Do Dil Ek Jaan 11th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 11th September 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 11th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raghu saying Ruksana that Antara is mad. Ruksana says I m jealous of her. Raghu asks MachMach where is my phone. MachMach says I don’t have, maybe you forgot at home. Rasika comes to Aaji’s room and sees her jewellery. She says why did she left it open, maybe she was in hurry for goin in the nikaah. Rasika sees Raghu’s phone. Antara goes to talk to Nargis, but can’t. The nikaah starts. Nargis does not say Qubool hai. Antara looks at Raghu. Nargis says Qubool Nahi hai. Everyone are shocked. Daya Maai is in jail. Someone gives her phone and asks her tor return later. Rasika checks Raghu’s phone. Daya Maai calls him. Rasika gets the call and says I can’t take up this call and gets worried. She brings the phone to Manohar. He talks to her and says Raghu forgot his phone at home, tell me if there is any work. He says Raghu went with Antara.

Manohar says she was very angry and has cut the call. He says we can’t know whats she thinking. Everyone think why Nargis said no for marriage. Antara smiles as Nargis spoke up and stood for her sister. Syed says I love Sana, not Nargis. MachMach and Aaji are shocked. Sana is ready to marry Syed. MachMach says lets leave. Raghu tries to talk to Antara and asks her to smile. She says why, did you do anything, learn from them. She taunts him. Antara comes to know that Raghu helped them and they took this decision. Nargis thanks Raghu and calls him an angel.

Ruksana says lets go and take photos. Antara looks at Raghu and the song Mera Mahi Tu…. plays… Antara says sorry for scolding him. Raghu says I m not that bad. She says I know, so I said sorry. He asks her to sing and dance and apologize. Raghu sings and dances on Banno ki saheli song…. Ruksana dances with him. Antara dances with Raghu. Aaji enjoys their dance. Antara says sorry and Raghu says Qubool hai. Nargis asks Raghu whats his name. Antara is shocked. They ask Raghu from whose side he is. Syed says he is not from my side, I don’t know him. Ragahu gets tensed. They come back home and see the decorations in their area. Antara is angry. Raghu stops her and says its neutral, both of us did mistakes. She says you say sorry now holding your ears.

Raghu laughs and says you should be thankful to me for taking you in marriage. She says I don’t want your help, I don’t want to talk to you, you don’t try to talk to me. Raghu saus don’t misunderstand me, I will always help you even if you don’t want. Antara smiles and leaves. Raghu laughs. Manohar is decorating the house as Daya Maai is about to come. Raghu comes and asks whats going on. Rasika says Daya Maai called, she asked you. She says she is coming now, Manohar is going to take her. Raghu says I will go to take her. Manohar calls him careless. Raghu says I have thought to bring her from jail as she is my Lord.

Noor says Antara that the medicines are working on your mum. Noor says she is remembering about Kashmir. Antara says if she knows the bad incident, her health may become bad. Daya Maai enters the area. Everyone sings and dances. Antara’s mum feels bad. Noor tells Antara that Daya Maai is coming. Antara says she is creating an nuisance. She says its much noise, lets close the windows. Everyone welcome Daya Maai. Manohar welcomes her with garlands. Everyone chant her name. They lit the crackles too. Antara’s mum’s condition gets worse. She starts shouting. Antara goes to stop them. Antara calls Raghu and asks him to stop it.

Antara throws water on the crackles. The water falls on Daya Maai’s face. Everyone are shocked to see that. Antara looks at her. Daya Maai and Raghu among others look at antara angrily.

Antara says its not right to make noise like this. Daya Maai says she is the whole and sole of the area. Raghu looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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