Ishqbaaz 28th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Ishqbaaz 28th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye pushes Anika on the bed. He holds her face and says you did mistake and you will pay for it, you will sit in mandap with me and do all rituals of marriage, you will wear mangalsutra of my name, put sindoor of my name, you will become my wife. Anika gets shocked. Sometime before, Pinky asks Dadi is this abshagun that bride’s dress got spoiled. Dadi asks her not to think so. Rudra asks what happened. Dadi tells about Tia’s dress. He says it means universe does not want Tia to wear the bridal dress. Pinky asks him to shut up. She asks Anika to go and see Tia, if she needs any help. Anika goes to Tia and asks what happened Tia, shall I call designer, is there any problem in the dress. Richa turns. Anika gets shocked seeing her. She asks who are you and where is Tia.

Dadi, Priyanka, Soumya, Tej, Jhanvi, Shakti, Pinky, Om and Rudra on Mahi Ve. Anika reads the papers. She says what does Shivaye want to do, I got tired telling him not to marry Tia, he did not listen, now when Tia has run away from marriage, he got mad, is this anything to do marriage for one day, what will happen of this girl, no I can’t get in this matter, I already did a lot. She returns paper. Richa says tell me what to do, please. Anika says what to say, its your life, do what you find right. Richa says my parents took my life’s decision, I can’t go against them, but I don’t want to do this marriage. Anika says no, I can’t get in this matter, self respect is in own hands. Richa says its better that I die than doing this marriage. Anika gets shocked and stops.

Everyone is still dancing. Anika gives water to Richa and asks her name. Richa says Richa…. Anika says look Richa, I know much things spoiled in your life, but whatever it is, remember always listen to your heart, you are going to get married, and its not a joke, its a big promise, that’s a relation if made by heart, else a bond, sindoor and mangalsutra are not just makeup or jewelry, its witness of two person’s love and relation, marriage is not a game, its relation of seven births, people made a joke of sindoor, ask those who applied sindoor in their maang, even if the world sells off, they can’t pay price for sindoor, marriage is a beautiful relation, one day marriage is a bad joke, its on you now, you decide, you can find a good guy and keep a relation, else joke along with Shivaye, husband and wife are like two wheels of life’s car, you are going to become a stepney, not a tyre, which is fixed for one night as replacement, Shivaye is stubborn and rude, one can’t expect him to respect girls, but girls have to respect themselves.

Shivaye walks to the room and says why is this girl taking so much time. Richa opens the door. He sees her and asks did you not get ready. Richa says sorry, I can’t do this marriage. He asks why, you just said you are ready, what happened suddenly. She says I m sorry, I will not do this forced marriage, I was going to do wrong, its good she opened my eyes. She leaves. Anika comes out of the room. Shivaye blocks her way. He says so you did all this, who told you to interfere. She says I did not interfere, but…. He asks what’s your problem, why do you raise questions on my decision always, why. She says I just told Richa to listen to her heart. He says heart is not heard in business decisions, you know what you did, I have to answer press, business partners, rivals, they all have come to attend Shivaye Singh Oberoi’s marriage, what will be our respect when people know that Oberoi’s would be bahu Tia Kapoor has run away before the marriage. She says but Tia did not run because of me.

He says but Richa has run thanks to you, I thought to replace Tia with Richa and no one will know, but Anika does not like this. He breaks a vase angrily and asks why are you after me, why do you increase my problems, its my marriage, my decision, my problem, by what right are you interfering in my life. She asks who gave you right to play with a girl’s life, to force her for marriage, I know business is everything for you, life is not a business deal, if you do this marriage, you would cheat family too. He says that’s none of your business, I thought of it. She says how can you marry anyone. He asks will you teach me what’s right and what’s wrong, I can do anything to save family respect.

She says you, your family, your respect, business, decisions, everything yours, what about that girl, did you think of her, how can you put a price on her without knowing her wish, while buying company, when did you start buying people. He thinks of Daksh’s words and says you are saying this to me, the one who is sold is pointing finger to the one who is buying, this thing does not suit you. She asks what do you mean. He says one has no right to point to other’s decision, the girl who can sleep with anyone for money. Anika gives him a tight slap. O jaana……plays……….

