Sasural Simar Ka 5th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 5th March 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 5th March 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bharadwaj house
Roli says that she wants to go to the hospital to be with simar, who saved a oung girl, who tried to commit suicide. When sid asks where it happened, she says that it occured near the river. As roli leaves in haste, sid thinks about naina’s suicidal talks and wonders if its naina, who simar saved, as the location too falls on the way to their house. But then he thinks that naina cant do this, to try and pacify himself.

Sid is questioning whether naina tried to kill, and thinks that he’s having bad thoughts since he hasnt been able to get to her through the phone, and once he talks to her, he would be relieved. But again, his conscience keeps telling him otherwise. He asks himself that he shouldnt overthink and that she would be alright. Unable to control herself, sid calls up the office, pretending to talk to her for an improtant project, but is surprised when he knows she isnt at office, and asks for the landline number, but in vain. Sid thinks as to what could be the reason for noone having any infoabout naina, and wonders whether naina is indeed the girl, simar saved.

Scene 2:
Location: In the hospital
The doctor comes out and tells simar, that naina’s body was filled with water, and they could have saved the girl, but it was pretty impossible to save the child that she had conceived but both the mother cand the baby, miraculously survived. Simar thanks him. The doctor tells her, on knowing that simar doesnt know naina personally, that since she’s pregnant, extra care would have to be taken for her and the baby. she is okay with the idea, and the doctor says that simar can now meet her.

She goes inside and patting her head, Simar says that something very bad must have happened with her, as she took this step, at a time when she got the biggest happiness of her life, to be a mother. She thanks the lord, for saving the baby. Thinking about the phone that she had, simar thinks that she should try and contact naina’s parents and her husband about her condition, as they would be worried for her. But then she thinks otherwise, that until naina gets conscious, she shouldnt take any step by calling anyone in her mobile, as she should at first know about the reason for her suicide. Placed in a dilemma, she thinks that she should check the phone for any info, but finding no network on her cell, she thinks that she would now have to wait, till she regains her consciousness. she leaves the room, and sits outside on the bench.

Naina regains conscious and remembers everything. She is berserk thinking why did anyone save her, and for what. she tries to take off her IV’s and starts leaving. Simar, enters the room, seeing her and forcibly asks her to rest, while naina keeps ranting that she doesnt want to live. Simar asks how could she be so selfish that she only thought of herself, and not of the baby, who she has conceived, and went on to commit suicide. simar says that for a mother, nothing is more important than her child, and that now she should take extra care of herself. Naina is shocked to hear this. when simar tells her that she’s pregnant, she says that it cant be, and that simar’s lying. Simar asks her to relax again, and think about her baby and not herself anymore, and that she would have to live now for the sake of her child. Naina says that why should she live, as the person she loved, left her, then what would be the identity of this child for its father. Simar is shocked to hear this. she asks why should she bring this child in this world, and what is the status of a child, born out of wedlock, as she knows that the person he loved wont marry her, or give his name to his child. simar says that she might not know the reason of their fight, but she is confident that the news of the baby, would solve all their problemns and unite them again. Simar asks about the person she loved, but when naina doesnt, she goes on to ask about her family. Naina tells that she’s an orphan and that for the first time, someone loved her, and now he too has deserted her. simar is surprised to hear all this.

Meanwhile, roli asks naina’s room no from the receptionist and proceeds towards her.

Naina says that now she knows for sure, that noone ever was for her, and noone ever will be, and that she doesnt want her baby to meet the same fate as she did, as the person she loved, doesnt even care about the babay. Naina goes berserk and starts ranting again that she doesnt want to live, as she doesnt have anybody to call her own, but simar calming her down, with the help of a nurse, tells her that now she will be her side always, and that she would see to it, that she gets the love of her life, and holdiong her hand also tells her that her child would get the name of the father, and she promises that she would make that happen. roli, who has just come is surprised to hear simar talk like that. The screen freezes on roli’s face.

Precap: Sid decides to call one last time, before going out searching for her, if she doesnt pick up even now. Roli and simar find sid’s number on naina’s phoenr inging, addressed as her BOSS, and roli decides to talk to her boss, so that they can get anymore info about her, and picks up the phone, and is surprised to hear what she does.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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