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Hello friends sooo sorry fr late
i was soo busy

Lets start

Ragini was on the road waiting fr the bus
And sanskar was trying to fix his car
Then ragini.saw the bus comming towards her.. she went to sanskar and told him
Ragini : ok it seems the bus is here i am going … bye

Sanskar turns towards her as he was fixing his car

Sanskar : ok bye takecare

She left to get in the bus and he kept looking at her From back

Sanskar POV :Ragini why cant u feel how much i love you??

It has been 3 years since first time i saw you
You were soo simple and beautiful as you are now

Flashback Starts

We can.see two boys looks like that they are friends

Boy1: today i faught with dad again

Boy2 : relax sanky what happend ??

Sanskar : leave it rahul
I just cant stand staying at home anymore

Girl came from behind
Girl : excuse me … will u tell me where is the art class??

Sanskar turn to the girl to see an anglic nature face

She is wearing yellow anarkali suit and her hair was left on one side

his eyes got stuck on her

The girl : please will u answer my question??

Sanskar smile lightly and with dreamy eyes

Sanskar : hmmmm

Rahul looked at sanskar with question mark then he said : hi … plz go straight then turn left

The girl smile and said: thank u

She looked at sanskar angerly as she thought that he ignored her

Then she is about to leave , her friend called her : ragini come we are getting late for the lecture

Ragini : ok ok comming

Then sanskar whisper : raginii

He said to Rahul : main abhi aata hoo
(I wil come back soon)

He went.behind her secrtely

Ragini was walking in the passage
She felt that someone is following her
She turn behind but no one was there as sanskar hide himself behind the wall .

She went to her class and took a seat there

Sanskar took a look from the class window and click photos for her

After sometime the lecture is over

Ragini’s friend (Riya ) came and say lets go home ragini

Ragini : ok dear lets goo

Sanskar hide himself quickly

Ragini and her friend came out frm the class and he is about to follow her thn sanky felt with some hand on his shoulder that stopped him

He looked behind to find rahul

Rahul : where were u yaar i was looking for u ?
Sanskar : ooh sorry

Rahul : ok leave it lets goo

Sanskar looked behind to check where is ragu
But she disappeard as she left the college with her friend

Sanskar also decided to leave home and will see her next day

Sanskar drove his car and reach to his home ‘ gate
Sanskar : uufff i donna wanna see dad … plzz god i am not in mood to fight with him again

Sanskar enter with his car
A big mission is shown (MM) from out… looks very fancy bt inside it was lifless house

Sanskar went down stairs and the servant ask him the launch is ready … shall i prepair it fr u ??
Sanskar :No am not in mood thanks .… wheree is dad ?

thn a voice came from behind : i am here

Sanskar turns behind to see his dad ( durga prasad)

Dp: why do u ask about me as u r missing me ?

Snskar with irritated face : nothing like this

DP : like i care ……u are like ur mom … she was the worst woman i had ever known … and what i got from her …a usless son like u

Sanskar point his finger towards him: stop ur nonsens … i will not allow to say a single word from u aganist her

DP: why are behaving like this …… u r talking about her as she didnt leave u from childhood

Sanskar clenched his fist thn he put his hands on his ear clossed his eyes and raised his voice : u r a lier … stop it

DP: am not liying … all the world know about this

Sanskar : even if she do this u r the one who forced her … everyday u were comming home with drunk status
And u were beating her .
Thn the day u came with a woman to this blady house … she decided to leave here

U were to too young to relize all this

Sanskar : it non of ur business bt i came to knew the whole truth

Then he left fr his room

Dp POV : how could he came to know the truth
Who told him ?
Sharmishta u left the home are a cheater bt i didnt allow u to take ur son.wit u …… everyday i will remind ur son that u r the worst woman in the world …
I will never treat him well
As i cant give u the punishment i will punish ur son … iwil never allow him to live in peace

