Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 11th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 11th September 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 11th September 2013 Written Update

RJ asks Megha why they are leaving Mohan behind. Megha says he will realize it himself and it was important for them to leave. Megha syas they can get Mohan next time. RJ says Mohan will come. Mohan running behind bus. RJ asks Megha if she doesn’t Mohan to live with them. RJ asks Megha if she loves Mohan a lot. Megha nods. Mohan still running(Tere iss ishq mein playing in BG) FB’s of MM shown.

RJ sitting in the bus when she hears “aye aedi”. RJ tells Megha that she feels someone called her aedi. Megha hears “aye Mother India”. Megha says she heard something as well. Mohan is riding a cycle next to the bus. Mohan asks the driver to stop the bus. Mohan gets on the bus and tells everyone to leave as he wants to talk

to Megha. Mohan walks to Megha and tells her that he doesn’t know if he will remember his past but his past & present is now his responsibility. Mohan says he will do anything for her and RJ. Mohan asks Megha if she would support him as without her…Mohan is unable to say. Mohan asks Megha if she would give him the same love and…Mohan says I Love You to Megha. MM hug (Tere Iss Ishq mein playing in BG) Megha tells Mohan that she loves him and cannot live without him. Mohan calls her a liar and says she lived easily without him for the past 2 years. Megha says thats because she had to meet him. Mohan says and she was leaving and going. RJ says they were going to a temple to pray for him. Mohan says he ran around entire Mumbai in search of them. MM and RJ hug.

MM & RJ ride someplace on the cycle.

Ruku feeding birds when a lady comes and tells her that from one on there would be water in everyone’s house.

MM bring RJ to Naina’s house. Megha tells RJ and it is her real mother’s house. Megha tells RJ that her parents are no more. RJ is sad and looks through some stuff in the house. RJ finds a picture and Mohan tells her that they are her parents. RJ cries. MM decide to let RJ be. RJ calls out to them and holds her hands put. MM come and hug. RJ says she is not small anymore. Mohan tells RJ that for him she will always be small.

MM & RJ walking in GC when Mohan asks RJ not to be sad. Mohan tells RJ that they would drink a cold drink. Mohan gets a drink for RJ and clean the bottle. Mohan asks for a straw. Bala is passing by when he notices MM & RJ. Bala gives a ticket to Mohan and tells him that it is their ticket. Bala says he is leaving. Mohan asks Bala to speak whatever he has to. Bala syas he kept a pocket thief like him close and made him feel special. Bala tells Mohan that if he has to go then he should but he would always think of him. Bala is emotional and says it is very hot. Bala grabs a bottle of drink and walks away. Megha tells Mohan that Bala is upset. Megha says there is someone who can love him just like he(Mohan) does. Mohan says there is someone but she is going to do a lot of drama. Mohan walks towards Bala and tells someone on the way to call Ruku.

Mohan goes to Bala and asks if she shouldn’t go. Bala says he should go as Megha and RJ are waiting for him. Mohan gives the same suggestion to Bala. Bala says how can he live without him. Bala starts crying and Mohan scolds him for being a girl. Mohan asks Bala to call him when he is done crying. Mohan starts to walk away when Megha makes an angry face and threatens to punch him. RJ imitates whatever Megha does. Mohan is amused.

Ruku comes there and asks Megha if she called him. Megha points towards Mohan and Bala. Mohan asks Bala to kiss. Ruku tells Mohan that Megha is his wife and not her. Mohan says not to him but to Bala. Mohan takes Ruku to Bala. Bala asks Ruku not to trouble him. Bala says anyway whoever he loves leaves him. Ruku says when did I leave you. Mohan pushes Ruku and tells her to grab Bala now. Bala is super happy and Mohan teases him. Bala and Ruku go.

Mohan whistles to Megha and calls her “item”. Mohan asks Megha if she would kiss him now.

Precap: Megha standing when Mohan comes and hugs her. Megha asks him who he is . Mohan says he is someone who loves her a lot. Megha asks Mohan to let her go else her husband would fall in love with someone else. Mohan says thats good as he would then get her. MM dance (Looks like Vyas House balcony)

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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