My World Is In Your Love – Chapter 36

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In the VR mansion, everyone was tensed, because of the sudden disappearance of Vansh and Riddhima in holi party. Sunil started to create a problem.

Dadi: Rohan, did you see Riddhima and Vansh in the mansion?

Rohan: No, Dadi. I have searched them.

Karthik: Dadi, When I was dancing, I saw Vansh clenching Riddhima’s wrist with anger and took her away from the dance floor.

Sunil: Finally, my thoughts are right. Riddhima is not happy with Vansh. Look at Ahana and Kabir, they look like a perfect happy couple. But Riddhima is just getting hatred from Vansh.

Rajeev: Sunil, just relax. Riddhima is not a small kid. Riddhima had just gone with her husband. Why are you creating so much problem? This is Riddhima’s in-laws’ house, please behave properly.

Sunil: Now, my main concern is Riddhima. Karthik, I am filing a complaint against Vansh.

Sia: Sunil Uncle, just wait for a minute. Ishani is also missing.

Dadi: Sia, did you make a phone call?

Sia: Dadi, no one is picking up the phone call.

Riddhima and Vansh were returning in the car from Kamshet to Mumbai. Riddhima’s mind was filled with lots of questions.

Ridhima(mind): Who tried to save me and Uma aunty from the accident? Really, that same person is my sponsor in education. I can’t believe it. But I should find Uma aunty soon.

Vansh was noticing Riddhima’s face. Riddhima’s face was looking confused.

Vansh: Riddhima, What happened? Why are you looking sad now?

Riddhima: Nothing, Vansh. Thinking about the VR mansion. Wait a minute, did you inform dadi that we are going to Kamshet?

Vansh: No, Sweetheart. Just 15 minutes more, we will reach the mansion soon. Don’t need to get tensed.

Riddhima: Vansh, why am I going to get tensed when you are with me?

Riddhima slowly leaned on Vansh’s shoulder. Vansh bent his head and placed a kiss on her forehead while driving. Both reached the mansion. At the same time, a car was entering the mansion. It was Ishani and Angre inside the car.

Riddhima: Ishani, I think this is your best longest drive, isn’t it?

Ishani: Yes, Bhabhi. Really, understanding angre is the most difficult thing for me in this world. I should really thank Vansh bhai for it.

Vansh: Are you both coming inside or are you going to stand outside the mansion?

Riansh and Ishangre entered the VR mansion. They were stunned to see everyone present in the living area. Dadi was a little upset. Vansh went near Dadi. Karthik started to play the video in the projector. The video shows Vansh clencing Riddhima’s wrist with anger and taking her away from the dance floor. Riddhima was confused to see the video. Vansh looked at Rohan. Rohan expressed everything in the eye expression. From his expression, Vansh understood that it was a drama created by Rohan’s uncle and karthik.

Sunil: Riddhima, you don’t need to live with Vansh. He is torturing you. I have asked Karthik to file a case against him. Let’s see him in the court. Just come with me.

Riddhima: Sunil uncle, I am happy with Vansh.

Sunil: How much time will you sacrifice your life? Just come with me.

Sunil held Riddhima’s hand and was going to move, but Vansh held Riddhima’s other hand.

Vansh(growling): Mr. Old Man, how much time do I tell you? You are not Riddhima’s guardian. Rohan is Riddhima’s guardian. Why are you always trying to manipulate Riddhima?

Vansh gave a glare at Sunil and Karthik. They were scared by seeing Vansh’s anger. Sunil released the hands of Riddhima.

Sunil: Vansh’s Dadi, see how Vansh is giving respect to the elders. Do you still want Riddhima to stay with a person like Vansh?

Dadi: Sunil, enough. Vansh is my grandson. He won’t make any mistakes. If he shouts at others, then the mistake is on others. Vansh, tell me where you take Riddhima from the VR mansion.

Vansh: I and Riddhima went to Kamshet. Today was our first Holi. So I had an idea of surprising Riddhima.

