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Hai all…
I’m back with another epi…
Hope u all enjoy…☺☺

Sonakshi irritated by Elena -Ritwick’s words-Ishna(Ishwari &Sona )Bond

The office is full with the staffs and all r bc n their own duties..
Arnav’s team and khushi are discussing in the same presenation room
Khushi evaluating the work done by the team members last n8 individully…
Aftr she done with it.
K- Well…Guys its nice u all completed almost 60% of work yesterday n8 itself..gud..
All have a gr8 smile aftr all they geeting gud compliments…!!!!!
K- Ok guys u all carry on pending work i have an imp meeting so i wl join u later that..

Rahul- Ok ma’am..
K- Hmmm bye..
She left the room by and all other are again showing their talent in the work..
Khushi took elavatir and thinks to call her Brother…

D- Tina i have an imp meeting around 10:30 so reshedule all my other meetings i hope there is no other imp matter which can’t b postpone…
T-No Sir..I wl reshedule other too..
With always happy wala smile she left his cabin..
His phn rings…
D-Ha dhi..!!
K- Dev r u still n office…???
D-S dhi actually auditor comes to get my sign in some documents so aftr that i wl leave..
K- Ok…Be there in time…!!!
D-Ofcourse dhi.BTW whr r u..???
K- I’m w8ng 4 cab outside Mr.Raizada’s office..
D- Cab..???.Dhi u w8 there i wl b there in 10 min..
K- No needed (she shouted)I already booked cab and its on the way…frst of all u complete ur wirk reach there on time…
D- Dhi r u sure..????
K- Dev….!!!!!
She called like yelling..
D-Ok ok i give up i wl b there on time c u there…
K- Gud
Both cuts the call..
Khushi gets cab and left for their destination
While aftr spending more 10-15 min in His office Dev too left…

Mr.Gujral is most imp 10 business man in the country
He has a group of companies bt his own intrst in Communication field..
So he want a merger with ISHWARI COMMUNICATIONS..
As the CEO nad MD of the ISHWARI COMMUNICATION Dev and Khushi respectively comes to meet him abt the merger..

They both reach on time…
Mr.gujral(the man portrays in KRKAB) a old man in his post 65’s…
DEV and khushi gets inside the his cabin.
Mr.Gujral(G) – Oh…Come in…
He stood frm his seat and moves towards them..
He shook hand with by calling him
G- Hello…Young businness man…
Dev gives his own glad smile
Then its time of Khushi

G-Hello…Bst designers..!!!!
He address tgem with the best and suitable tags….
He let them sit in the chair
While sitting in his own chair he took the phone receiver
G- wat u like to have..???
D- Its ok Mr.Gujral..
Gujral passes a smile..
On the receiver.
G-4 Black coffee…
Both Dev and khushi got confusion by his “4”
G- As a business men and women i hope both of u drink that one..
Dev and Khushi passes a smile by accepting
G- So happy to see u both..(happines is clearly visible in his eyes)
K- Same to u Sir..
D-Sir any imp matter abt…
He cut by hearing the knock on the door..
G-Come in
A young lady in her 25’s carry a tray having 4 mug full of Black coffee…with a warm smile on her face…
G- Beta y did u carry this..????
He took the tray frm her and land it on the table…
By forwarding one to Khushi and another to Dev..
Girl- Its ok.Sir…!!!!

G- Nanditha…!!!!!
She looks at her..
He turns towards Dev and Khushi
G- Meet my one and only Daughter..NADHITHA GUJRAL (N)(Potrays by Natasha in KRPKAB)
DEV and Khushi passes a simle by keeping the mug on the table..
K- Hello..Ms.Gujral
N- Hello…Ms.Raizada
Both shook hands..
D- Hai..
G- So can we sit there
He points towards counch and all 4 of them moves to there…
Dev and khushi are confuse by the way of welcoming them and joy in Mr.gujral’s face…
G- Ha…Yh Mr.Dixit i’m invite u both for an imp matter…
They gets in the track..
K- S.Mr.Gujral any mistakes in the documents..????