She says I did not know your thinking is so cheap. He gets angry and holds her hand. He drags her inside the room and throws her on the bed. He steps beside her and says you don’t know what I m and what I can do. He holds her face and says you will see Shivaye’s real avatar now, you did mistake and you will pay for it, you will sit with me in mandap in Tia’s bridal dress. He drops her. She cries and says this won’t happen ever. He holds her and says this will happen, you will marry me, you don’t have an option, you will wear this dress and come downstairs with me, you will do all the rituals of marriage, you will wear mangalsutra of my name, you will put sindoor of my name, you will become my name, but just for one day, I will give divorce to you tomorrow. He pushes her away.

She gets shocked. Khoya khoya rehta hai…..plays………. He throws the bridal dress on her and says wear the bridal dress, you have 5mins. She says no. He says you will do this, I m not asking you, I m telling you. He pushes her inside the changing room and says don’t make me helpless, its good if you wear it yourself, else I have to make you wear it. Anika says how can you do this. He says I can do a lot more Anika, more than your thinking and understanding, don’t push me, you have 5 mins.

Anika says I m not afraid of you, I won’t do anything which I shouldn’t. Shivaye says you have to do, and calls out Sahil. She asks where is Sahil. He says he is there in car. She says please let him go. He says fine, and shows the car blasting. She shouts. Anika gets dressed as bride. Pandit asks the groom and bride to stand for wedding rounds. Anika cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Diyaa

    Two more points I wanted to make. To redeem Shivaay from this rock bottom they will flip flop and put inconsistencies in his personality and character which will make him seem mentally imbalanced. Two, if TRP really rises due to this forced marriage and torture Anika track, then I shudder to think where we are going as a society. God help!!

    1. Very true yaar!!! Ppl choice becoming inhumane n horrible!!it seems!’

    2. Yes Diya peaples choice is becoming very terrible in our society
      I will tell what kind of shows gets good trp in tv
      1.Love triangles:two brothers likes same grl or two sisters loves same guy and they can do anything to get their so called love like they will try to kill their sibling afterall for a stupid love but unfortunately peaple accepts this kind of shows and its gets high trp and some veiwers thinks the actors are real chatecters and they bashes actors according to shows charecters.really immature peaple
      2.peaple likes this kind of shows in which one sleeps with one sister and marries another sister and they accepts this kind of shows
      3.they likes sas bahu dramaz in which leads are gets humilated by their family members
      4.peaple likes shows in which lead actress plays like abala naari and never utters for her rights
      Reallyy how peaple can accepts this kind of shows i feels like watching all this bakwas “fat tje wakh”
      Note:if anyone is hurted with my comments im really sorry im not said this comments about any perticular show but i told it on ingeneral and most of all shows are showing this kind of bakwas

  2. Tahima

    Honetly the only good thing about this episode was the good oberio family members having fun and nakull and surbhis acting. Everything else about this epi was horrible. Shivaay was absoulutly disgusting and instead of anika being shocked she should have put him in his place with a punch in the nose. He was saying to daksh how he will destroy him if he touches anika before shaadi and look at him. Shivaay is a hypocrite, His soft avatar was so nice to watch but this is disgusting. If they dont fix ishqbaaz soon and show anika becoming strong and standing up for herself than the show will end. ISHQBAAZ cant end just cuz of this stupid behavoir of shivaay. Honestly im waiting for omru to defend anika. IF THEY DONT I MIGHT JUST CRY… plzzz ishqbaaz become the show we know and love. Im also going to add that ik this episode was disgusting but maybe they did it all for a reason. It could be in the future this all comes back to shivaay and makes him realise his mistake. we can all hope …

  3. The way Anika Slapped Shivaay, it was like slapping every man/woman who thinks men are superior than woman.

  4. I jus love this epi. Kia acthing kia SSO ne. I like it how the track is going. Love to see some romance as soon as all misuderstandings are cleared. What a amasing Actor nukkul en surbhi. Love you both ??

  5. Seriously dont know what to say to about today’s episode. I do agree with many of you that it was little too abusive and violent but I still gotta give props to Nakul and Surbhi. They seem to do whatever thrown at them very nicely. Be it hate, comedy or romance, they seem to do an amazing job. I hope they somehow bring some lighter story line in next week’s episodes somehow because the show has been super intense for the past few days.

