Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 2nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 2nd April 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 2nd April 2013 Written Update

Mohan driving having FB of Navi telling Megha how nice Spiderman is. Mohan stops the car and says let it be Nanhi.

Megha in front of the mirror apologizing to Nanhi. Megha says why couldn’t she bear knowing Mohan is married. Megha looks at her earring(Darmiyan playing in BG) Mohan finds Megha’s earring on his kurta. Megha has FB of the earring stuck on Mohan’s kurta. Mohan has FB of holding Megha.

Navi decorating TA’s room. Beera comes to help her. Navi unknowingly hurts herself with a thorn. Beera cleans the wound with cotton. Beera asks Navi if it is painful? Beera asks if her wound hurts or her mother’s slap. Navi says the situation her mother is in she feels bad for her.Beera asks her to be patient and that with

time everything will be fine. Navi says what after that. Beera throws some flower petals on Navi and says everything is set call the bride and groom.

Jiji, Nanhi and Beera welcome TA into the house.

TA in the bedroom(Kyun dekhte ho playing in BG). Nanhi comes with milk. Tanu tries to lock the door but realizes there is no bolt. IT is shown that Beera has removed the bolt.

Mohan and Guru knocking on RJ’s room asking her to come. RJ asks them to leave as she is very sad because the dance teacher did not come to play Holi with her. Mohan asks if she called the Dance Teacher? Mohan says he will call the dance teacher. Guru says RJ hasn’t eaten anything since morning and he manages to stop Mohan from calling DT. Mohan asks Guru why he couldn’t feed her. Mohan and Guru manage to get into RJ’s room. They realize Rj has fever.

Munna comes to RRagini and asks her not to sulk. He says he only likes food which she prepares. Munna realizes Ragini has fever and he gives her medicine. Ragini asks Munna whose anger he took out on her. Munna says he saw Addu;s mother who was happily celebrating Holi without her son. Munna says it is amazing how women can be.

Jiji asks Megha why she is so mad. Jiji says Mohan still cares for you. Megha says I know I was wrong in slapping Navi but what you think of Mohan is not right. Jiji says I know you both are incomplete without each other. Megha says I have been incomplete for 12 years but Mohan got married to someone else and has a daughter. Jiji refuses to believe it. Megha says I always thought even with the distance we would always be true to each other. Jiji says I am sure someone lied to you. Megha says if it was someone else I wouldn’t have believed but Guru told me. Megha tells Jiji that it doesn’t make any difference to her. Jiji says it makes hell of a difference and it shows on your face. Jiji says I don’t know if Nanhi sees it but I can. Jiji says I need to talk to Mohan. Megha stops her and says our paths are now different so there is no point in talking.

Mohan tries to feed RJ some noodles but she refuses to eat them and says she will only eat when DT comes. Mohan and Guru lure her into eating by praising the noodles. RJ throws up the noodles and says she will only eat when DT comes. Mohan says what kind of teacher is she who cannot even fulfill a promise given to a child. RJ asks Mohan not to say anything about the DT. Mohan asks her to eat and he will bring the DT the first thing next morning.

Mohan at RJ’s school. Mohan tells the principal that his daughter hasn’t eaten for the past 1 day. Mohan says if it wasn’t for my daughter I wouldn’t have insisted.

Mohan in Megha’s classroom. Mohan in Megha’s classroom. She has her back turned to him. Mohan shouts at her and says my daughter is suffering from fever there and what kind of teacher are you who cannot even fulfill the promise you gave to my daughter. Guru’s words ring in Megha’s ears. Megha turns around and Mohan is shocked to see Megha. Mohan has FB of texting Megha wrt RJ. Mohan says you teach dance here? Megha says she teaches Kathak here. Mohan has FB of RJ crying for Dance Teacher. Megha asks what happened to RJ. Mohan says you are asking what happened to RJ ask how she is? Mohan says she 103 deg fever and is vomiting and not eating food as she is waiting for her Dance Teacher. Mohan turns to leave and comes back and asks why did she not come when she promised to? Megha says I know how to fulfill my promises.

Precap: Renu is sitting in the living room with a cloth tied around her head driniking tea when Aarti comes and says wishes her good morning. Renu is shocked to see Aarti. Guru tells Mohan that RJ’s condition is turning worse. Mohan arrives home and goes into RJ’s room. He finds the Doctor in the room along with Megha nursing RJ.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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