Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd August 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd August 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Babo shivering in the temple saying that Suraj came back in order to provoke her to get them back within 15 days. She adds that she will not get them back even after 15 years… Meena comes in helps Bhabo in doing pooja as bhabo sits down repeating hey maara Raamji. Meena gives her agarbathis.Tells bhabo that she wonders what is going on in the mind of Suraj & adds that Dhaisa & gang might create a drama out of this. This will be a black mark on Suraj-Bhabo relationship. Adds that SurYa might have wanted this.. Bhabo asks her to shut these baseless gossips & concentrate on her work. Bhabo is worried as meena leaves…She lights up the diya with so much confusion as why Suraj came here & burns her hands… She apologises to God saying

that she can’t even concentrate on pooja…

SurYa enter the new House (SSM). He straight away goes to one room & opens the window to get a glance of the temple of RM where Bhabo is doing pooja. He calls Sandy & shows her Bhabo. Sandy quickly adjusts her pallo covering her head. Sandy gets elighted & Suraj tells that they can have a look at their family & bhabo at the minimum when they are away. He adds that he is used to look at bhaboo every morning. SurYa have a look at bhabo. Suraj wonders that bhabo finished the pooja so early. Sandy tells that it is for the first time they are separated… Both feel sad. Suraj reminds her to fetch water to clean the house. Sandy starts cleaning the house & finds one lizard & tries to flee away… Suraj asks her what is she doing. Suraj tells that if it was chavi or meena they would have created a huge mess. Sandy thinks that Suraj gets happy whenever he takes the name of family members. Sandy then says that it is just a small creature & when it targets her , she hugs suraj shouting & one lady ocmes in out of fear. She leaves when suraj assures her. Suraj mocks sandy & tells that it might be under her feet. Sandy gets frightened again.., Suraj laughs…

Bhabo is preparing Samosa & meena is so happy that there is grief celebrated instead they are feeling good. Chavi comes in & tells bhabo that Suraj likes samosas very much. Meena thinks that chavi spoiled all the fun… Bhabo is worried.. Chavi leaves looking at her face…

Bhabo asks Emily to serve food to everyone. Emily nods & serves. But no one looks happy except meena… Babasa denies having samosa saying that h ecan’t take it & wonders whether SurYa would have eaten or not. Saying thus he leaves. Bhabo is worried too but shouts at eveyrone saying whether they want to eat or have fasting. Meena tells in a low voice that she wants to eat. Bhabo asks everyone to eat silently. Vikram asks emily to serve him separately in the angan itself & not in the dining place. Emily gives Mohit too
Chaturi by mistake hits something & meena taunts her for talking so much.
Meena tells chaturi that she is the big DIL of this house. Everyone gets shocked with meena’s attitude. Chaturi replies that Sandy is the Big DIl & will remain always. Chavi leaves the place. Meena tells that when sandy is not there in the house she can call herself right. Asks bhabo for approval. Bhabo nods saying that she is the big DIL from now on. (but bhabo is not happy either.)… Meena asks chaturi to listen to bhabo. Meena is happy but mohit emily chaturi everyone leave the place… Chotu silently takes some samosas in tiffin box & leaves…

Suraj come sout after having bath telling that he is feeling hungry & wishes to do something. Sandy tells that she is also feleing the same but they doesn’t have any items to make it.
Chotu comes in saying that he brought samosas for them Suraj looks at the samosas & asks who made it. Chotu asks him what is the big deal. Suraj tells that it is from bhabo as it is looks so. Sandy tells that she is feeling very hungry & asks him to eat as it is from bhabo which will be very good.
Suraj asks chotu to tell the truth whether he brought the samosas with the approval of Bhabo… Chotu thinks… Suraj tells him that he hates lies. Chotu tells that he brought it without her knowledge. Suraj gives it back to chotu & wtns him not to bring anything w/o the knowledge of bhabo. Sandy is worried. Chotu assures him that he won;t repeat but suraj asks him to leave. Chotu leaves with heavy heart. Sandy tells Suraj that he could have done this with love. Suraj tells that it is important to teach him lesson. Sandy nods too… Suraj leaves.. Sandy is worried.

Precap: Chotu enters RM & meena notices chotu hiding something & chotu drops the box & samosas spill the bens. Bhabo asks him to tell the truth about where he took this. Chotu with hesitation starts telling…


Update Credit to: Shobhana_dabh

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