  6. How come great wall of shivay become this much cheap. He deserve more slaps. The way he put his leg near anika’s head was so disrespectfull. Person who loves his brothers more than him self,who respect to dadi like a goddess, loving elder brother to his sister …… but today… humanity. Just like a another phcyco.

  7. Tes - Mad London Fan!

    I love Ishqbaaz! Basically a copy of Iss Pyar Ka Kya Naam Doon with Arnav and Khushi! Anika will be strong and after 4-6 months Shivay will know about Dukhsh’s lies. Then he will allow himself to love her in between he will mentally torture her! It will get very rough like IPKKND. Be prepared to cry folks…lol I want Anika to slap him more! Lol

  8. Tes - Mad London Fan!

    Just like Iss Pyar Ka Kya Naam Doon with Kushi and Arnav. Anika will be mentally tortured and Shivay will know the truth after 4 to 6 months. Anika will be weak then strong but it’s going to make you cry keep tissues near!!!! Lots of tears and revenge bits by Anika. Cannot wait for revenge lol!

  9. Mona146

    One thing is for sure. In no serial marriage happens peacefully. people get married unexpectedly forcefully and love along with many misunderstandings and complications.

  10. Aparna Godekar

    Hy..can I knw who has written the fan fiction where…..priku..shouts at acp that Shivaay dint murder shivin….
    I forgot the name of the fiction….n I want to read it very badly.plzzzzz someone help mee……..

  11. I guessguessand expect anika will take revenge on shivay after marriage by not giving divorce to him!!!

  12. This serial is going on d same track as “Ipkknd”…..same stuff…..male lead feels female is characterless yet marry them…only d reasons for marriage is different…else d same contract marriage, hatred towards each other at d outset n love inside.

  13. Wt the hell.yyy is shivayy becoming sooo rude.i hate it.
    Anika slap is gud.
    Even shivayy married anika he cant give divorce.bcoz he loves her.

  14. Mayank Agrawal

    Guyz kisi ko idea hai koi ki ye missunderstandings kah khatam hogi kaise hoga sabh kuch abh ? kyonki kaafi complicated situation aa gayi hai i think ki now shivay starting loosing his empire and business and luxury zone

  15. So SSO is back.. one slap and his ego is hurt like helll,he is forcing anika to marry him just coz she hurt his ego,else he is always behind khoon khandan..
    what an actin Nakul.he totally nailed it as cruel singh oberoi today
    An what a slap Anika… shown from all angles.. superb..
    Anika wld have never given in, if nt for Sahil.. poor gal.. but i m sure SSO wld nt have basted Sahil even if anika had said no.. he can never do tat.. wen he himself loves his bros so much.

  16. Ohhhh myyyy god what is this great shivaye singh oberoi what u where done i cant beleive this is he is mad or any criminal.
    Anyways i dont want to say anything about episode i just want to say that nakul mehtha is a faintastic actor he just set the fire on the episode anyways he deserves the award so he got it
    Sso is the most dangerourous hero of the show
    Anyways i hope omru will support anika

    1. Mona146

      I hope sadistic roles do not bag awards and fame now. We like vampire diaries, grey shades, dark secret novels, Complicated love stories which involve only pain and little love/happiness. We no more like anything that is simple.

      1. Dr mona actors gets award for their acting not for charecter

    2. thank u a lot shahabana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      u r really such a generous that u heard the cry of a lonely person….
      i am thanking u from the deep warmth of my heart, dear.
      ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkksssssssssssssssssssss a lot shahabana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      now i want to make friendship with u.
      WILL U BE MY FRIEND?plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz replyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, dear!

      1. Hellooo angel
        Yes ur frnd request accepted dr
        From today we are friendz
        be happy and keep commenting dr
        Gd nt tc

  17. I think after that slap and Anika’s dialogue, Shivay understood that Duksh and Tia were cheating, they said lie about anika. And now he is thinking that if he stopped this marriage, it will be a shame for Obroi family. That may b the reason for he is forcing her for this marriage. And he knows what may be the reasons, Anika won’t accept this sudden marriage proposal. I think its a plan of SSO.

  18. OMG…shivay turn out to be a villian…..His . behavior towards anika was just horrible……hate u shivay…..but love u nakul………I couldn’t take my eyes off from him…..what an amazing act….he just nailed it…..
    My favorite part was the slap scene…….deserving slap…..he need one more slap anika…..

