Parichay 28th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Parichay 28th February 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 28th February 2013 Written Update

Kunal switches on tv and all r happy to see Kunal on tv! TV reporter asks him abt crime reports!
Everyone in chopra family are happy abt his interview n claps for him after the interview!
Kunal taunts siddhi that all r more happy n proud in his pic!
SiNal in there bedroom, kunal asks Siddhi if she is ok & happy! Siddhi tells him she is very happy for him! Infact all r happy for him!
Siddhi tells him she doesnt wants to lose him & wants to be wid him foreva!
Kunal keeps his hand on Siddhi’s mouth n assures her she will never get away frm him! He will neva do any such work bcoz of which his siddhi will go away frm him!
Kunal abt to kiss siddhi bt his phone rings!
Kunal gets call frm Aman kumar, (famous actor) Managers phone!
Ishaani & Anokhi discuss abt Kunal’s interview wid raj, veena, gaurav n seema!
Veena asks raj to come wid her for buying vegetables! Raj tells her he got bitter gourd(Karela) in the morning! Veena replies shall she make bitter gourd’s halwa for Kunal!
Vikram calls n talk abt Kunal’s interview wid Seema, anokhi n ishaani! Siddhi sees them!
Aman kumar’s manager tells Kunal that Aman did an accident n in that accident a guy was injured n a girl died bt no one knows that girl died bcoz of that accident or something else!
Aman’s manager tells him he is ready to pay any amount for this case! PR lady tells him to fight this case n she will get him immense popularity!
Kunal is totally confused! He gets a call frm Siddhi bt cuts it off!
PR lady tells kunal that they r ready to pay Rs.1 crore for this case! If he wants more they can give increase it too!
Siddhi is tensed! Why Kunal didnt picked up her call ??
Kunal wants to go home bt PR lady takes him to Aman’s Party as Aman wants to meet him!
At chopra house, all r eagerly waiting for Kunal so that they can have gajar ka halwa!
Siddhi again calls Kunal tells her he is in a meeting and he will be late!

Siddhi asks Kunal abt the case bt he remains mute! Siddhi takes the envelope of cheque n taunts “he will go to bank now or later”

Update Credit to: Nidz

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