G- No nothing like that bt the mattr s bit serious and sensitive…
D-Sry.Mr.Gujral i didn’t get u.. u all see i’m in my past 65’s so this project wl b in the resopnsibilty of coming Nxt CEO of the company that s my daughter..
Dev and khushi looks at her while Nadhitha give a smile
G- its my responsibility to hand ovr this compnay to her aftr me…and i hav an another responsibilty too..
Dev and Khushi and Nadhitha also listened him more carefully..
G- I don’t knw it s the correct time to talk abt this or its r8 to talk to u both…!!!!
K- Mr.Gujaral u can..plz tell us clearly…
G- Yh yh.Ms.Dixit…
Take a deep breath
Dev took the cup of coffee to drink but by hearing this he spills it out…
He coghs..
Khushi & Nandhitha too shocked by hearing this…
G- I knw its a bit shock news…
N- Papa…!!!!
G- i knw Nandhu(he call her like that)there r somany questn around in ur mind…bt plzz ask me later….
So Ms.Dixit i knw u both are shocked bt tl me to whom i should talk abt this ..????
K- Well Mr.Gujral i think u should talk abt this to our maa…!!!
G- Yh i’m ready…
D-One second…(take a breath) Me.Gujral sry to say this that…
Khushi cuts in
K- We wl inform her…
She look at him and signs to shut up
K- S…Mr.Gujral we wl inform her and aftr discussing with all we wl..
G- Yh yh i knw u take ur own time we wl wait for ur decision
K- So shall we .????Dev..?…
D- Yh dhi
Both Dev and khushi gets up and shook hands once again..
G- I hope u take a gud decision…and till now i didn’t read the documents so i wl sign on the day whn u give gud news…!!!!

Khushi and Dev got his Point that now the deal is based on their decision marriage…
While All this happeing Nandhith ais not seen happy and din tension..
Both Dev and Khushi left…
Aftr they left
N- Wats all this Papa..????U asked them not even have a talk with me…!!!????
How cn u..???
G- Nandhu listen watever i did its only for u and do u have trust me r8…????
N- ofcourse papa…
G- so let me do this Nandhu..i don’t think u nvr got best partner than Dev…
N- Hmmm
She nodded and left without no other option
Nandhitha’s POV
“I think i have to do something bt before that i have to talk to them..”

Dev is still in the tension
Khushi hand over him a cup of hot coffee
K- R u ok Dev…????
D- Not at all Dhi….!!!!!!
K- Hw cn he…????He cn he mix professional and personal life..????
K- I knw Dev its not r8….
D- Its not dhi…i’m confused hw cn i marry her…?????
K- Enough Dev stop this tension u r not a kid them… i knew that u knw vry well there r somany people do marriage for business…
D- S dhi bt me…????
K- Dev listen…i knw Mr.Gujral is forcing indirectly us bt we hav choice and time….
And u…u wl nvr do anything which maa didn’t like…so y r u taking tension..
Keep calm…whn we get time we wl talk abt this to maa and all then we ql decide… and if maa is not ok with this she herself talk to Mr.Gujral and i hope he wl undrstnd her as they both are in same ages…till then take this stupid tension..
She scold him

D- yh r8 dhi…maa is there to help me…
K- S…So lets move…??? I have to meet team members…
D- Ok dhi i wl drop u…
K- Hmmm….
They left in the car…to their respective offices..

Khushi reaches and met all the team member and see their work done
K-Hmmm…very well guys….!!!!
Rohan- Ma’am almost 90% work done
K- I knw so u can present this tomarrow morning itself..