  19. Omg. .how can shivay abuse anika like this. They are portraying a gal is physically and mentally weaker than a guy like shivay which isn’t good. Even after their misunderstanding gets cleared how can anika fall in love with a guy who has harassed her to this level, blackmailed to kill her brother and forcefully married her. A girl can never forget such things in her life. .

    All of sudden he found that HIRED girl stepping back from a DEAL made with her parrents and then he found HER, cause of destroying his reassembling the situation being out of his hand reach. He argued, and keep arguing and find her arguing back. Her arguements made him shaken with anger, put him on fire. She just put his whole being at stake. Her such interference made him shaken, and could not, find, rathar understand either was it her rights, habit or humanity?, or her that side what he just could not get it till now ? Her firmness lying just behind her tears, her fears made his fire fumes high which made him throw vase only to scattered his own anger. Her complying arghuments were going on, and on which were making him shake more and more, and he found his blood beind steady and cool! But he just could not allow it to be happen, just could not! He made his blood to run faster and faster only to make his anger more strong, having more edges which could ignite his fire high and high amid of which he wanted to be right now. Her progressive arguments made his anger more intense, and when she asked ,


    THat very her argue pushed up his anger to the top of valcano only to erupt out his anger and burst out his so far suprressed willings in un believable cool way!!

    Making his whole beind as steedy as possible, he just stepped back, made his voice as cool as possible, but rendering the multiple edges to it with his eyes, acts and needy high/low tune, he told back


    His mind thought, she would be broke, she would collapse and leave the battle, but in vain. What she did , changed the direction of his whole being. His eyes got glared all of sudden , being enough firm and enough cool now, holding her arms firmly, he dragged her and throw her just over


    1. Waited for u shekar sir! To explain wat exactly happnd with shivaay yesterday!! Totally n outburst !! Thanks for explaining !! Decoded the scenes!!! As usual beautiful narration by you!!?

    2. Sir plz decipher more… wat made him to so that within five minutes intimidation n all !!?

      1. please stop call to SIR! It sounds awkward!
        THINK OTHERWISE, will surely reach there!

      2. That SLAP made it all!

      3. Ok shekar!! Your narration been always good n enlightening us !!

    3. Well Shekhar everyone are buzy in outbrusting their anger on sso and its natural too bcz what sso has done its wrong and not acceptable at all.
      But i liked ur theory about sso’s nature and feelings u always tries to give good analysis about sso .u are doing superb job shekhar.
      But u asked shiv that plsss stop to calling sir i reallyy smiled reading ur this comment then why u always mentoins like shahabana mam veda mam etc

      1. In our region , from where I am belong to, we are used to call any gal/lady , except child,”MAM”, apart from her age factor.

    4. Pragya

      Hi Shekhar……i used to agree with most of ur argument….and am a silent reader of all ur comments…..but today …though i agree with all of the other side of slap except one thing…….he didn’t use those words to make her retain from the argument but…… came out as a outburst of his inner sense of Shivay …which shivay was suppressing all these days… u said he became cool….
      when he said those words with a mild sarcastic tone….he could not hide the pain which daksh manipulated…….i am saying this because test when Mr Agarwal asked about just sitting in place of Tia……
      Shivay. Said” I will do the deals “souta” with people o blood and lineage……….”

      Saying which he indirectly said about daksh and Anika…….
      But as u said he didn’t expect it will back fire this way……and indirectly he asked anika abut her so said doing……
      And this ny view….sorry if I am hurting anyone……

      1. Just see that met on hotstar, you will find that,
        he just became cool, for a while, before getting slapped while she argueing for that girl for the good reason, but he just colud not remain cool, he even did not wanted to be cool, and he after getting foughtback with anger, he burst out at her with intolerable sayings for any gal.

        But after getting slapped hard by ANIKA, after being SSO again,what ever he had done , spoke, everything was done with ICE COLD COOLNESS with equall cruelity and rudeness, without looking at her face upto he throw her on the bride cot!

