Naagarjun 28th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Naagarjun 28th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun fights with Maskini, grips her neck and tells she does not know what love is and dear ones are, where are her dear ones. He asks how is she feeling losing her life. Maskini says she cannot kill her and shows Aslam being tortured by her aides and says if she can torture him so much, he can imagine how much she can torture his parents and sister. Arjun strangulates her more and says he will kill her today. She pushes him and disappears. Tina asks if she is fine.

Shankchurn sees Mohini on earth and asks why she is here instead of Maskini lok. She asks him what is he doing here. He says he will meet Arjun. She asks what he is up to. He says he will get nagmani from Arjun by killing him.

Arjun walks angrily in shiv mandir. Tina asks if he is fine. Arjun says he searched whole Amroli and everyone is missing, it was not Maskini whom he was fighting She says it was Maskini. He says it was not, it was someone else. He does not know where Maskini lok is. He prays Mahadev that evil would have died today, but why it escaped. Where is his shiv shakti, his people are missing from Amroli, prays to show him a way. Baba comes and says to save dear ones, he has to sacrifice, in Maskini lok his powers will not work and only Maskini’s powers will. Arjun asks if truth will fail. Baba says whenever evil overpowers, truth wins, he has to go and bring back his dear ones. Arjun says he will go. Baba says only Astika can help him in this war, he should find him. Arjun says yes. Baba says this war s not easy, he will win and get his dear ones back, but not sure if he will be back or not. Arjun says he will go.

Arjun and Tina reach a cav. Tina says she has come here before. Arjun says this is maya jaal and will open only by maya. He tries to open door with his powers, but failss repeatedly.

At Maskini lok, Katya prepares herbal medicine for Maskini and servant applies it on Maskini’s wounds. She shouts in pain. Katya says this is paste of poison, he warned her not to go on earth, her powers won’t work. She will not be able to handle Arjun’s powers, now he has to do something.

At naglok, guards see someone trying ot break door and inform Astika. Astika says Maskini must have come and once she breaks door, they should attack her. Door breaks and Arjun enters with Tina. Astika asks if warrior or son has come. Arjun says a warrior to take his help and a son to take his father’s blessings.

An inspector and his 2 officers patrol Amroli and see whole Amroli empty. Their jokergiri is shown.

Arjun says Astika that he has to go to Maskini lok. Astika says nobody can go there, their powers will not work there. Arjun says he has to go at any cost. Astika says without Maskini’s permission, nobody can enter there, they need someone from there to take them along, who will take them. Shankchurn says he will help them, he is the one who can take them there. Arjun says he does not need his help, why did he come here. Astika asks if he is telling truth and asks how to enter. Shankchurn says there is a twin tree in jungle and they can enter via it. They also need a special coin to enter and shows it to Arjun. Tina asks how did he get it. Shankchurn lies that he snatched it from Maskini’s soldier. Arjun says he does not trust him, but there is no other go. He takes coin and says he will go to Maskini lok right now. Astika says as far as I know him, he is up to something. Shankchurn says he is right, if Maskini wins she will rule naglok and will destroy earth, which he does not like. Arjun says he does not need kingdom. Astika says he will go with Arjun. Shankchurn says if Astika comes, he will fail his plan.

Precap: Astika follows Arjun towards twin tree. Mohini tells shankchurn if Astika comes along, he will fail their plan. Shankchurn says he does not know what to do. Astika holds his shoulder.

Update Credit to: MA

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