My World Is In Your Love – Chapter 26

My world is in your love Chapter-26

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Riddhima was totally upset, she had a lot of dreams about her birthday. But she was crying a lot because of Vansh and Sunil who were arguing continuously. The black hoodie person was watching their conversation secretly. When Riddhima’s wrist was pulled by Sunil and Vansh, Riddhima lost her cool and started to talk.

Riddhima: Vansh and Sunil Uncle, just listen to me. We will sit and talk for an hour, and then we can come to a conclusion.

Vansh: Riddhima, you better tell this to that old man. You are my wife. You are mine. You are staying in a VR mansion.

Sunil: Riddhima, I am not ready to talk with this man who doesn’t know how to behave in front of elders. You come with me.

Riddhima couldn’t control her anger. Riddhima started to shout at everybody.

Riddhima: What do you think of me? Am I a toy in the shop? I am just a human like you. I have some feelings and emotions. Did anyone think about my decision?

Sunil: Riddhima, I understand your feelings. You don’t know about him. Vansh married you forcefully without anyone’s acknowledgement. Vansh belongs to the mafia, an underworld don. How could I leave you alone with this rude man who always crosses his limits?

Vansh: I won’t cross my limits, I set my limits. Enough, Mr. Sunil! I have been tolerating your words because you are the uncle of Rohan and Riddhima. Now, just leave my mansion immediately.

Sunil: Okay, I will leave the manion. But only with Riddhima.

Sunil pulled Riddhima’s hand. But Riddhima refused to move. Riddhima was confused. One side there was Vansh, her husband who was standing determined to make her stay in the mansion. On the other hand, Sunil, her uncle who she met a few minutes before, was ready to grab her and take her away from the VR mansion.

Riddhima: Uncle, I am married to Vansh Raisinghania. I am the daughter-in-law of this house. I can’t go anywhere. To be honest, Vansh married me forcefully, he shattered my dreams of going to London, but his family members are so caring with me. They gave me a lot of happiness and joy.

Karthik: Riddhima, I don’t consider this as a marriage. Riddhima, I was in the idea of proposing you. But because of Vansh’s marriage to you, I dropped that idea. You had better divorce Vansh Raisinghania, and I will marry you.

After listening to Karthik’s word, Vansh’s anger went to the peak level. Vansh took his gun and pointed it at Karthik’s forehead.

Vansh: How dare you! Say those words in front of me. Riddhima is mine, and we are married legally. Riddhima just belongs to me. Angre call the police commissioner. After 15 days, Karthik is going to be an IPS officer, I will destroy your dream. I will talk with the police commissioner and cancel your training session.

Riddhima: Vansh just leave him.

Vansh’s jealous feeling was visible in Riddhima’s eyes. Riddhima pulled Vansh’s arms and looked at him. Riddhima held her fingers in the gaps of Vansh’s finger. Riddhima’s touch made Vansh calm.

Riddhima: I don’t care about others; I consider it a marriage. I will never divorce Vansh.

Sunil: OK, Riddhima. But I wanted to see your wedding in a traditional way. Will Vansh accept it? If not, come to Hyderabad with me.

Vansh: Mr. Sunil, you don’t understand. Better I call the family lawyer and make you understand.

Vansh took his phone and was stunned to see the notification on the phone. But he didn’t showcase it to everyone.

Sunil: Vansh’s dadi, I can’t tolerate it anymore. I want Riddima’s marriage to be taken place traditionally.

Dadi: Vansh, Sunil is correct. Please agree to marry Riddhima in a traditional way.

Riddhima: Vansh, will you marry me again in a traditional way? I wanted to enjoy all the traditional rituals.

Vansh: Sweetheart, if my queen wishes to marry me traditionally, will I say no to it? Yes, I agree.

Vansh again saw the phone in his hand. The message was from the black hoodie person. Again he peeped at the message. The message was,

Vansh, please agree to this traditional marriage with Riddhima. By this way, we can gain the trust of Riddhima completely. We should make her as the trumpcard for our next plan.