Then he asked his servant to prepair food fr him

Sanskar reach his room close the door with all his force angrly thn lie on his bed his eyes was staring at the ceilling

Sanskar POV: mom why did u leave me ??
I miss u so much .where are you ??
I know mom u suffer alot thats why you left this prison .. i hate staying here
……i am sorry mom when i was always saying that i hate u and i always hoping not to see u ever ……

my so called dad asked me how i knew the truth … someday i came to know the whole truth… when i heard dad and sanvy aunty (mom’ sis) were arguing and fighting about why he is always creating a bad image about you mom infront of me ??
I was totally shocked …am soo sorry mom .plz come back

then He took a deep beath and closed his eyes fr a while,, ragini’s smily face came to his imagination he opened his eyes … he remmber that he clicked photos for ragini

Sanskar got up from his bed … he picked his phone from the night stand , thn he kept starring to ragu’s photos

a smie apear on his face thn he lie again on.the bed he kissed her photo and say : good night sweet heart and doze off
. .
Next morning he got up frm his bed early , picked his phone and look at ragin pic : good morning baby … hope to see u today
He got ready , went down stairs and saw his dad was eating his breakfast
Dp: where are you going ??

sanskar with irritated face : why do you care ? i am leaving

Dp: where some useless son like can leave for ?? I know u will hang out with your friends

Sanskar : whatever

Then he left (mm) to go to his college
He was driving his car then he.stopped his car because of trrafic signal

He clossed his eyes and rest his head back for.a while

He opend.his.eyes and look from.the.window
His eyes got widen as he was surprised to see the first one who came to his mind this morning… she is now infront of his eyes (Ragini )

she was wearing an orange anarkali ,.. her hair left opend back and was in some garden

In.her hands soo many colorful ballons
And also soo many kids arround her
She was laughing and running with.them

after 2 min she sttoped and looked at her watch and widen her eyes …then she hit her head by her palm

She said goodbye to kids and left the place …

Sanskar was looking at her with a soft smile

Thn Traffic signal turns to red , he drove to college
Rahul came to him and said :hi sanky hw are you ?

Sanskar smiled at him.and said : hi rahul am fine.and.u?

rahul: seriously sanskar mehshwara is smiling

Sanskar’smile became a serious face : so what ??

Rahul : nothing chill
Ragini passed infront of him .. he kept starring at her

Sanskar : i will come back rightnow bye
Rahul : ok bhai ur wish Bye

Ragini went to cafatiria and.asked for sandwich and coffe Thn she took.a seat

Sanskar asked for same food and took a seat besides her

He was hoping if ragini look at him or notice his presnce bt nothing this she was eating her food and reading her book …

Sanskar was about to introduce himself to her bt she didnt notice and got up from.there because her phone rang

she went from there to meet some boy Infront.of gate
Sanskar.look at them and went.near there
Ragini: hey… hi raj what are u doing here raaj ??

Raj (gurmeet) : i missed u na

I didnt see u this morning i was asking where were u ??

Sanky heard this statment
He got angry and clenched his fist ,, he said in his mind : who the helll is he ??

Thn ragini Cupped his face and said : ooh my sweetoo
Love uuu soo much

U know right that every week at morning i go to with the orphanage ‘s children to the park and play there with them

raj gave her a side hug : ooh sooo sorry i forgot.that.
U r the best sister in the world i love u too

Sanskar heard the word sister ,, he relieved

He smiled and kept starrimg at her
She was joking with raj and laugh with him then an idea came to his mind and Left from there

Flashback ends

Sanskar said in his mind : ragini i become a friend to raj to be always near u
I was setting near you in college bt u never noticed me … u never feel my love towards you
I just love everything about u ..
I will marry you ragini i will do everything to get you
This is my promise

Recap: same recap
notice : all this was sanskar pov
Next part i will show raglak scences .

Soo sorry for late Once more friends i really was very busy

Love u all

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