Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 4th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 4th April 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 4th April 2013 Written Update

Megha cooking in the kitchen when Guru comes in. Guru asks Megha if she wants anything. MEgha asks for a spatula. Guru gives it to her and shows her where all spices are kept. Guru thinks I lied to Megha Didi yet she came here, she thinks RJ is Mohan’s daughter, I forgot that Megha didi is different.

Mohan sneezes and he tells Guru that after many days he sneezed this way.

Mohan goes to the kitchen and keeps looking at Megha. MM FB shown(Megha cooking and Mohan troubling her, Mohan tries to romance a spice box and ends up sneezing.) Megha turns around and finds Mohan at the door. Megha too has FB of their old life. (Madno playing in BG) Megha turns around and cries. Mohan keeps looking at her. Megha tries to leave but Mohan keeps getting in her way. Finally he lets her go.

Beera and everyone messing around in AI. He challenges Navi to volunteer for one of his experiments. Beera says he can touch without touching. Navi says she is not interested in such things. Tommy convinces her to participate as they too would get to learn. Beera asks her close her eyes. Navi closes her eyes and says I know what you are trying to do. Beera says there is so much fun in taking revenge in front of everyone. Navi has FB of Beera accusing her of kissing him. In tension she shouts out asking Beera not to kiss her. Navi realizes she spoke in front of everyone. Navi makes an excuse that she has to call Mohan and leaves. Beera collects money from everyone. Navi looks at him in amusement.

Megha comes into RJ’s room with food and sees RJ& Mohan next to each other. Mohan is rubbing RJ’s cheeks. Megha smiles looking at them. Megha tells Mohan not to worry as his daughter would become better soon. Mohan is taken aback. He gets up and Megha asks him if he has to say anything. Mohan says RJ is my daughter and Megha says Guru told me. Mohan says what did he tell you? Guru listening to this from the door thinks what if my lie brings more problems between them. Megha says he told me everything, that RJ is…RJ calls out for Megha. RJ asks Megha not to leave her as she doesn’t like it when she is not around. Megha asks her to eat. Megha starts feeding her. RJ coughs and Guru gets water. Guru looks at RJ & Megha and feels guilty. He looks at Mohan. Mohan takes Guru out.

Mohan says RJ is correct you are a Dude. Guru says why? Mohan says you have solved all my problems. Mohan says I was wondering how to tell Megha that RJ is my adopted daughter. But you did that for me and look how Megha has taken to RJ. Mohan hugs Guru and leaves. Guru thinks Mohan doesn’t know that Megha Didi doesn’t know everything and what her heart must be going through.

Mohan sitting in the living room and Megha comes with something. Mohan asks for a glass of water and he realizes what he said. He says sorry to Megha and says he thought it was Guru. Megha says it is ok and that she will get the water. Megha gets water and gives it to Mohan(de re na playing in BG).

Megha cutting fruits. Mohan gets a call from Nanhi. Nanhi tells Mohan that she had gone to the PS and there was a man who came to release the man but he left before I could see him. Nanhi tells him that she wants to talk to him about Megha. Nanhi says she she thinks if they both talk to Megha together she would understand them. Mohan has FB of Megha slapping Navi and tells her that there is a right time to do everything. Mohan says right now saying anything would be like hitting your head against the wall. Megha asks him if he was talking to Nanhi. Megha says why did you not tell her that I am here, why were you twisting things. Megha gets a call from Nanhi. Nanhi asks Megha if she is home. Navi says she wanted to apologize for the last day and she wanted to talk about Spiderman. Megha says she doesn’t want to talk about it as she is out of the house. Megha says RJ is unwell and I will be back after she become well. Mohan asks if the onus of speaking the truth is only on me? Megha thinks to herself that what would have I told Nanhi that her Spiderman has another daughter from another wife and that you are no longer the same man.

Precap: Megha tells Jiji that her phone is running out of charge. Mohan tells her to give the landline number. Jiji hears Mohan’s voice and asks Megha if she is with Mohan….

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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