Riddhima was overjoyed. Vansh gave a smirk to Sunil and Karthik. Dadi asked angre to call the pandit and select an auspicious day.

Sunil: Riddhima, just come to our house in Mumbai. You can’t stay in your in-law’s house until the marriage is completed.

Vansh: No, Riddhima will stay in the VR mansion. Already our marriage has taken place. If you take Riddhima to your house, there will be a lot of confusion in the VR mansion. Rohan will come to know Riddhima as his own sister.

Riddhima: Sunil uncle, I will stay in the VR mansion. I am staying in Dadi’s room. So you don’t need to worry about it.

Everyone went to the living area. Pandit came and fixed an auspicious date for their marriage. There was one week more for their marriage date. Vansh went to his study room, Kabir also followed him.

Kabir: Vansh, I need to talk with you about Riddhima.

Vansh: Hmm… Continue…

Kabir: Vansh, will you forgive me for what I have done to you and Riddhima? I have hurt you both.

Vansh: Kabir, I wanted you to forget your past and live in the present. Enjoy your life, Kabir.

The VR mansion was fully decorated in a grand way. Vansh was nervous already, his engagement was cancelled before two years. Vansh wore a dark blue Italian-Indian sherwani and Riddhima was wearing a royal cream lehenga. Vansh was mesmerized when he saw Riddhima. Riddhima was looking like an angel to him. When Vansh was about to go near Riddhima. Everyone started to tease him, Riddhima looked at him in shy. Suddenly, the lights in the mansion turned off. Vansh quickly asked Angre to look for the reason. But within a minute, the lights came, and Riddhima was missing in the crowd. Everyone was searching for Riddhima. Vansh’s heartbeat became faster.

Riddhima was kept inside a dark room in the VR mansion. One of the employees in the VR mansion who was the spy of Mohit Sharma kidnapped Riddhima. So that Mohit Sharma could stop the engagement of Riddhima and Vansh. Vansh checked the CCTV footage and understood that Riddhima was in the VR mansion. When Riddhima came to the consciousness she realized that she had been kidnapped. She could notice a black hoodie person beating the employee in the VR mansion who kidnapped Riddhima. Riddhima was tied in the rope. She was confused about who had kidnapped her. The employee took a gun in his hand and pointed it at Riddhima. But a black hoodie person with the force pulled the gun in his hand and started to beat him black and blue. The employee had no strength anymore, he fell on the floor and went to an unconscious state.

Riddhima: Who are you? Why did you help me?

The black hoodie person didn’t give a reply. He quickly left the room. Riddhima could not see his/her face clearly. Vansh and everyone in the family came to the dark room. Vansh untied the rope and hugged her tightly. Riddhima clenched Vansh’s sherwani in fear. From Riddhima’s look, Vansh understood who kidnapped her.

Vansh: Riddhima, are you okay?

Riddhima(trembling): Va…Vansh, that employee tried to kidnap and kill me.

Vansh: Angre, you just handle that employee. Riddhima, how did you escape from him?

Riddhima: A person who was wearing a black hoodie left the room before two minutes. He was the one who saved me.

Ahana: Riddhima just relax. There was no one who came out from this room when we arrived.

Rohan: Riddhima, Ahana is correct. No one was leaving the room when we all came in.

Vansh: Ishani and Ahana take care of Riddhima. Aryan, Rohan and Kabir come with me, we will search for that person.

Everyone started to search for that person. But they couldn’t find that black hoodie person. Vansh again came back to Riddhima.

Riddhima: Did you find that black hoodie person who tried to save me?

Vansh: No, Riddhima. We have checked the CCTV footage, and the man’s face is not visible.

Riddhima: Who tried to kill me?

Vansh: Mohit Sharma was the one who tried to kill you. This was the reason, I told you that I was not interested in traditional marriage.

Ahana: Have you guys finished your conversation. Vansh and Riddhima, this is your engagement day. Let’s celebrate together with our family members.

Vansh held Riddhima’s hand and came to the stage. Everyone eyes were on the couple. Everyone started to celebrate by dancing to the music.

