, after becoming nagarjun, he would get 7 circles and he lost one here. Once he loses all 7 circles, he will become a common human, so until he is here, he has to be ver careful so that he can save his family. Shankchurn thinks that means Arjun has powers still, he has to wait until he loses all powers and then he will kill Arjun.

Precap: Arjun finds Yashoda’s bangle on ground and searches her. Maskini says why he is wasting his energy and time. Arjun warns her to come in front of him and not be a coward. Maskini appears.

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