Sia: Oh! You went for a romantic date. But, Ishani, where were you?

Ishani: I was with Angre.

Angre started to cough, indicating her not to tell the truth, but ishani didn’t care about it. Vansh started to speak.

Vansh: My dear little sister, sia. Ishani went for a long drive with Angre. I went to Kamshet with your Bhabhi. Do any other have any doubts?

Sunil: Vansh, what is the reason for taking Riddhima to Kamshet?

Vansh quickly showed the photos which were taken in Kamshet. Everyone was shocked in astonishment.

Ahana: Riddhima, did you guys go paragliding? That is really awesome. It is my dream too.

Karthik: Ahana, don’t worry. We will go to Kamshet and do paragliding together.

Kabir: Karthik, no need. You are an ACP officer, and you will be busy with your work. I will take my Ahana to Kamshet.

Kabir’s jealousy was visible to other’s in the voice tone. Sunil was about to speak, but Rajeev interrupted it.

Rajeev: Sunil, will you please close your mouth. Our kids are grown up; we should not pamper them. Riddhima’s in-law family members will take care of her.

Sunil: Rajeev, I can’t believe this, Vansh. This man already took Riddhima and Rohan’s property with him. What if he takes my Riddhima’s life?

Riddhima: Uncle, I am believing Vansh.

Sunil: But he married you forcefully by extorting and took your entire property. Why don’t you understand he is using you for benefits?

Riddhima: Vansh is not using me for benefits. Infact he is help…

Riddhima’s statement got stopped when Vansh kissed her right cheek in front of everyone. Riddhima started to blush while Vansh looked at Sunil and Karthik and made a smirk towards them. That smirk was enough to tell them that Riddhima belongs to him.

Vansh: Riddhima, you are my wife. You don’t need to explain anything to anyone. You believe me and I believe you. That’s it. Now, everyone can go to your room.

Vansh went towards his room. Sunil and Karthik left the place with anger. Everyone left the place with shy. Riddhima was stunned for a minute, she quickly rushed to her room. Vansh was sitting on the sofa and scrolling his phone. Riddhima entered the room.

Riddhima: Vansh, why did you kiss my cheeks in front of everyone?

Vansh: Riddhima, you were trying to tell about my motivation for marring you. I don’t want any outsiders to know about my plan until we find the truth.

Riddhima became silent, suddenly her phone started to ring. It was from Anu. Anu said that they would meet in the orphanage the next day.

Vansh: Look at these photos we have taken at Kamshet. It is really nice. Next time, we will go for a sky drive.

Riddhima(chuckling): Definitely…Vansh, shall we sleep?

Vansh: Riddhima, I have some work. I am going to my study room. You are looking tired, so take rest. Don’t forget to have your medicine. Good night.

Riddhima nodded her head. Riddhima started to sleep with lots of thoughts to face the day tomorrow.

Next morning, when she woke up, she noticed Vansh sleeping peacefully. His dark circle around his eyes was telling her that he was working till morning 5 A.M. Riddhima quickly went to the bathroom, took a bath and came to the kitchen to make breakfast. Riddhima, Ahana and Kabir were sitting in the dining hall and having their breakfast.

Dadi: Why are you guys eating breakfast in a hurry?

Kabir: Ahana is going to the bakery. I am going to the office.

Riddhima: Dadi, I am going to the orphanage today. I am going with Anu. So don’t worry. Please inform Vansh about it.

Dadi: Okay, I will inform him.

Anu was waiting for Riddhima in the orphanage. Riddhima came to the orphanage. Both went to meet the orphanage administrator.

Orphange administrator: you are Riddhima, aren’t you?

Riddhima: Yes, I am Riddhima. I want to know who was a sponsor of my education.

Orphange administrator: Sorry, we shouldn’t inform others. You can leave now.

When Anu and Riddhima came out of the room, Anu’s phone started to ring. Anu was busy chatting on the phone. Suddenly, Riddhima heard a husky voice calling her from the pillar. It was an old lady who worked as a servant in the orphanage.