    5. Veda

      “His mind thought, she would be broke, she would collapse and leave the battle, but in vain. What she did , changed the direction of his whole being. “…YESSSS….it’s da reason… completely do agree wid u.. frm da very 1st episode ANIKA hs been affecting SHIVAYE fr dis reason….SHIVAYE hs made his so called IDEOLOGIES da surface,da base of his existence…though it’s not..its not like he vl nt remain a SUCCESSFUL BUSINESMAN,a AFFECTIONATE GRANDSON,A LOVABLE BROTHER,if someday someone would snatch da tag OBEROI frm him…bt he believes so…Nd ANIKA always successfully proves those IDEOLOGIES as DUMB,FALSE,STUPID .. indirectly,unconsiously,unintentionly ANIKA hs been questioning da value of his EXISTENCE…dats da source of his fear,his anger,his confusion…

      Nd SHAHABANA..u r rt..SHEKHAR himself always calls us as “MAM”…?? sounds really awkward SHEKHAR…u can call me DI…bt if u r nt comfortable at all,then it’s OK..☺☺☺

      1. Veda mam,
        you caught him at his right place in right perspectives!
        He love to win against her, not to win her!
        She , simply, as she is, love him, and to be loved by!
        Thats the STYLISH TANGLE!

      2. There were two more consecutive convo, one with ANIKA, when he ask her surname before writing the cheuqe for her salary, and after that ,being speechless, and shaken by her iron edged words, he was complaining to OM, reapriasal of OM for which made him more shaken in same or next epi . That both convo are the DIAMONDS of whole IB. This convo can be written, but no one can described HIS FEELINGS AND HIS EXPRESSION DURING AND AFTER THOSE TWO CONVO with ANIKA and OM.

    6. Hi Shekhar, Veda and Pragya,

      I always look for your comments… Just because I could connect with your thought process with mine… You guys have really the BEST in decoding the SSO… But, it is really an interesting character and don’t mind the arrogance and a kind of violence in his attitude for the last a few days… I think it is absolutely justifiable as SSO is like that and his thoughts and ideologies will not change over a night… In reality, people behave like that, during that high time nobody remembers violence is bad and to be patient enough to tackle the situation…

      and seriously he is afraid of Annika and her simple terms of living… Actually he is not a great wall as he has built one around himself as a defensive system… he is scared to get hurt and accept the defeat, especially in front of a simple middle class girl like ANNIKA…

      Anyways I am enjoying the show…

      Guys, please keep on commenting the character sketch and episodic analysis… it is really interesting to go through it…

  21. Oh my god. Yaar ye sso to sab ka baap nikla. Me bhi ipkknd dekhti thi. Arnav kabhi bhi enta rude behave nahi kiya. Sso cross all the limits. Anika yaha ek thapper se kam nahi chalne vaala. do char orr lagane ne ki zarurat thi. Orr ye misunderstanding kab durr hogi??? I think etni jaldi ye mis… ing duur nahi hogi . Like ipkknd. Saddi ke baad one or two months they drag the show. Anyway guys how r u??

    1. Exactly MP in yesterdays comments someone told SSO cant beat ASR in rudeness but i have to clarifie “SSO beated ASR in rudness”

  22. Ye mera symbol kyu chang ho raha hai??

  23. Veda

    The only positive impact of this episode is soo many new Nd missing ISHQIES hv startd commenting today…??..

    okkayy.. so according to my POV SHIVAYE’S behaviour may b shocking bt not at all illogical…. ANGER has dat evil power to transit a person into a completely another one…wen ANGER starts ruling over the entire self ,da most negative incarnation of a person is unveiled….Nd SHIVAYE is not only angry this time ..his anger has been combined with an intense pain….an unfamiliar ,unrecognizable pain ..dats y he has completely lost his mind…. otherwise he can’t play game wid ANIKA, using SAHIL as a trump card(as fr him , brothers r his biggest weakness)….
    The most SHOCKING part was “O JAANA” in background…..I was like WTF..!!!!!!!!!… ???…I completely do agree with some of ur comments guyyzzz.. mentally Nd physically abusing someone can’t b shown as a part of ROMANCE..just can’t…..
    Nd the way SHIVAYE showed “5 MINUTES” was hilarious Nd hatke too…?

    Before 2 epis DADI hd said the “Muharaat” was after 15minutes…Nd it seems minimum 2-3hours hd alrdy passed Nd more 3-4hours to go…Dear OBEROI FAMILY ,u all hv to take a dose of REVITAL to pass da entire time with DANCING Nd DANCING Nd DANCING …..????

