Last episode ends on Tapur informed Anirudh and Bondita that some clashes happened at Tulsipur, Anirudh-Bondita look each other tensly.


Anirudh- Tapur, did kaka and Sampoorna maa come with guards?

Tapur- I don’t know dada. Thakuma called you two fast.

(They run in hall where thakuma is waiting for them)

Thakuma- Anirudh we have to leave for Tulsipur right now.

Bondita- Thakuma is everything okay?

Thakuma- Some men from Tulsipur attacked your Kaka and Sampoorna. As they came without guards so they locked them. I don’t know the reason.

Anirudh- When will people understand that enmity can snatch lifes only.

Bondita- Sakha babu this time we have no time to think. We have to go as soon as possible.

Thakuma- No Bondita, I can’t risk your life. Anirudh and I am going. You Tupur, Tapur and sumati stay at home. I am taking some men with us and here some trusted men will guard you.

Bondita- But …

Anirudh- Bondita you trust me right? (Bondita nods yes) Then believe me I will make everything go fine. Let’s go thakuma.

(Anirudh, thakuma and some men leave for Tulsipur)

Bondita- Maa do you know what happened there? I don’t know why I am feeling restless.

Sumati- Beta, now we can only pray to Durga Maa. Pray that everything becomes fine. I don’t want anyone’s bad sight to fall on my daughter’s happiness.

(They all pray)




(Ksj and Sampoorna are being seen in a hut, people are making noises, thakuma fires his gun in air)

Men 1- How dare you to enter in Tulsipur thakuma? But we will make sure that you won’t leave alive.

(All men shout same)

Anirudh- Shut up all. You became blind infront of enmity that you forgot how to talk to a woman. Don’t forget Barrister Anirudh never allows someone to disrespect womens, whoever she is.

Men 2- You promised that you will keep enmity with Krishnanagar people. How you forgot that Barrister babu?

Men 3- You were the one who said that now we have only one relation with Krishnanagar i.e enmity. Did you forget every promise infront of that cheater girl.

Ksj- Shut up, she is my Bahurani. I will pull all your toungs if you utter one more word against Bondita.

Anirudh- Leave kaka and maa before I take any action, otherwise you all know what this Barrister Anirudh can do.

Men 4- We saw your anger and your weakness too. We all know how you forgot all that what Krishnanagar people did with us. Now you are going to make relations with them.

Anirudh – I said free Kaka and Maa. I will answer all your questions. Free them (shouts)

(Some mens talk in themselves, what if he tells everything about Chandrachur, this Tulsipur people will kill us then….. these mens are CC’s secret agents)


Tulsipur peoples look and each other..

Men- Barrister babu we always believed you, respected you and will do the same in future. We have no intention to hurt zamindar babu and Malkin. But we want to know the reason for what you decided to start a relationship with Krishnanagar.

CC’s agent- No no we can’t free them. Barrister babu cheated us. Now we will not come in his words.

Thakuma- You are the one who used to give us secret information about Tulsipur?

(Everyone look at him…he starts sweating)

Anirudh- So you are the one who did all this.

(Crowd move towards him)

Anirudh- Stop! Now everyone will get punishment according to law. Capture him.

(Tulsipur mens captured CC’S agents and locked them, they freed Kaka and Sampoorna)

Mens- Please forgive us, we did all this out of emotions. We know that you must think something before taking the decisions.

Anirudh- We became so blind in enmity that we forgot to collect evidences. This enmity was a plan of Chandrachur.( He starts tell them everything)


Bondita- Maa I will go to Tulsipur. I can’t sit here silently.

Sumati- But Beta…( Meanwhile CC’s mother enter in their haveli)

CC’S mother- Who sent my son to jail? How dare you all to do this?

Tupur comes outside her room hearing CC’s mother’s voice.

Tupur- I sent him in jail because he doesn’t deserve to take open air. His every breaths pollute the natu…( She got a hard slap)

CC’s mother- Shameless girl, didn’t you get the sanskar to respect your husband even if he is a demon?

Bondita- We got sanskar to respect those who deserves. And Chandrachur doesn’t deserve to be called a human even.

CC’s mother- You keep your foreign thoughts to you only. Here a woman can never raise her voice.

Bondita- That’s why my Sakha babu made me capable to say what is wrong. Even you are a woman, you should support a woman.

CC’s mother- Shut up characterless girl. I even don’t want to touch your shadows. You should die.

Tupur- Bas…I will forget that ever we had a relation. I was respecting you because you are elder but I will forget that too. So please leave from here, plea…(Tupur faints)

(Everyone scream Tupur…)

CC’S mother- She got punishments for her doings…kulghatini…

Bondita- I request you to leave please. I fold my hands please leave.

Sumati- Bondita tell the guards to inform your Thakuma.

Bondita- Maa I will go by myself.

Sumati-But Bondita…

Bondita-Maa nothing will happen to me. Durga Maa is protecting always. Otherwise my Sakha babu is with me now.

(Sumati nods yes)

Maa keep Tupur safely, I am just coming.

CC’S maa- I will not go from here until I talk to Thakuma.

Bondita- But please don’t create hurdles for tupur otherwise you know thakuma.

(Bondita leaves for Tulsipur)



Everyone hear everything from Anirudh but they are still not ready to accept Krishnanagar peoples.

Everyone is surrounding Ksj, Anirudh and Thakuma. They called the sarpanch of two villages.

The place is covered with so many noises.

(Bondita stands in the border of two villages, she recalled what happened last time…she saw people are shouting and Thakuma is trying to explain them)

Bondita- Thakuma…

Anirudh- Bondita, what happened. I asked you to stay in home. Why you are so clueless?

Sampoorna goes near Bondita..

Sampoorna- What happens Bondita? Come…

Bondita- Sampoorna di I can’t enter in Tulsipur now.

Anirudh- Bondita…

Ksj- Better you don’t enter Tulsipur because this place is not for you.

Everyone look at him shockingly.

Anirudh- But Kaka you accepted our relationship, even now you were understanding people against enmi…

(Meanwhile Ksj fires his gun towards Bondita)

Anirudh and Thakuma in shock shout Bondita…..



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