Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 5th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 5th March 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 5th March 2013 Written Update

Navika screams Spiderman and Mohan jumps from between the containers. Beera runs after the man. Mohan while dusting his coat realises that Navika just screamed Spiderman. He turns around and looks at her with questioning eyes. He walks towards her. FB of Nanhi shown when each time she calls him Spiderman. Navika lowers her eyes. Mohan remembers that her name is Navika. He asks her what did you just say? Navika says Nothing. Mohan says I just heard you calling me Spiderman isnt it? Navika says no I didnt say that, why will I call you so. Mohan says you just shouted, I heard you. Navika says you must be imagining. He asks Beera did you listen to what she said. Navika nods her head as if to say No. Beera says yes I heard her. Mohan asks what did she say. Beera says you must be imagining. Mohan says thats not possible. Beera says I didnt understand what she said in English. Beera says forgive her…she is like your daughter. Mohan gets his hand near her chin. Navika;s hand moves too but she stops. Beera looks on. Navika walks away. Mohan keeps wondering. Flashback of Spiderman Chavanni scenes from season 1. Mohan and Navika crying.Navika recalls that he placed his hand on her head. And that she tied her hanky around his bruise.

Navika tries to start her scooty but the scooty does not start. Beera gives her her glasses. He starts the bike and asks her to sit behind. She sits behind him.

Megha on the other hand recalls the performance. She recalls RJ wiping her tears and hugging her, with a smile on her face. Mohan drives back thinking of Navika. Megha’s auto stops right next to Mohan’s car at the traffic signal. MM sense each other and by the time they can turn, a bike stops between their vehicles. …Thus they fail to see each other.

Mohan calls RJ. She says she got a standing ovation. She says her dance teacher is very sweet and she felt that she is her Yashoda maiya indeed. RJ says I am angry. You missed my first dance performance. She says you will get a punishment. He says give me any punishment but dont stop talking to me Nanhi. Then Mohan stops and says I will come home. RJ asks Guru who is Nanhi. Guru says I dont know. Now lets start packing for Bhopal. RJ says she has started to like the place and will not move now. Guru is worried.

Navika is in AI admin department. She finds her Employment records and tries to tear her form.She does not want Mohan to find out her real identity. Beera comes there. She tears her data sheet on the sly. Beera says I heard you calling out Spiderman. He says something is wrong. He asks if Mohan is a real Spiderman. Beera feels that Mohan is also like Spiderman who is working in AI just to show others and is someone else actually. Navika says its not like that. Beera says I cannot trust you again.

Navika says I am not in mood for this rubbish now. She puts the paper in the dustbin and starts crying. Beera offers her his hanky. She asks Saaf hai? She wipes her tears and gives it beack to him. Beera picks her employment data sheet from the dustbin after she walks away and is confused. He understands that there is some connection between this sheet and Spiderman.

Precap: Mohan calls Aye Chavanni from behind. Navika stops. He says Sunna and outstreches his arms. Young Nanhi is shown. Mohan has tears in his eyes.

Update Credit to: sumiswap

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