    1. S Veda i agree with u dr.shivayes behavior is really unbearable but its not illogical even i tooo expected this behavoir from sso .i already thought that sso will bhave so agressively with anika but this much i cnt tolerate this .if shivaye is forcing her its k how he man hendeled with her its not at all not seeing any romance in this kind of man handling scence i just can see harrasment in this kind of not understanding why cvs shows this kind of scenes we peaple are not mad to enjoy this kind of scenes
      But anyways nakul and sc done great job

      1. Veda

        Yes.. SHAHABANA…though I don’t think SHIVAYE’S behaviour was illogical(as I know dis type of people rly exist) bt showing such humiliations,abuses r not considerable at all … probably our society loves to c da concept of a HELPLESS WOMAN….ANIKA’s self-respect Nd confidence wasn’t able to increase TRP so CVs have chosen da typical track….as bcz she is a girl, a single girl,belongs to a middle class family so she has to act like a BECHAARI,she has to cry, has to bow down in front of da “POWER” of a man,a rich man…atleast fr once…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. ..
        Nd v never can get enough abt NM Nd SC’s acting….the way how NAKUL hs managd to maintain da HUSKY voice frm 1st to last is outstanding….

    2. Yes VEDA dr to increase trp cvs have to show lead actress like a abala naari bcz most of trp aurdience like abala naari type heroine only.they are not ready to accept that girls also enough strong too.
      But i hope anika will give a takkar fight to sso after marriage rather than being a cry baby

  24. Pragya

    Hai every one….a good noon……
    Actually its much nervous to comment about yesterday’s episode…….?
    It’s a mixed reactions……..shivay was ek dham shivay…..and anika is back……
    The tight slap…..its was awesome…..he deserves it very much……and shivay s reaction after that……..
    When isaw the promo of ishqbazz furst I didn’t like it …..the sole reason was …nakul meta as I didn’t like himin his previous series……..but … I watch ishqbaaz foe our shivay…??…..
    His reactions……and Anika….can’t express……
    Hats off to u guys nakul and surbhi…..u both made the series live yesterday…….
    Coming to yesterday s episode…..
    Anika convincing richa was good…..and shivay accusing Anika was realistic…….one thing was clear….that Shivay still love s Anika……he didn’t share is frustration s with dadi…..but when he learned Anika behind richas running he exploded fully……and when he started the one night stand….than blaming he showed pain in his eyes that was cute………??…..
    And pushing Anika in the bed and floor is the height of humiliation and arrogance……shivay prove that such a male chauvinist rouge he his……..Anika s teary eyed strength and opposition was super……..i am extremely waiting for their fight to begin………and Anika will make him pay for all his deeds…..
    Last the way he said….u will wear mangalsutra and sindoor of my name

    was so so touchy….???…..
    I heard omru and dadi will support the marriage……..
    Lets hope for the best…….
    My point I literally want Anika to throw the loan papers and the joda on his face….and walk out……….
    I don’t want Anika to behave like a wife like kushi of ipkknd…….plz I want Anika to show her attitude towards him…….???

