Sasural Simar Ka 2nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2nd April 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 2nd April 2013 Written Update

Khushi outside hospital room smiling at the victory and nurse also smiling at her. khushi comes to the nurse and says very is ur fees. and gives money to khushi. and nurse tells her to go quickly as doc will be here soon so my job will be in trouble. and khushi says if that doc asks anything about naina say excatly what I have told u. get it? and nurse says got it.

Sid and naina walking out of the hospital and doc also walking their way..but nurse calls the doc and says some patient BP is rising and come with me. and doc leaves and sid and naina also leave.

roli thinks my marriage, this dream house i dont understand anything!!! i cant remember anything. but my heart would have some feeling. Marriage certificate. ROli looks and says 15 days to my marriage and looks like vikram is telling the truth but i dont believe it. there must be someone else other then vikram who would know the truth. and roli wakes up her bai and says kamini tell me what u know about me. and kamini says i met u the first time.

khushi is walking out of the hospital and the doc is coming her way. a patient stops dr. saroj and khushi looks at her. remembers the same dr. checked her. and khushi hides. and khushi thinks if the doc would have seen u BW family would have known i was here and my plan would have gone kaput. the doc leaves…and khushi runs out of the hospital.

doc comes to her cabin and asks sister that i had an appt with naina and sister says they were in a hurry so i did their basic check up and they left and dr gets mad at the sister.

family is waiting for naina to come home and they arrive. prem is wanting to know and naina says doc didnt come there. and sid says why didnt u tell me that there…and sid says who did ur check up..and naina says nurse checked me over there. and prem doubts again. masi doubts that. naina syas she is BW family doc and i m not part of the family so she behaved iike that with me and didnt come there on time to check me…so a nurse checked me. prem thinks whether she is telling the truth or doing natak. sid mom’s says sorry to her and naina again does natak.

pari’s husband thinks about him wanting a child and pari saying no. but pari suddenly vomits and boom she is pregnant. a doc comes to check her. all family is happy…but pari is not. pari’s hubby is very happy. sid is standing alone. pari not happy. masi says i will look after pari and her child. Naina and khushi comes there. khushi says this is the chance to strike. so naina comes to pari and says congrats. u will also have a baby. i understand what u r feeling. but the destiny .. the whole family is happy with u and i m all alone. i know i made a mistake…so fall in love … i have no sindoor and no mangalsutra…and cause of this will u ignore my chile? masi looks at her. me and sid are at fault…and the kid is not at famult. this is also BW kaoon. he is sid’s child. today we got a sonography report but no one saw it even once. tell me what fault my child has. and sujata says no fault. sujata says we care for u and ur child. the thing is we need some time in order to accept this truth. and sujata takes the sonography report. mataji says we will not diiferentiate between u and ur child. and khushi smiles.

precap — a little girl is running away and her dad runs behind her calling her ROLI stop.

Update Credit to: kasrana

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