Do Dil Ek Jaan 30th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 30th August 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 30th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Antara coming to know about Ishaan’s tuition. Antara says we had decided that Ishaan won’t go for tuition. Mami says Ishaan needs tuition. Antara says I m teaching Ishaan, he does not need. Noor says Arshad teaches Ishaan well. She says Ishaan has to study with Arshad. Antara says I m trying to give him my time, I have some reason for not sending Ishaan. Mami says don’t worry about money. Antara says I don’t want to burden you with tuition fees. Noor says Arshad is teaching Ishaan for free. Antara says what? Antara says why is he not taking fees. Ishaan says he is not taking fees because of Raghu. Antara says from where did Raghu come in this. Antara asks Mami and Noor about this. Noor tells her everything. Antara comes to Raghu and says I have to talk.

She says you are so much for me, now you are taking my decisions, I m talking about Ishaan’s tuition. She says what do you think, I m not a good sister. Raghu says what did I do. Antara says did I ask your help, why are you doing this. Raghu says leave it. Antara says let me talk. Raghu says you are shouting on me, I know what will you say. Antara says shall I say something. Raghu says you will say I m wrong. Antara says thanks. Raghu says what? Raghu can’t believe his ears. Antara says you did so much for me and Ishaan, thanks. Raghu says tell me the truth, are you fine, are you not angry on me. Antara says no, I m not angry.

She says you did this for me and my family, so I know I should be thankful. Mera Mahi Tu…. plays in the background. Raghu looks on. Antara says I will go now to tie the rakhi to Ishaan. MachMach stops Antara and says its Rakshabandhan today, so….. Antara asks what? MachMach says I don’t have any sister so will you tie it on my hand. Antara says this? its a superman rakhi. Antara ties the rakhi to MachMach. Raghu sees this. MachMach says I will take care of you. MachMach says I have to gift you and gives her something. Antara says I know this is Raghu’s plan. Raghu says go now, Ishaan might be waiting for you. Antara leaves.

Rasika is happy thinking she has won. She thinks Antara and Raghu might be fighting now. Aaji comes there and asks where is Antara. Rasika says she went home to tie the rakhi to Ishaan. Aaji thinks why is Rasika smiling, there is something fishy. Aaji asks her did you do anything. Rasika says no, I m very careful. Aaji says then why are you so happy. Rasika says I m happy because its Rakshabandhan. Aaji says you don’t have a brother. Rasika says so what. Aaji says tie the rakhi to Raghu. Rasika is shocked and leaves. Mami asks Antara did you come fighting with Raghu. Noor says Raghu was helping us. Everyone takes Raghu’s side. Ishaan says Raghu is sweet. Mami says tell sorry to Raghu. Antara looks on. Antara says I won’t tell him sorry because I did not fight with him, I told thanks to him. Everyone smiles. Antara says now I m sure Ishaan will pass the admission test in school. Noor takes Ishaan to make him ready for rakhi.

Antara is worried about the school fees. She thinks of her other expenses. Antara ties the rakhi to Ishaan. Antara asks for a gift. Ishaan gives her money. Everyone are shocked. Antara says how did you get this money. Ishaan says call on that number and find out. Antara calls on that numbers and comes to know its Raghu’s number. She says is this your number. She says whats this, why did you give money. She says you cannot send me money, take this back. He says listen to me. She says I m coming to return your money. He says I won’t take it back because its not my money. Antara asks how? Raghu says this money is for your dance competition, Aaji send this money, not me. Raghu says I know that money is less, you can’t pay the fees. Antara says you are talking to my family more. Raghu tells her about a nearby school. He says lets go together and talk about Ishaan. Antara agrees. Raghu says cut the call now. Raghu smiles seeing her. Antara blushes. Rasika sees this and is worried. She thinks I thought they will fight, but they are even more closer now.

Antara and Raghu bring Ishaan to the school for admission test and they give some tips to Ishaan. Ishaan is getting nervous. Raghu encourages him. Ishaan goes for the test. Raghu looks at Ishaan while he is busy writing the test. Antara says he won’t look at you as he is my brother. Ishaan does his test well. Antara goes in to meet the principal. He says Ishaan has done very well, he is very talented. Ishaan is happy. They give the admission form and says Ishaan can come to school from tomorrow. Raghu says Ishaan will top the school. Raghu asks Antara and Ishaan to go home. Antara smiles and looks at Raghu. She thinks Raghu takes care of her.

Raghu sees Aman. Aman is tensed.


Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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