    1. Yes it was touchy ??

  25. Hi guys
    Aap sab logo ki comments se tho lag raha hai ki shivay bahuth bura Kar rahi hai anika ki saath.gul mam ko bathavo shivay ko anika ki saath jithna bura karna hai karne do.jab usse anika se pyaar ho jaaye thab vo jithna bura anika ki saath kiya hai na usse zyaada pyaar vo anika ko de paaye.aisa pyaar hai ki anika shivay ki har bad behave bool jaaye.and one more thing shivay jab anika ko “I love you anika”bolengi na thab anika ko jaldi uska propose accept nahi karna chahiye. usse shivay ko vo sab yaad dilvana chahiye Jo usne uski saath kiya ho,aur jab shivay ko apni galthi ka ehsas hongi thabi vo uska proposal accept karna chahiye.but ye jaldi nahi, shivay ko bahuth wait karvana chahiye ki usko anika ki kami ki ehsas aur apni galthi ki ehsas bhi ek saath ho jaye.
    mujhe lagtha hai yahi hai shivay ki punishment.jab usse anika se ithna pyaar ho jaaye ki uski bina jeena mushkil ho jaaye aur thab anika usse chod kar jaaye,thabi usko apni galthi ka ehsaas ho jaayengi.aur anika ko bhi shivay se pyaar hogi na thab bahuth maza aayengi.phir shivay ko emotionally anika se phir se propose karna chahiye and thab anika ko bhi uski proposal happily accept karna chahiye.main jaisa bol rahi hum waisa hua hai na tho bahuth maza ayenga dekhne main.shivay anika ko emotionally propose karthe huyi dekhna, what say guys.?.and sirf shivay nahi uski puri family pinky,shakthi,tej,ye sab log bhi anika ko vo pyaar de paaye Jo vo deserve kaarthi hai. anika ne hummesha ek maa baap aur parivaar ka pyaar chaathi hai, I hope ki usse vo saari pyaar mil jaaye jo vo deserve karthi hai.i hope gul Khan jaldi ye sab kar dhe aur zyada story ko keech kar boring na Kare.
    Main Kuch din pehle na ishqbaaz ki first episodes dekhi thi.aur ek episode main dadi omru se shivay ki baare main bath kar rahi thi ki “agar vo apni dadi se aur apni bhaiyon se ithna ishq kar saktha hai tho socho vo uss ladki se kithna ishq karengi”(sorry mujhe vo dialogue teek se yaad nahi).I hope ki dadi ki vo baath sach ho jaaye and vo anika ko bahuth pyaar aur respect dhe.aur ek episode main anika apni sister chutki ki dream dekh kar darr gaya tha.uski baath tho uski sister ki baare main kuch bhi nahi dikhaya tha,na vo uski baare main yaad karthe huve nahi uski baare main baath karthe huyi.omkara ki love lady hone ka chance anika ki sister ko bhi hai,agar vo acp ki sister zinda hai tho vo bhi ho saktha hai,gul Khan ko batha do anika ki sister chutki ki entry karane ke liye aur uski aur om ki love story start karaane ke liye dho behan oberoi mansion ki bahu bankar saath rahe tho maza aayengi .aur humme brothers ki pyaar ki saath sisters ka pyaar dekhne ko bhi milengi.gul Khan ko batha do ki vo omkara ki accident ki sach dikane ke saath anika ki sister ka bhi sach dikaye.kyunki uss episode ki baath aaj thak anika ki sister ki baare main kuch bhi nahi dikhaya hai .I hope ki serial end hone se pehle saara suspend our mystery reveal ho jaaye.
    Omkara ki new love lady ki baare main aap log gul Khan ko yaad dilavo kyunki sbs main shivika ki marriage aur suhaag raath ka scene bhi dikhaaya hai .but om ki love lady ka entry ka news nahi mila.agar koyi entry ho ra hi hai tho uski entry serial main hone se pehle uska news milengi.lekin aisa kuch bhi news nahi Mila.i hope ki gul Khan om ki love lady ki entry December end hone se pehle karaaye.
    SORRY SORRY GUYS FOR THE BIG AND BORING COMMENT.agar main Kisi fans ko apni baatho se hurt kiya hai tho SORRY.
    Keep smile ?

    1. The hindi was a bit south indian like. But i liked ur comment as it reflected alk my thinking whether what should happen to make the story interesting. And the dialogue was”jo apni dadi se itna pyar karta h,apne bhaiyon se itna pyar karta h to socho vo uss ladki se kitna pyar karega jissese voh shadi karega”. Jabse raat ko Epi dekha h eh shabd gunje ja rahe h. And it was not at all boring, what u wrote.

      1. THANK YOU Deepika for reply my comments.and ALL THE BEST for your exams.

      2. THANK YOU deepika for reply my comment.mujhe english zyaada aatha nahi iss liye main hindi main comment likthi hum sorry..

      3. Sorry for the 2 comments

      4. Thank u

  26. shivay desire slap
    how could he force her
    I hate shivay?
    poor anika?

