Naagarjun 21st November 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagarjun 21st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

During Arjun and Noorie’s mehandi ceremony, Tina and Chutki dance on song…Punjabi wedding song. Arjun walks towards Maskini/Noorie. Maskini thinks if mehandi does not darken, Arjun will realize she is a nagin. Arjun comes and wipes her mehandi and sees no color and says that means she does not love her. Aunt shouts at mehandi designer that she applied fake mehandi and will not get a single paisa. Arjun smiles at Noorie/Maskini. Noorie says she got afraid and reminisces how she spoilt mehandi.

Kaal bhairav brings real unconscious real Noorie to Maskini world and ties her back. Astika shouts he will be punished for his bad deeds. Kaal bhairav laughs and leaves, leaving earth’s door open. Astika watches that and prays Mahadev to give him powers to save innocent Noorie. He chants Om Namah Shivaay.

Yashoda performs Arjun and Tina’s haldi ritual. Tina sees Arjun peeping from curtain and looking at Noorie and taunts no peeping. Aunt sees bangle in Noorie’s hand and asks her to remove it, else it will spoil. Maskini gets tensed and says nothing will happen. Aunt says it will get spoilt and herself tries to remove it, but cannot. Noorie acts as feeling pain and says it will not spoil. Aunt says she will remove it slowly. Yashoda asks aunt to let it be as Noorie’s mom gave it to her. Aunt says okay, but careful. Maskini relaxes and her eyes turn green.

Mohini with Shankchurn comes and wishes him for his marriage and says they have come to just wish him. Shankchrun says he came to return Noorie’s ring and not create problem. He says he thought Noorie is his, but she was not and she is Arjun’s. As a brother, he came to be part of his happiness. Mohini says Shankchurn is right and requests to take their gift. Arjun takes an they both leave.

Arjun sees boxes in Tina’s hands and asks her to take Pari’s help in packing them. Maskini thinks she has to get back as Pari. She goes to Noorie’s room, changes as Pari, but keeps her bangle there. Aunt notices her coming out of Noorie’s room, yells she goes wherever she wants to, she will check what she was doing in Noorie’s room. She enters room and sees bangle on dressing table and thinks she was crying for this bangle and now carelessly kept it here. She gets an evil idea.

Astika prays Mahadev to return his powers. Mahadev returns his powers. He frees himself and then frees Noorie. He wakes up Noorie and says Kaal bhairav left Amroli’s door open, they have to walkk out from it. Fire boulders fall on them when they walk towareds it. Astika asks her not to get afraid, they have to reach till door anyhow. Kaal bhairav comes and laughs.

Arjun packs gift boxes with Maskini, Aslam and Tina. Yashoda asks what is he doing instead of getting worried. Pandit asks him to get ready soon as muhurath is nearing. Maskini says she will go and get Noorie ready and walks into Noorie’s room. She finds her bangle missing and gets worried that without bangle she cannot become Noorie and without Noorie how will she go out. Panditji asks to call bride. Tina and aunt knock door. Maskini gets tensed and opens door wearinng veil. She walks with them and thinks if Arjun sees her, he will realize she is Maskini. She sees her bangle falling down.

Precap: Panditji asks Arjun to dorn mangalsutra in bride”s neck. Astika comes and shouts stop, this marriage cannot happen.

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