Meer- Ofcourse if last layout work is only pending …
K- I’m impressed…
All- Tanq Ma’am…
K- So guys continue ur work….i wl just cone back..
She left to have a coffee in cafeteria
While moving towards the cafe by seeing bc in her phone…she collide with a strong arm…and that force make her imbalance bt before she could fell down a strong hand’s palm hold her left hand ( assume when khushi gng to fell Arnav hold her hand’s palm in IPPKND)

Arnav…!!! He hold her frm fell on the ground..
In shock she closed her eyes..and while she open only she can see he s holding her…
He pull her up…
And that pull force make her crush in his body.both their body crushed..almost a hug…
She looks up at him and find his deep gazes at her eyes…
(Rabba ve plays in bg)
They both feel some strong different feeling in their body…some electric is passes in them…
Khushi compses herself and moves away frm him..
Arnav clear his throat..
A- So…r u still seeing phone while walking..????
K- And u can’t u see who s coming forward..????
A- Hmmm..well in that case Sorry…!!!
K- Better….!!!

A- Wat..??? Anyway hw s the work is gng..???
Khushi fold her hands
K- I nvr failed to complete my responsibility…Mr.Raizada
A- I knw… Very well this time..
She cuts in
K- I this too…
A- Well…i want to talk with u
K- I guess past 5 minutes we were doing that…only..???
A- Ms.dixit its not comedy..
K- I knw tell me..
A- Ms.Dixit can we talk in my cabin
K- Ok..
A- Come
He let her go frst ..
They both come inside the cabin
Arnav took the phone receiver and call cafe assistant to take 2 black coffee for them.
K- S…cn u tl me nw..????
A- S….look Ms.Dixit i already saw ur talent…by challenging u..
Khushi stare at him.
A- Well i also saw u as a gud leader…
K- Mr.Raizada cn u..
She cuts in whn the door is knocked and a person come and deliver them 2 cup of black coffee..
A- Yh..keep here
He left
A- ms.Raizada have it…
KHushi takes it and did a sip
A- So Ms.Dixit eventually aftr sthe success of the event my company get many projects and mergers..
Bt as i have limited talented designers i neglect some of them…bt this time i think i can think abt of them if u…
She cuts in…
K- Wat r tryng to say Mr.Raizada.??
A-I have a offer…

K-Enough of this Mr.Raizada…
She stood up
K- Wat do u think of urself…???? Do u think i wl work undr u..??? Hw can u Mr..???? Listen Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada u may b top most designer in the it doesn’t mean i wl work undr u..!!!
May b u don’t knw abt me..and my company.. i have an own company and i have own my employess and projects and i’m happy from that i nvr want to work undr u..
A-Ms.Dixit u
K- Mr.Raizada i agree i took up this project onbehalf of my brother only and i wl nvr take back step in completing my responsibility…so i wl do my bst in this and complete this..
Till then don’t try to manipulate me…i’m no that much weak girl ..r u got t..

She left his cabin without listening him…
He stunned to see this side of her.
Arnav’s POV
“Wat s thinking abt herself .??? Hw dare she..??? She is not try to listen me wat i’m saying…??? No its her mistake its my mistake i did mistake by thinking that may be she is changed…its my mistake to make such stupid tension to make a partnership with her…i want to make her partner for me bt she think i want to make her employee…????
I’m r8…She is MS.ATTITUDE only watever happn bt she nvr loss her attitude…”
He frowns…

R- Sona is ur phone s switch off…dev is
S- Ritwick plzz stop this…i already warn u both that me and Mr.Dixit are only frnds nothing more so plzz stop pulling my legs…i’m tired of this….
E- Ritwick leave it…

So guys this epi ends here
Hope u all enjoys…
There are many twist and turns are coming till then w8…
Keep support me….
Tanq for support me…


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  3. Erina

    Awesome epi sagaa ?☺ ??but I’m lil bit sad as today their was not even a single section of my sona .. ??
    With loads of love

    1. SAGAA

      Tanq Erina

      1. Erina

        Only thnxs ??? Koi nhi its ok post soon till then take care?

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    Amazinggg episode SAAGA dear..

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    Gud going darling amazing dear I’ll be waiting for the next episode

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