  27. Mouni

    hi guys , well after a good night sleep l started to see things in different angle ..
    for us its been like 4 ep since daksh started his evil plan and shivaye preponed the wedding but the events are happening in the last 24h only for shivaye ..
    so for him its been only one day and he was told that the girl he loves sleeps with guys for money and saw her in daksh room also , his frustration and anger were so high that he preponed the wedding without tia knowing or OF
    add to that that in the next day ( wedding day ) he was mentally tortured thinking about anika and desperatly trying to accept the fact that he is marrying tia
    to add to his trouble , tia and her D run away from the wedding in the last moments where everyone were waiting for them to come ; family , freinds , media , rivals , buisniss partners …
    he was put in an ugly situation by tia and left alone to deal with it , he had to save OF name and pride from the media and rivals so he made another deal witch also failed and the reason this time is anika ..
    so his pain , frustration , anger , dissapointment of the last 24h burst in anika’s face ..
    am not excusing his bihavoure but am saying that this amount of pressure can turn the most civilazed person to a barbaric , brutal man , dut did you notice his insistance to marry anika ?? he even run after her and threaten her with sahil for her to marry him , he never showed that with tia or the other girl , this tells us that deep in him he wants her to be his wife
    anika wont be an eazy victim for him , am sure she will stand well for herself
    also his bros and dadi will for sure be against him in this and will support anika against him too
    but the question is will he really divorce her in the morning ?? in a video it showed them in his bedroom and she was trying to leave but he was holding her hmmm , feeling possesseive already ??

  28. Just unable to decide what the hell to comment. As most of the comments were of hatness to shivay but i can’t say that i hated the way shivay tortured anika yesterday as i to become senseless when i become angry. I agree that he should a bit tespect to a girl,just thinking that u love her……. But i think it is not only with me but everybody that when i feel angry i shout only on my mother maybe bcz i love her. Not maybe really. He loves her sooooooo much that he can’t stop himself from telling his pain to her.

    Many of u have said that he did get angry on tia a bit. It is true that shivay never told bad about tia but he didn’t even say good about her(except in the beginning) but many a times he praised anika(unknowingly).

    And seriously how can they play p janna in The background when shivay was torturing her.

    Nevertheless i told only good about shivay bcz i liked the epi as it made me remind the starting episodes which were very loving. But now after seeing the precap i have mad with anger.

    Whatever state of anger it may be he can’t kidnap sahil. As he is too a brother. He crossed all his limits. Anika will never forget this and will not surely forgive even if he goes on her feet.

    I have never sen shivay doing anything for anika from the starting. First sell her house so that he does not lose his bet whoooo, then send her to jail (however it happened earlier i think can’t remember) then torturing, firing her, and now forcing her to marry WOW BRAVO SHIVAY. I think anika had done a great deal for u which u can’t repay, even by being a good or best husband bcz the circumstances in which she has done everything for u r almost impossible.

    Sorry guys but i think it is my last comment and i will comment now only after 12 dec due to exams . Wish me a best of luck guys.


    2. Best of luck, Deepika!

      1. Thank u Sophie and dasha

  29. GK mam was right, u dont want to be on the bad side of sso. Love annika so proud of her for standing up for herself, you go girl!! I can not hate shivaay, no matter what he does! ISHQBAAZ ROX!!!! So excited for the upcoming episodes!!

  30. These roles are crude imitations of Mills and boons.
    Indianizing leads toarrogant rudenessm

  31. Now that was not at all romantic -_-

  32. Mouni

    l read somehere that anika will go away the next day and dadi will come to her to beg her to return as shivaye’s wife but anika will refuse
    another spoiler said that anika will take her revenge by not giving sso a divorce and also when daksh returns and knows about the situation it will be a big fight with shivaye and it says that he will kidnap anika to take her away from sso
    l dont know if its true or not but its interesting

    1. Yes i too saw this on insta that anika is back to her house but daadi come to take her oberoi mansion
      But i dntknow about any other spoiler

  33. Did u guyz noticed shivaye after anika slapped shivaye he literally cried

    1. Mouni

      yes his eyes were a bit red but did you see his expression after the slap it felt like he was reliefed or something and then after she said his thinking is cheap his eyes changed like he figured out something

    2. Yaa. I noticed it.


      1. Exactly the other side of slap shekhar….
        For a minut his expression also changed but again he came to baaghad billa avathar

  34. Sso ke pass kitni shaadi ke dress hai

  35. Guyz attension plssss
    Omkaras lead will enter the show december itself GK comfirmed this news.
    Dnt miss todays episode guyz itsss superb

  36. Ennapa ipdi panringale pa. Oru serial koda nalla illa. I hate shivay

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