Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 30th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 30th August 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 30th August 2013 Written Update

Uncle asks Aai where her Vasu is. Aai says he will come. Uncle asks Aai why she is not tensed when there is so much happening. Uncle asks her to tell him what is going on in her mind. Aai asks Uncle to go involve himself in preparations. Ruku and her mother come. Ruku’s mother tells Aai that Ruku is ready to do whatever she wants. Aai tells Ruku that from this day on she is her daughter. Ruku tells her that she is also her father’s daughter. Ruku tells Aai that her father should do her kanyadaan. Aai tells that Uncle would do her kanyadan. Ruku asks Aai where her father is. Megha and Vasu come there. Vasu says he is fine and at home as Doctor is treating him. Aai asks them what happened to Sridhar. Vasu says he met with an accident and they found him on the road. Vasu tells Ruku to go meet her father. Aai stops Ruku and tells her that Vasu told her father is fine. Aai says today is her first pooja with Ruku. Vasu asks Ruku to go meet her father as things can wait. Aai asks Megha to leave. Vasu says Megha won’t leave as there are some answers they need.

Vasu asks Aai that she got him from Manor after his father died. Vasu says he doesn’t know how to read or write Marathi. Uncle scolds Vasu but Vasu just pushes him away. Vasu asks Aai if he is speaking the truth. Megha gives Naina’s letter and Vasu asks Aai what that is. Vasu asks Aai to speak up.

Ruku and her mother arrive home and are scared to Sridhar’s condition. The Dr. tells them that he fine as he was saved on time. Dr. tells them that he would recover soon and tells them to let Sridhar rest.

Vasu says the letter says that I hate you(Aai) and won’t split my property with you. Vasu says his name is written on the letter and asks Aai what the letter is about. He asks Aai to speak. Aai takes the letter from Vasu and reads it. Aai asks him who told him that he wrote this letter. Vasu says his name is written on it. Aai asks him if it is his writing. Vasu says who is Naina Bhonsle and why he wrote a letter to her. Aai says Naina used to live in Ganesh Chawl and they had no connection with them. Megha has FB of Aai saying that she doesn’t know Naina. Aai says when they living in Mumbai didn’t know Naina then how would he living in Manor would know her. Megha questions Aai about lying to her about not knowing Naina. Aai says she lied as sometimes it is necessary to save a woman’s dignity. Aai recounts how 10 years back Naina was pregnant and how her husband was alcoholic and how she saved her from that man. Aai says how RJ is alive because of her. Aai asks Vasu if she can ever be wrong. Aai says she got Vasu from Manor and not Mohan Bhatnagar. Aai tells Megha that her husband is dead and it does not mean that she can steal a son from her mother. Aai tells Megha not to forget that his mother would stand in front of her and that that any problem would have to pass through her before it touches Vasu. Aai says she chose Ruku as she knows Ruku can even give up her life for him. Aai if something happens to her Ruku would be there to take care of him.

Bala comes there and has FB of being hit. Aai comes there and apologizes to Bala for hitting him. Aai says she hit him because of Megha. Aai asks Megha if she would any evidence in Manor. Aai says the truth is that Vasu is her son. Vasu is stumped and says he got confused because of the letter. Ruku comes there and Vasu asks what the Doctor said. Ruku says that he is still unconscious. Aai pretends to be sad as Sridhar went for her work. Vasu asks Megha if she is done with her questions. Megha says since Aai knows Naina she should call her here. Megha asks Aai where Naina is. Suddenly someone comes there and says she is Naina.

Aai pretends to be relieved and asks Naina to come and meet everyone. Aai says she herself called Naina. Aai asks Megha to ask whatever she wants. Megha has FB of RJ. Megha asks Naina if who wrote the letter which was written to her. Megha apologizes to her for opening the letter. Naina syas this letter was written to her but what is special about the letter. Megha says Vasu doesn’t know how to write Marathi then how did he write the letter to her. Megha points to Vasu. Naina says this letter has been written by Vasu but that Vasu is not this man. Vasu asks her what she means. Naina says this was written to her by her brother. Megha asks can there be two people with the same name living in Manor. Naina shows her brother’s picture to everyone. Aai asks Naina how she is. Aai asks Naina to tell the truth to Megha. Naina tells Megah that if she is alive it is because of Aai else her husband would have killed her. Naina says she had a daughter after some and she got tired of running around with a kid. Naina says she gave the kid away to an orphanage and came to know that the kid has been adopted by a rich man. Megha is confused and is about to question Naina when Vasu asks Megha to get out. Megha silently hands the letter to Naina and walks away.

Precap: Voice over talks about Aai turning Megha’s doubts into nothing. Voice over asks what is the reality behind Vasu. Megha shown walking on the road when Vasu comes and asks her to stop.


Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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