As Naina was calling ranveer for dinner but he denied by saying he is not well
Naina really got disappointed by hearing this after a while she saw ranveer moving out of the office she too followed him he came to the parking area he got a call from ishani it was
around 10 of clock in India.
Rv:hello sunny
Ishani:ranveer you are in office. ..then why are you calling me like this

Ranveer was smiling opening the door..of the car
Ishani : it doesn’t seem like you are missing me you are enjoying your vacation in UK
Ranveer :of course y should I miss you…am missing my girlfriend call you sunny once I reached
Naina hears only the last line and she started over thinking who is that sunny.

She went to her home was worried
Ishani who hung up the call kept an vibrate alarm so that vihan could not wake up she falls sleep
Ranveer reached his hotel finished his work ordered some food he and manas had a chat manas told him about the business party on day after tomorrow.
Around 9:30 both went to their rooms
Ranveer went to his bed laid down turn on the lights took his mobile called ishani
Her phone gots vibrate after 3 rings ranveer thought she might have slept was about to hung up the call she lift the call

Ranveer :hello ishani
Ishani :ranveer
Ranveer :I thought you were slept
Ishani :nahi. .
Ranveer :let me call what’s app video
Ishani :she too got ready sat on the bed
She was wearing red satin nighty

Naina was continously trying to call ranveer she got busy for the past one hour

She got irritated with her phone was checking ranveer in what’s app it shows him online

Rv:see ishani snow fall is very high here he was showing his window in the phone
Ishani : bt it’s looking so beautiful know ranveer and you must be feeling very cold shivering at you have blanke..
Ranveer :hmm very cold even you were not here he cutely winked at her
Ishani;: hmm after realising what she said tum bhi naa. ….she too smile at him
Ranveer :if vihan was 6 month old I would have definitely bring you both.
Ishani :it’s okay just 5 more days know come back soon.
Ranveer : will send you the pics which I took today hmmm and you also send me tomorrow morning your pic okay
Ishani :she nodded as yes hmm
Ranveer: was keeping head well on the pillow ishani you sleep it might be early morning over there know I will call you at morning okay …miss
Ishani :hmm miss you too
Love you ranveer
Ranveer :muah love you sunny.

He send her some pics both drifted to sleep
Next day morning ishani woke up at 6:30 she slept around only at 4 then fresh herself came she remembered ranveer asked for a pic she took dark green colour saree wearing it
She came down and started her pooja and work with amba
Around 2 of clock she was playing with vihan she took some selfie pics send to ranveer. In whats app
Good morning my love..

Ranveer woke up got ready he started to office in car with manas checking his phone he saw ishani text and the cute pictures the way she is hugging vihan got a bright smile and good start of the day.

Naina came to office with dull face called ritika and said just four days more some how I have to make ranveer mine.

Ritika plot hilarious plan and told her she got her evil smile this will be perfect
Ishani itself will leave him and go away.

Naina ranveer and man’s all were working and discuss about the deals naina behave very formal today even she left early
After 2 days there was business party in big hotel in Manchester

It was an official business party .

Precap:naina came in blue short revealing dress thinking about her evil plan

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