Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 28th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 28th February 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 28th February 2013 Written Update

RJ and Mohan realize the costume was sent by Dance teacher. RJ says kanha was Krishna Bhagwan then who is Yashoda? Mohan says Krishna’s mom. Beera says but did not give birth to Krishna but she was as good as his mother. Guru has FB of Megha taking care of RJ. Guru says can we put stuff in the van. RJ says I want to hear more about Kanha and Yashoda. Mohan and Beera tell her the story. RJ asks what “Mamta”? Beera says exactly what your mother feels for you. RJ leaves and Mohan tells Beera that RJ doesn’t have a mother. Beera says he made a mistake as no one knows the pain of not knowing how it is to be without a mother.

RJ is in her bedroom and asks the maid about mother’s love. RJ asks if she becomes kanha would she

know what mother’s love is? The maids says yes. Mohan is listening to all this. Guru says he has loaded all the stuff in the tempo. RJ says she is not gonna leave now she will leave after the annual function.

Megha and Navi in the courtyard. Megha gets sms from Mohan saying RJ is ready to become Kanha to experience yashoda’s love. Mohan messages this way I will get to meet them. Guru says Mohan shouldn’t come in front of Megha. Megha tells Nanhi that RJ is not leaving.

Beera thanks Mohan for allowing him to stay the night. The door bell rings and a man & his wife ask Mohan if he is Mohan Bhatnagar. They tell Mohan that they lost their son in the railway station.

Jiji asks Megha why she is so happy? Megha says my student is not leaving. Navi gets a call from Mohan and she attends it. Navi tells Megha that it was from office and she needs to get to work.

Mohan briefing his team about 4 kids gone missing from Indore. Beera says maybe for kidnappers Friday is a good day as all the dates are a friday. Mohan praises his observation. Navi is not pleased.

RJ in the dance school. Megha comes there and RJ thanks her for the dress. Megha asks RJ if it is necessary to leave after the function? RJ says yes as she has promised dude. Guru listening to all this.

Mohan lays out the blue print of the station. He says this is operation bill. Mohan says I think this is a kidnapping racket. Navi thinks to herself that you cannot blame kidnapping racket for your carelessness

Megha and RJ dancing. After sometime RJ says the step is very difficult and she wants an easy step. Megha says she has to do this. Megha asks her to observe her hand and then dance.

Mohan tells Tommy that he will be at the ticket counter. Mohan asks Beera if he got a id card for Tommy. Beera hands it over and Mohan praises his work. Mohan briefs the rest of the team about their roles . He tells them that they will all have cameras in their bags. Mohan tells Beera and Navi that they will have to pretend to be husband and wife with a small kid. Mohan says the plan is that they will leave their kid in the waiting room. Mohan says he feels that kidnappers operate from there. Navi disagrees.

RJ looks at Megha hand and dances well. RJ is surprised and asks Megha how it happened. Megha says the moment you take fear out of your heart you will be able to dance without any problems. RJ says when I am dancing on the stage who will show me the hand?

Navi asks Mohan what if all those kids were lost because of their parents irresponsibility. Mohan asks her to read the case history as it is clear. Navi says no. Mohan says 3 kids where lost from the same room. Navi asks for proof. Mohan says that is your job. Navi says ok I will do my job.

RJ asks if she becomes kanha will Yashoda love me the same way she loved kanha. RJ says my mother loves me a lot and I was asking just like that. Megha is touched. RJ prays that nothing goes wrong at the function.

Mohan says they have less than a week to prepare for the mission. Navi thinks she has very little time to prepare for the operation. Navi thinks she will do this mission alone.

Precap: Navi falls from her bike and injures herself. Mohan comes and wraps her hand in a handkerchief. Navi at home Megha doing first aid. Megha notices the hanky and picks it up.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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