Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 23rd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 23rd August 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 23rd August 2013 Written Update

Bala asks Vasu that it is his engagement with Ruku today and the next day he is marrying her. Bala tells Vasu that he doesn’t love Ruku. Bala says he is not bothered about himself as he (Vasu) loves Megha. Bala tells Megha that he is not here to play with her feelings. Bala tells her that Vasu’s face might resemble Mohan’s but he loves her just as much. Bala tells Megha that Vasu loves her a lot. Bala tells Vasu that his decision would spoil 4 lives. Bala tells Vasu that he may not be as old as him and Megha but he doesn’t cover up reality. Vasu asks Megha to think why life got her here, why Vasu’s face resembles Mohan’s and why RJ calls Vasu Papu. Megha covers her ears. Vasu drags Bala out. Megha imagines Mohan standing

in front of her (Alvida playing in BG) Megha imagines Mohan saying in Vasu’s accent “to think”!

Megha thinks that no matter what happens she won’t stay here anymore. MEgah decides to finish her work and leave. Megha wonders where to search for Naina and wonders who would help her. Megha thinks of seeking help from Aai.

Bala keeps chasing Vasu and telling him that he wants to talk to him. Vasu refuses to listen. Bala tells Vasu that he is making a mistake by marrying anyone but that madam(Megha) Vasu says there is no point. Vasu has FB of Megha fainting in his arms and asking him not to leave her. Vasu says he doesn’t know what to do as Megha gets disturbed when she sees him and seeing her disturbed makes him crazy. Vasu says Megha should go and that would make things go back to normal. Bala says nothing can ever be normal again. Vasu spots RJ and RJ is happy to see him but them remembers Megha’s warning to stay away from him. Vasu asks Bala if he should go meet RJ. Bala says they should go eat. Vasu goes to meet RJ.

RJ and Vasu sit down. RJ complains that he didn’t come to meet her. Vasu tells RJ that he stayed away as Megaha was always near her. RJ says once Megha realizes that he is her father she would accept him. Vasu asks RJ why she thinks he is her father. RJ says because he looks just like her father. Vasu says but that doesn’t make any difference. RJ says he loves her just like a father. Vasu wonders why there is no one around. RJ tells him that everyone is preparing for his engagement. Vasu remembers that it is his engagement. rJ asks him why he is getting engaged to Ruku. RJ asks Vasu what would she do when she thinks of him and wants him.. Vasu stumped.

Vasu tells RJ that she would get him killed by his mother and her mother. Vasu jumps down and goes to the temple and gets a bell. He takes wire from a line man and asks him to follow. Vasu goes up to RJ and ties the wire on a pillar. HE takes the other end of the wire and ties it to his window. He fixes the bell to his window. He tells RJ that she can ring the bell whenever she wants anything. THe line man tells Vasu to get a phone so that he can talk to RJ everyday. Vasu tells the man that there is something in ringing a bell.

Megha walks back lost in FB of Vasu. She reaches home and looks at RJ playign with the wire and asks her what it is. RJ tells her that Vasu fixed the wire so that they can out to him whenever they want anything. Megha is shocked and as FB of Mohan fixing up a bell for Chavvanni & Megha ringing out the bell on their wedding bell. Megha wonders how Vasu came to know that Mohan did the same for Nanhi. Megah has FB of Vasu saying that he doesn’t know Naina Bhonsle as he came to the chawl two years back and RJ’s words how she is not able to recognize Mohan.

Precap: Voiceover talks about dust slowly falling away from the truth. It talks about Megha finding Mohan in Vasu.
Megha looking at a letter in shock which has something about Vasu. Aai shown burning up every single evidence of Mohan’s Bhatnagar’s existence.


Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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