My World Is In Your Love – Chapter 27

My world is in your love Chapter-27

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Ragini’s statement against Vansh made everyone in shock. The guests and relatives left the place, and there was complete silence in the living area in the VR mansion. Vansh’s eyes were red in color, and Kabir was in anger. Ahana was crying, but she had a little smile on her face, by seeing her left hand which was filled with Kabir’s name. Riddhima was shocked to see Ahana’s hand at the same time she was trying to console her. Vansh broke the silence.

Vansh: Chanchal aunty, did you invite Ragini to this function?

Chanchal: Yes, Vansh. Ragini was eagerly waiting to meet Kabir and propose to him.

Kabir: What? Mom, why don’t you understand that I am married to Ahana? I am happy with Ahana. Today, you have not only hurt my feelings but also Ahana’s feeling. I have always wanted to give happiness and joy to Ahana. Now, because of me, Ahana is crying. Mom, are you happy now?

Chanchal: Kabir, Ahana doesn’t deserve you. She belongs to that poor Malhotra family. Ahana is not that much talented than Ragini.

Rohan: Chanchal aunty, what do you know about Ahana? Ahana is multi-talented. She is the topper in academic as well as sports. Ahana knows all types of Martial Arts. Don’t compare Ahana with that Ragini Sharma. Ahana sacrificed her life to save Kabir and Raisinghania’s reputation. Do you know, everyone in the mansion knows that you don’t like Ahana except Kabir? But Ahana has not complained about it to anyone, not even to her husband.

Riddhima was confused, she closed her eyes, took a deep breath and tried to connect the dots. Finally, she got the answer for her question.

Riddhima: Rohan, you have missed a thing. Ahana is a champion in boxing.

Rohan: Yes, Riddhima. But how did you know that Ahana is a boxer?

Riddhima: The way Ahana saved me from that employee who tried to kill me on the engagement day. Finally, I found the black hoodie person. Ahana, tell the truth. It was you, right.

Ahana(trembling): I don’t know Riddhima. I didn’t save you. Do you have any proof?

Vansh thought, “How could it be Ahana? Then the black hoodie person who message me didn’t save Riddhima.”

Riddhima: First, the bruises in your left hand. Second, that day you were the first one to tell me that no one came out of the room. Third, the black hoodie person who left the room was wearing jeans and a pant. You are the only one wearing jeans and a kurti top.

Ahana:  Riddhima, men also wear jeans pants.

Riddhima: Yes, but on the engagement day, every man was wearing a sherwani. You came straight from the bakery, and you had no time to change your dress.

Ahana just lowered her heads when Riddhima was talking. Kabir grabbed her arms with his hands.

Kabir: Ahana, this was the reason for the engagement day of Riddhima and Vansh, you were looking exhausted and tired. Did you save Riddhima? Is Rohan and Riddhima’s statement true?

Ahana nodded her head and said yes.

Vansh: Ahana, tell me everything in detail.

Ahana: Yes, I was the black hoodie person who saved Riddhima. On the engagement day, when I was about to enter the kitchen, I saw Chanchal aunty giving money to the employee for killing Riddhima. I couldn’t stop Chanchal aunty, as she was my mother-in-law. So, I came up with the idea of disguising myself and saving Riddhima. After beating the employee, when I was about to leave the dark room, I noticed everyone was coming to the dark room, so I hid myself behind the door and removed my black hoodie dress. When everyone came inside the dark room, I slowly left the door.

Riddhima hugged her tightly and said Thank you to her.

Kabir: So to hide my mother’s mistake. You have disguised yourself and risked your life to save Riddhima’s life.

Ahana: Yes, Kabir. But it was not Chanchal Aunty’s mistake. Mohit Sharma was the one who manipulated Chanchal Aunty.

Vansh: Ahana, you have saved Riddhima. Now, you are going to save your mother-in-law from me. Do you think you can save your mother-in-law from my anger? Impossible, Ahana. Chanchal aunty, I have already warned you not to interfere in Kabir’s life. Definitely, you deserve a punishment. Aryan, take every ornament, jewels and property papers of your mother’s from her room immediately. Angre bring the family lawyer immediately.

Angre and Aryan went to do their respective works. Chanchal was crying because she knows about Vansh’s punishment. Aryan brought everything to the living area and Angre brought the lawyer in front of Vansh in ten minutes.

Vansh: Chanchal aunty, sign the papers before you. All the properties, ornaments and jewels of you will now belong to Ahana. You said she belongs to the poor Malhotra family. Now by transferring all your belongings we will make her rich.

Chanchal: But, Va…Vansh…

Vansh(growled): I just ask you to sign the papers. I don’t want your silly explanation.

Ahana: Vansh, I don’t need this property or ornaments. I just wanted to be happy with my Kabir.

Vansh: Okay, then we will transfer it to Kabir and Aryan. Chanchal Aunty, you will not leave the VR mansion from now on. You will be caged. No cell phones, no women club or party. Now, everyone can go to your room. Riddhima, you alone come to my study room.