Old lady: Riddhima, how are you?

Riddhima: Meena aunty, I am fine. Will you help me in finding some information?

Meena: Riddhima, I know everything. Anu told me everything yesterday.

Riddhima: So, you know my sponsor. Then tell me the sponsor.

Meena: Riddhima, I have not seen his face. He used to hide his face whenever he came to the orphanage.

Riddhima: Do you know any other information?

Meena: The person who saved you from the accident at the age of four and your sponsor for the education is the same person.

Riddhima: Yes, I know it. Anu told me yesterday. Please think again, we can get any clue.

Meena: Riddhima, I remember when he was talking with the orphanage administrator. He asked the orphanage administrator to make you a physiotheraphist. He donated money to make you a physiotheraphist. This much I know about Riddhima.

Riddhima: Meena aunty, Thank you so much.

Riddhima was sitting on a stone bench and thinking deeply. Anu came near the riddhima after completing her speech by phone.

Anu: Riddhima, where should we go now?

Riddhima: Anu, we should go to my college.

Anu: But why?

Riddhima: Anu, my sponsor had donated money to make me a physiotheraphist. So he must have given some cheque to the orphanage administrator. From the fees payment slip and receipt we can find his name but it depends only on my luck.

Riddhima and Anu went to college. Riddhima went to the college office. The college office worker was sitting and working in front of the computer.

Riddhima: Excuse me, sir. I need to ask you a favour. Before two years, I completed my studies here. Will you be able to give my college fees payment slip and receipt?

College office worker: But you need to write a letter and submit it to the college management.

Riddhima nodded her head and wrote the letter to the college management. The College office worker asked them to wait for ten minutes. He came with the fees payment slip and receipt.

Reading the slip, Riddhima’s hand got to tremble. Anu shooked her shoulders to bring her in reality.

Anu: Riddhima di, who’s name is in the fees payment slip and receipt?

Riddhima: It is written as ARR groups.

Anu: How will you find who is the person in ARR groups?

Riddhima: Anu, I have founded the person who was my sponsor and who saved me and uma aunty from the accident.

Riddhima’s phone started to ring. Vansh’s name splashed in the screen of the phone. She made herself calm to interact with him. She accepted the call.

Vansh: Riddhima, Dadi told me that you went out. Where are you now?

Riddhima: Vansh, just look down and place your right hand in your chest. I am in your heart.

Vansh: Sweetheart, have you watched any romantic movie?

Riddhima: No!

Vansh: Then why are you flirting with your husband? Enough of playing with me with your words Riddhima, tell me where are you?

Riddhima: Vansh, I will call you later. I am busy in a meeting.

Vansh (in mind): Riddhima is lying. I need to find her location and go to her location soon.
With the help of Angre, Riddhima’s location was tracked by using her mobile phone.

Riddhima reached the main branch of ARR groups. She immediately entered the mansion like a queen. She entered the cabin. Rudra uncle noticed her presence and came towards Riddhima.

Rudra: Riddhima, what are you doing in our company?

Riddhima: Uncle, I came to meet you.

Rudra: Riddhima, what happened?

Riddhima: Uncle, just tell me the truth, you are one who sponsored my education.

Rudra: Riddhima, I don’t know anything…I will… talk with you… later….

Riddhima: Uncle, you are lying. I know that you are the sponsor of my education. I have refered by college payment slip and receipt.

Rudra: Yes, Riddhima.

Riddhima: If you were my sponsor, then you tried to save me and uma aunty from the accident when I was at the age of four. Uncle, I just want the truth. Please tell me the truth.

Rudra with a guilt nodded his head saying it has “Yes”. Rudra felt someone is looking at him and Riddhima. So he turned his face, Riddhima also turned her face and both were shock to see Vansh with red eyes.

What was the motive of Rudra on saving Riddhima and Uma aunty?

Will Riddhima be able to control Vansh’s anger at Rudra and find Vansh’s mother?

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