Pavitra Rishta 10th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 10th April 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 10th April 2013 Written Update

Ovi is a state of total shock and is walking through an empty street.. she recalls the past, how she broke d news of her preg to arjun, how archana had convinced her to continue her preg, how gradually she n arjun became closer.. she sits down and thinks of the accident.. cries loudly n questions bappa, why this happened to her, she tells bappa she wants her baby back.. two ladies see her n ask her what is wrong, she says she lost her child, they assume her child went missing now, and ask her abt her child n offer to search..they ask her abt gender, photo, appearance, but she has no clue.. the ladies are confused, hope that she finds her child and leave.. but ovi tries to stop them and keeps saying that they need to search her child, and that she wants to hug her baby..she sits on the road crying..
Arjun calls her, she answers the phone n says she is at home n not feeling well.. Arjun is concerned n tells her to rest.. Ovi asks him if she kept him waiting, and says that she is sorry.(expecting him to tell her abt Purvi) but he doesn’t, ovi then leans on a tree n continues to cry, she says that she had given him a chance to tell her the truth but he didn’t.

Purvi asks arjun if she told her abt them meeting, he says he didnt tell her, purvi tells Arjun that he should have told her.. hiding the truth is also lying..arjun says he will handle ovi, only prob is abt purvi telling the truth.. but purvi says she wont back out now and that she has decided to tell the truth abt the child to all.. ovi will be hurt but, eventually forgive them, coz she is very close to pari.. and thro pari she can forget n forgive them..

there is a lot of commotion at the D house, savita ajee is howling at some one as usual.. manav comes there.. she calms down.. then teju comes home, says she got permission from the gujju ladies.. she reminds them that tmrw is ovi-arjun’s wedding anniversary.. they decide that they need to have a celebration.. teju says she needs all of arjun n ovi’s childhood pics to make a gift.. savita ajee says they can take sunny’s help… teju is excited.

punni at the hotel tries calling ovi, but she doesn’t answer.. punni assumes, that her plan has gone kaput.. she had wanted ovi to knw the truth n also keep the cd to herself..

varsha n soham are sharing some past memories.. varsha shows her report cards to soham n tells him how she would get archu’s sign on her reports when she scored less.. soham suddenly feels he has seen that sign before.. he tries recalling and then it comes to him that he has seen those signataures on the bail papers.. both varsha n soham get excited that archu is out of coma n decide to meet her…

ovi is at the hospital she goes to meet archu, but the doc stops her, but ovi begs the doc to let her meet archu.. she then goes in and asks archu why, she is not with her.. she recalls how back in school she would want her mother to come but it always was baba.. she then goes on to say.. today she needs her more than ever, she has lost her baby, the child who she is looking after is not hers and is purvi’s and that her child had died.. she tells her abt arjun n purvi meeting.. she cries bitterly n tells her, that arjun is not what she thought he was.. and that arjun has cheated her n still is meeting purvi secretly… soham hears all this.. and is shocked.

PRECAP: soham is hugging ovi n consoling her, he says that she just had a baby n a beautiful change in her life, why is she throwing it all away.. ovi suddenly reacts, yells at him n tells him, that he is also one of them n needn’t get close to her.

Update Credit to: ArVi-licious

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