Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 5th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 5th June 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 5th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ansubaa who tells Hasmukh why he didn’t tell her anything about Ramila’s health. She says she is forgiving him because his intentions was not bad. Hasmukh thanks her. Ansubaa tells Ramila that they will get her treatment done. Ramila asks Hasmukh why he didn’t tell her about the hole in her heart. Hasmukh thinks he was also not aware of it 10 mins back. Ramila hugs Hasmukh and cries.

Karsan opens the mill door and asks Ansubaa to enter in the mill first. Ansubaa says I will not enter first today, It is not my right. She tells Kishan that mill is opening because of you and Bhoomi and you two deserves to enter first as the happiness belongs to you. She asks Bahu Rani aka Bhoomi to come forward and asks Parul to give her mangal kalash to Bhoomi. While everyone is happy, Ketki feels upset to see her husband smiling and thinks this right should be her husband Dilip and hers as they are elder to Bhoomi and Kishan.

Ansubaa says today she got her husband in the type of mill. She tells Bhoomi that she is rightfully Kishan’s wife. She says you have saved kishan’s dadaji mill and dream and proved a Kalyani today. She declares her Kalyani as says my Bahu Rani. Bhoomi is very much elated. Ansubaa asks her to keep her foot in the mill with Kishan. They enter the mill with the family and laboures are in tow. Karsan gives him best wishes to the labourers and says your mill is going to open and you have to start the machine. Labourers start the machine. Kishan tells Ansubaa that they will prepare shirts and will import them.

Kishan and family enter Dadaji’s cabin and do pranaam and garland his photo. Ansubaa says he might be feeling proud today. Ansubaa sits on the chair and Panditji asks her to do the chopra pujan in the register. She draws the kalash and place kumkum in the register. Panditji asks all to come and do the pujan. When Hasmukh comes forward to do the Puja is stopped by Ansubaa. She says whether you did the sin in helplessness but it was a sin. she says she is feeling pain after knowing Ramila heart but she cant involve Hasmukh in the matters of mill.

She declares that she has decided that Hasmukh shall not interfere in mill calculation. She says whatever you did as a husband might be right but what you did was wrong. It is a stupidity to give the authority to you therefore Karsan, Kishan and Dilip will handle the mill. She says it is her final decision. Hasmukh gets a shocked while everyone looks on.

Vaishnav family comes back home. Hasmukh is relieved that he is at home now. Ramila comes with Lily fayi and complains about her heart pain. Lily asks her not to worry and no need to do any work. She says she informed her brother and he said he will do the mannat at the mandir. Ramila asks Hasmukh till how long she will be alive. When Hasmukh holds her hands to go inside, Ramila says she cant go fast or else her heart will stop beating. Hasmukh says he will not let her die and will do whatever he can.

Bhoomi remembers the flashback scene when Ansubaa told her that she dont want to make a relation with her and if she wants her Ashirwaad then she have to pass nine test. Flashback ends. Kishan asks her what is she thinking? She tells one month back we were here but our family was very far and now they are near. Kishan says credit goes to you. You have embrace my family. Bhoomi says I did it with your help. Kishan gets romantic, Bhoomi reprimands her that family is around. she gets sad and says mom didn’t accept our relation. Kishan says he will love her a lot and when her mom will know about this, she will accept us. He asks her to smile and bhoomi relents. While they are entering the house is stopped by Ansubaa.

Karsan is shocked and so is Bhoomi and Kishan. Parul asks what happened? Ansubaa says you have fulfilled your duties but not me. I want to do my duty by doing Bhoomi’s grah pravesh. She says she wants to do the penance for her mistakes and accepts her mistakes. Bhoomi says no. Ansubaa says she is giving the love and respect what she deserves well. Ramila asks Lily fayi to help Parul in preparing aarti. Lily goes happily with Avni. Ketki is upset while Hasmukh pretends to be happy. Parul does their tilak and asks them to enter after the grah pravesh while the title song of sanskaar plays. The Episode ends on Bhoomi smile.

Dilip tells Kishan that they got the happiness after so many days and maa got this disease. He says he thinks that maa is getting the punishments for his papa’s sins. Dilip cries. Kishan assures him that they will not let anything happen to Kaki. He says we will fight together and defeat the disease and troubles will not place any bad eye on our family.

Rest coming soon..

Update Credit to: Hasan

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