Kabir went to his room in anger. When Ahana entered the room, she noticed Kabir was standing on the balcony. Ahana went and hugged him from the back and placed the right hand on his chest. Kabir placed his hand on her hand.

Kabir: you could have told me everything right. Why did you hide my mother’s mistakes from me? You saved Riddhima’s life, did you think about yourself? What will I do if anything happens to you? You are my treasure, Ahana.

Ahana: Kabir, to be honest, I was a little afraid when we got married. I thought you would hurt me physically and mentally, but you made me realize that I was wrong. From your change after marriage, I was also eagerly waiting for Chanchal aunty’s change, but nothing happened. I know Kabir, the way you love your mother. If I have told the truth to you, you will definitely hate her. So I hide the secret from you.

Kabir turned and gave a glance at Ahana, and Kabir gave a tight hug to her.

Riddhima went to Vansh’s study room. Vansh was busy in handling some documents. Riddhima’s left hand was filled with Mehandhi. Her right hand was empty. Angre was helping his boss.

Vansh: Riddhima, you need to sign some documents. Please sign it fast, sweetheart. I need to send it to the office urgently.

Riddhima: Vansh, I am already hungry, and I have not completed my mehandi in the right hand. This will take at least an hour to read and sign the document. Vansh, I will sign it tomorrow.

Angre: Riddhima Bhabhi, Vansh boss is your husband. Why are you not trusting him? If I had been in your place, I would have signed it.

Riddhima: Angre, then fine. I trust Vansh. Vansh, give me that pen, I will sign all the document.

Within five minutes, Riddhima signed all the document. Riddhima gave an angry look towards Angre.

Vansh: Sweetheart, sign this paper too.

Riddhima: Vansh, it is looking like an unfilled application form. Why do I want to sign it?

Angre: Bhabhi, are you doubting Vansh bhai? This is so bad, Bhabhi. If I had been in your place…

Riddhima: Angre enough. okay, I will sign it too.

Vansh: Thank you so much, sweetheart.

Riddhima: Vansh, will you do me a favour? Please fire Angre from your personal secretary job. I am getting jealous whenever I see you with him.

Vansh and Angre chuckled at each other by seeing Riddhima’s face. Dadi entered the room.

Dadi: Riddhima, dear, you should fill mehandi in your other hand too. After that, you will be going to Ahana’s father’s house. Your haldi ceremony takes place there. I have talked to your Sunil uncle, he will come and pick you up, with Sejal and Ahana.

Vansh: Dadi, no need for it. Riddhima will stay with us in the VR mansion.

Dadi: No, Vansh. After the mehandi function, the bride and groom are not allowed to meet each other.

Vansh: Then ok. I will tighten the security in Ahana’s father’s house. Rohan will also accompany Riddhima. I don’t believe that Rajeev Malhotra had already tried to kill you.

Finally, Riddhima finished her mehandi in her right hand. Vansh looked at her face and understood that she was hungry. Vansh started to feed the food to her. Riddhima loved the way Vansh was caring for her. Ahana, Kabir, Aryan and Rohan came to the dining hall.

Riddhima: Ahana, Dadi told that we were going to your father’s house. Pack your things.

Kabir: Ahana, Shall I also come with you?

Aryan: Oh, Kabir bhai, you can’t live without your wife for two days. That much, you love her.

Kabir thought, “I had an idea of proposing Ahana today. But all my plan has flopped.” Ahana made a grin at Kabir.

Ahana: No, Kabir. You are not coming with me. Rohan, did you pack your bags?

Rohan: When did you guys decide I was coming to your house? I am not coming.

Vansh: Rohan, I was the one who came up with that idea. For the safety reason of Riddhima and Ahana.

Rohan nodded his head and said yes. After a few hours, Riddhima, Sejal, Rohan and Ahana left to Ahana’s father’s house. Everyone came for dinner. At the dining table there was complete silence. Because of Riddhima, Rohan and Ahana’s absence, everyone is sad. Everyone realized how much there missed them.

Sia: Definitely, I am missing the trio combination in this mansion.

Kabir: Yes, Sia. Shall we make a video call to them? There should also be missing us right.

Vansh: What an idea, Kabir. Angre arrange for it immediately. Make a phone call to Ahana or Rohan.

Angre: Boss, Ahana and Rohan are not picking up the phone call.

Vansh became tensed. Vansh thought, “Something is fishy. Both are not picking up the call.”

Vansh: Angre then make a phone call to Riddhima.

Angre: Boss, you can talk with Riddhima, now.

In a video call,

Vansh: Riddhima, are you fine? Why are you guys not picking up the phone call?

Riddhima: Vansh, why are you just screaming? We are playing a hide-and-seek game.

Kabir: Ok, Riddhima. Tell me where is Ahana?

Riddhima: Wait a minute, Kabir. Ahana, stop the game. Kabir and Vansh want to talk with us.

