Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 10th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 10th April 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 10th April 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Megha and Rimjhim sleeping. Megha gets up and sees Rimjhim’s fever. It is less. She smiles.She gets up and comes down in the drawing room. She sees addu’s photo is pasted and joint using cellotape.She sees Mohan sleeping on the couch. His hand is on the floor. She goes ahead with tears in her eyes and keeps his hand properly. Mohan pretends to be asleepand he gets up when Megha leaves. He too has tears . Navika calls Megha. Asks when she is coming. She says Rimjhim is now ok so I am coming, Mohan calls Nanhi. Navika excuses herself saying she will talk later it is here boss who is calling. Mohan tells her that she need to go the police station to identify Vithal. He says their can be no mistake dis time and it is our last chance. He says take care and go. He asks her to carry Beera along. She says I am not a kid and i can take care of myself .Mohan says suunnaa!!!You will be the same chawaani for me!! so take him along. Navika says ok I will take him along. She goes to his room. He is not there.Munna goes to daddaji. He asks showing Naviks’s photo to daddaji. He recollects everything making of that documentary. He says just take care of this girl . She should not be an obstruction anymore.
At vyas niwas Aarti is showing Renu sarees. She says are they for me? Aarti shows no it is not. She says cant you do this for me? Aarti says you only wanted sarees in dowry .. I was thinking of getting … Renu says what ..what have you got for me? She gives her a box. Renu excitedlyopens
the box. It is a wind chime. She shouts what is this. aarti says listen to me mummyji. Remove that Beera from home. She says are you mad? He gives me money. 8000rs he gives me every month.If someone has to go out of this home it will be you. nanhi comes there. She overhears Renu and Aarti’s conversation. Aarti says last night I saw Beera jumping out of the windowand going out. nanhi hears it and is in thinking mode.
Meanwhile Megha, Mohan and rimjhim are at the breakfast table. Mohan is reading newsapaper. Rimjhim says megha about a love story of parrot and mynah. Megha says that
even I know a story. U want to hear? Rimjhim says yes. Mohan smiles. Megha starts with it saying there was a tota bird. Rimjhim says how she was.Megha says the bird was very nice. She was very happy and was enjoying her life. their nest was vulnerable to miseries but they sailed. Rimjhim says then came the other papa bird? Megha says yes. And they both loved each other.. Megha says yes but one day the baby mynah fell down and the father bird did not even acknowledge the loss.He went ahead with his life.. He never wanted the baby mynajh in his life. Mohan stops reading the newspaper and stares at Megha. He says maybe the mother bird was so
hurt that she could never see that papu bird was also shattered. Megha says no Coz papu bird went ahead and enjoyed his life ahead.. Mohan is like taken aback.Rimjhim says I
dont want to hear dis story. It is a sad one. Megha says yeah it is sad.. U should not hear it. It is not ur story.Mohan yells guru!!calls him and asks him to take rimjhim and go and to get her ready.
He asks megha what are you speaking? Megha says yes .. we moved away but I hoped for you. Iwanted you to return. Mohan shouts you remember what you said … you said when you see my face you remember that i am the reason you lost him. I remind you of it. How could I return.Megha says dont bring addu between us. Mohan says why not? It is only addu between us. He has been always there and will always be! He is always been a part of my life and will always be.. Megha gets angry. She says you never intended to return. U went ahead in your life. Got married within one year. What is rimjhim;s age? 8…9…10 .. what? Mohan screams what??? how did you even think like dat … How could I marry some one else?? megha says then say this is all lies! Say that the mother that Rimjihm talks about so fondly is no one … thre is no Meera!Mohan drags her to the mirror!! He says this is Rimjhim’s mother. Opens her hair and says … this is her mother..Who has deer like eyes .. who has such long hair … megha
and Mohan both crying … Mohan says but who told you this?
Guru comes in and says it is my fault.. not megha’s .. I told her that you married again. Episode ends.

PRECAP:Nanhi is walking . Munna walking towards nanhi. He has knife in his hand. Mohan rushes there. Munna stabs Nanhi. that is they have shown nanhi screaming.

Update Credit to: susheta

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