Madhubala 4th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 4th April 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 4th April 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK twirls Madhu around… n she gets dizzy..about to fall when RK lifts her up! Madhu sheds a tear .. BG-Tera ishq

Sultan watches

Radha sulks thinking of what could have been had Madhu been at the mansion with RK She concludes.. ITS DIFFICULT.. to understand RK.. pushing Madhu away or pulling close..!

Bittu says.. Chief ki mohabbat hai.. !! He says…abhi bhi kuch JUDA hua hai..!! Radha says.. Ahankar is his worst enemy.. he is breaking within but refuses to bend!

Radha hopes Madhu will return to RK but rues that Paddo was right ..Madhu has right to move on She expresses her worry ..about what would happen today.. since RK is with Madhu..!

Madhu asks RK to put her down n he does after a smirk.. locks her to the wall with his arm..! RK says… Swagat nahi karogi hamara BIWI .. n Madhu says EX BIWI!

RK says..he came to meet her.. to put color on her.. not color her in his own color..!

Sultan wonders where Madhu is..! Madhu pushes RK n RK grips her arm n pulls closer! RK asks if she is not tired of this anger n she says.. yes.. with him n his antics!

A chawl guy offers Sultan thandai ..he refuses..!

RK closes in on Madhu n says.. he has come to color her its his right Madhu asks why this scene n RK says as he has right to put color on her first ..! RK puts color on Madhus forehead n cheek..arms ..shoulder ..!

Kitni baar hum milke bichde. tu hi jane rabba..
Tu hai sirf meri. .fir bhi na jane..
mujhko ye tu bata..duriya hai kyun darmiya?
hum hai dewane ..tere dewane..!!

Is tara tumhe rang lagane ka haq sirf mera hai. aur is tarah rang lagane ke baad kapne ka haq sirf tumhara hai…Holi mubarak ho Biwi..!!

RK holds Madhus hand.. eyelocks..! Madhu puts her hand on RKs chest… n picks some color to put on RK n right then she notices Bhujangs men n freezes..turns n runs towards Sultan n puts color on him! RK watches shocked!

Part 2

Madhu tells Sultan about hte goons … n asks for Aryan..! He says inside..go n Madhu turns.. remembers RK n turns n sees him leaving!

Madhu looks at her hand ..cries..!

Fir kyun har pal bechaini hai..
kyun nahi chahte ye puri hai..
Hai adhuri khushiyan
Mera rom rom hai jala…
hum the dewane.. tere dewane..!

Sultan handles the goons!

Part 3

Sultan fires gun shot n sends chawl people inside!

He calls Bhujang out n Aryan comes n Sultan sends him inside n Paddo too!
He says Wafadar tu nahi. .isliye kutta nahi.. to kum se kum mard bankar samne aa.. n he comes!

Both pointing guns ..!

Precap — Sultan snatches Bhujangs gun .. n Bhujang throws color on Sultans eyes..! Madhu rushes n picks up Sultans gun n points to Bhujang..!

Update Credit to:Armu4eva

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