Riddhima’s face was full of sweating, so riddhima turned on the AC and sat on the bed. Ahana, Sejal and Rohan came running towards Riddhima. They took the pillow in their hands and started to have a pillow fight. Riddhima tried to stop them. After a few minutes, everyone came back to the normal position by seeing Kabir and Vansh in the video call.

Vansh: What the hell are you guys doing by not even picking up the phone call?

Rohan (breathing heavily): Playing hide and seek, pillow fight etc, …

Vansh: Are you guys a school kid to play hide and seek? Malhotra’s, you should behave like a mature person.

Kabir: Yes, Vansh is correct. Everyone in the VR mansion is missing you. You are saying to us that you are playing games.

Ahana: We have just left the VR mansion five hours ago. We will come back soon, so don’t feel bad.

Riddhima: Yes, we will call you later. Currently we are busy now. So, bye. Take care of yourself. Good night.

Everyone in the VR mansion chuckled at each other by seeing the madness made by Malhotra’s in the video call. When Kabir went to his room, he understood the way Ahana has slowly come into his heart. The room was filled with Ahana’s joy and happiness. Vansh missed Riddhima’s absence, her cute and innocent jokes. He was really missing it.

Next morning, there was a Haldi ceremony. Dadi started the ritual by applying haldi to Vansh in the VR mansion.

Kabir: Dadi, we need to give the haldi to the bride’s family, right. I will go and give it to them.

Sia: Oh, bhai, how desperate you are to meet Ahana.

Aryan: Kabir, if you go to Ahana bhabi’s house, I will also come with you.

Kabir: Okay, we will both go together.

Kabir and Aryan went to Ahana’s father’s house. Rohan and Sejal gave a warm greeting to them. Ahana was blushing when Kabir was staring at her. Aryan gave the haldi to Rohan. Riddhima’s haldi started by Ahana applying haldi to her. Rohan came to apply the haldi to Riddhima.

Riddhima thought, “Rohan, my dear brother. I have always wanted to see you with lots of happiness and joy. Even, I am ready to give my life for you.” Tears came from Riddhima’s eyes.

Rohan: Why are you crying, Riddhima?

Riddhima: they are joyful tears, Rohan. Will you be my friend forever?

Rohan: of course, my best friend. Riddhima, stop crying. You don’t look beautiful while crying.

Ahana went to the kitchen to bring some juice for the relatives. Kabir followed Ahana and hugged her from behind.

Ahana: Kabir, my hubby. What are you doing in the kitchen? I have lots of work.

Kabir: Ahana, tell me. We didn’t have our haldi function, right.

Ahana: yes, Kabir. But, I am busy now. Perhaps we should discuss it later.

Kabir turned Ahana. Ahana was stunned to see haldi in Kabir’s hand. Kabir caressed Ahana’s face with his hand. Ahana’s face was covered with haldi.

Kabir: Finally, we also completed all our rituals in our marriage life.

Ahana: Wait a minute, we didn’t complete it.

Ahana pulled Kabir and placed her cheeks with Kabir’s cheek. The haldi which was present in Ahana’s face was now present in Kabir’s cheek. Kabir made a grin at her. A person was watching it secretly, it was Rajeev Malhotra. He was happy to see his son-in-law and Ahana’s closeness.

Finally, Riddhima’s haldi came to an end. Vansh was busy in the thoughts of Riddhima. Everyone was busy talking about the bachelor’s party. Suddenly a notification came on Vansh’s phone.

I am waiting for you in the garden, come soon.

The message was from the black hoodie person who was wearing a black mask. Vansh went to the garden area.

Vansh: It was Ahana who saved Riddhima. I thought it was you who saved her.

Black hoodie: Me, saving Riddhima. It is impossible. Tell me if you have got the signature of the documents.

Vansh: Yes, I got Riddhima’s signature. Our next plan will be executed soon. So don’t worry, you can leave now.

Black hoodie: Did you get any information about that lady?

Vansh: No, Angre is helping me to find her. We will find her soon.

In a complete dark room. A man was burning Riddhima’s photo, mohit sharma was sitting in the opposite direction and was drinking alocohol.

Man: Before 18 years ago, we did that car accident. Riddhima’s parents died in that accident because of us. How did Riddhima escape from it? We made this accident to kill the entire Rishi Malhotra family, but Rohan and Riddhima escaped from that accident. Now, how could we steal the entire property of Riddhima and Rohan?

Mohit Sharma: Don’t tell it has an accident. It was a planned murder by us. Because of Rohan and Riddhima we couldn’t get the property. Kabir was the one who introduced Riddhima to me, for the first time I met her as a party planner I had a doubt. I tried different ways to kill her, but all my plans went in vain. First by using Kabir, second by using Ragini, third by using Chanchal. Now, the worth of the Rishi Malhotra industry is just 10 billion, right.

Man: Now it is 50 billion. Because of Rohan’s continuous hard work and Vansh’s support, the Rishi industries have expanded.

Mohit Sharma: okay, I wanted to tell you that my industry is in huge loss. We need to definitely break this ARR group. So, tell me your next plan soon.

Man: Just to kill Riddhima and Rohan.

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