Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 5th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 5th June 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 5th June 2013 Written Update

Mohan asks everyone to let Dada breathe as it is very hot out there. Mohan asks Dada what he wants. Dada warns Mohan to stop Project Talash and to stop throwing mud at him. Dada says the court has acquitted me and asks him to forget it. Mohan says he has proof and he very well knows why the proof did not reach the court. Mohan asks Dada to worry as to when he would come with the proof. Dada’s men walk towards Mohan but Dada stops them saying they are here to speak. Dada is about to leave when he spots Beera. Beera says it is sad to see him threatening Mohan who is his idol and taught him what is right and wrong. Dada asks why Beera is supporting people who is spoiling his name. Dada asks him he is roaming around with a liar like Navi. Beera

stops Dada and says she cannot hear a single word against Navi as he is gonna marry her. Dada is shocked and tells Beera that he has finally stabbed him in the heart. Dada leaves.

Tanu instructing people to decorate the house with lights. Megha comes there and says this can be done two days later as well. Tanu says Mohan instructed him to put the lights. Mohan arrives there with cards. Jiji praises the cards and says we have to hand deliver the cards. Jiji asks Beera how many cards does he want. Beera says he wants only one card. Mohan asks if he has no one else to invite. Beera says he has left everyone behind. Megha asks him who the one card is for. Beera says it is to offer to God.

Munna arrives to meet Dada. Dada asks him what he wants. Dada says he has seen his two faced personality on TV with MB. Munna tries to explain to Dada but Dada continues berating him. Munn a says if he had to stand as witness then he would have done it a long time back. Munna says he didn’t take Mohan to Gol Bazaar it was Addu who took Mohan there. Munna tells Dada that he was the one who stopped Addu from standing as witness. Munna says it is Beera who is spoiling his name by marrying MB’s daughter. Dada asks Munna not to take Beera’s name. Munna is pleased.

Ragini in Mohan’s office and Mohan comes to see her.

Beera walking towards someplace and walks by Munna. Munna notices him and follows him.

Beera arrives at Dada’s house and opens the door. Dada is mad looking at him. Munna is watching the entire scene from outside. Dada asks Beera to leave as he is dead for him. Sharma walks up to Beera but Beera raises his hand. Beera walks towards Dada and touches his feet. Dada walks back. Beera hands the wedding card to Dada.

Mohan gives Navi’s wedding card to Ragini. Ragini asks whose wedding card it is and Mohan asks her to read it. Ragini reads and is surprised.

Dada tears the cards and throws it at Beera’s face and says this is his blessings. Dada says the person who cannot to be his own blood cannot be true to anyone else. Beera says he is right and Dada looks surprised. Beera starts laughing and hooting. Everyone is confused seeing him laugh.

Mohan tells Ragini that it would take time for her to accept NB wedding as he loves both Dada and her brother. Mohan asks her support her brother when he needs it.

Beera asks Dada how he could doubt his own blood and that he would betray him.

Mohan tells Ragini that Beera is changed man now and that he has seen honesty in him.

Beera says for him Dada is everything for him. Beera says he is going to take revenge for his insult. Beera says Navi spoilt everything. Beera says I loved her but she took advantage of my love and did sting on you and spoilt our relation.

Mohan continues convincing Ragini.

Beera tells Dada that he had changed to take revenge on his behalf. Everyone is pleased to hear that. Dada hugs Beera. Munna hears this and looks worried.

Mohan tells Ragini that the wedding would be incomplete without her. Ragini says what if I say I don’t like your daughter. Mohan says he is not worried about that as no one can dislike Navi for a long time. Ragini says who are so sure of your daughter. Mohan says he is sure of both of them and that’s why he gave his daughter’s hand in his hand. Ragini says she cannot promise anything.

Beera recounts how he left in a huff, ran into Mohan. First won Mohan’s trust and then Navi’s trust. FB’s shown. Beera says slowly he earned everyone’s trust. More fb’s shown. Beera tells them how slowly after some time Navi fell in love with him. Beera says the father-daughter duo got you arrested in kidnapping case when I knew you were innocent. Dada asks now what would happen. Beera says there would be decorations, music but we will be the ones celebrating. Beera’s says he will take revenge from Navika.

Precap: Guru tells Mohan that reports have come from the lab. Mohan asks the delivery person if his Doctor gave any message. The assistant says both the blood belongs to the same person. Mohan tells Guru that it was Munna who attacked Addu the other night. Guru asks Mohan what the blood group was in the file received from Vyas’ family doctor. Mohan says B- and realizes that the report has the same blood group. Guru says then Munna is their Addu. Mohan is shocked has FB’s of Munna.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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  1. It is so confusing

    1. Have u seen ishqzaade !!
      i knew this Berra and navi story frm the beginning !!
      And about munna!! Who does not know that munna is real addi!!

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