Chanchal: Oh! Poor Riddhima, you don’t have a family. Now, who will be from your family side to do all the rituals?

Riddhima became upset but tried to have a fake smile outside. Vansh looked at Ahana and Rohan. Ahana and Rohan understood Vansh’s look towards them.

Ahana: Riddhima, from now on I am adopting you as my sister. So, I will do all the ritual on behalf of Riddhima’s family. Rohan, Karthik and Sunil uncle will also participate in all the ritual’s as Riddhima family

Rohan: Yes, Malhotra’s family will support Riddhima. I give you a promise that the Malhotra family will make this marriage function with lots of joy and happiness.

Kabir: Hello, Malhotra’s, why are you always underestimating Raisinghaina’s? We will also make this function to be celebrated with lots of joy and happiness.

Dadi: Angre, give the rings to Vansh and Riddhima. Vansh and Riddhima exchange your rings.

Vansh: Before that, Riddhima, I have a small surprise for you. Aryan, are you ready?

Aryan nodded his head. A voice came from behind Aryan and shouted:“How could you do this marriage without me, Riddhima?”. Riddhima recognized that voice. It was Sejal. Riddhima hugged Sejal.

Sejal: It was all Vansh’s plan to surprise you. Vansh personally invited me to your wedding. It is my friend’s wedding how could I miss it. But you forgot me, right.

Riddhima placed her hand in ears and asked for an apology to Sejal. Riddhima looked at Vansh with lots of hope. Vansh held Riddhima’s hand softly and slipped the ring in her soft fingers. Riddhima held Vansh’s hand and slowly placed the ring on his finger. Riddhima was enjoying the moments. The engagement day came to an end.

Kabir went to his room, he was stunned by Ahana’s behavior. Though she was tired, she was handling the accounts of the bakery. After marriage, Kabir was totally broken down because of his job cancellation, but his biggest support was Ahana. Now, Kabir has got a job in a reputed company because of his talent. Kabir was satisfied that he got a job and a wife who understood him.

Kabir had a guilt feeling in his mind because if Ahana hadn’t married him, she would have lived peacefully. Ahana understood Kabir’s thought and made a grin at him. Ahana was impressed by Kabir’s activities, the way Kabir pampered and supported her each and every time made her feel lucky. Though Ahana and Kabir had not interacted more between them. Both just looked at each other and started to interact with their eyes.

Kabir: Ahana, why are you looking so tired?

Ahana: As usual, lots of work both in the mansion and bakery, and my head is hurting a lot.

Kabir slowly placed his hand on her head and started to give a massage in her head. Ahana was astonished when Kabir placed his hands on her, but she liked it. Ahana enjoyed Kabir’s head massage. A huge smile was on Ahana’s face. After the head massage, Kabir slowly lifted Ahana in her arms and placed her on the bed and asked her to sleep. Ahana refused because she had a lot of work to do tomorrow. Kabir gave a fake angry look towards her, and Ahana closed her eyes. Kabir went to the sofa and slept peacefully.

Next day,

It was a mehandi function. As usual, ladies were busy with their work, boys were just scrolling their phone somewhere dancing. Riddhima started to apply mehandi in her hands. Vansh came and sat near Riddhima and started to scroll his phone. Vansh was acting weird by seeing these rituals. Riddhima asked the girl who was putting mehandi for her to write VR in her hands. Ahana was a little sad because she couldn’t enjoy this ritual. Kabir looked at her face and came near her.

Kabir: Ahana, what happened to you? Why are you looking so dull? Shall we go to the doctor?

Ahana: Kabir, I am fine.

Kabir: Then why are you sad?

Ahana: Kabir, I like to put mehandi in my hands. But in my marriage, I couldn’t enjoy this ritual.

Kabir was dumbstruck, but Ahana made a fake smile. Rohan started to play the music and pulled everyone to the dance floor except the bride and groom. Ahana pulled Kabir and started to dance with him happily. Vansh winked at Rohan. Rohan just pushed Ahana from the back side. Ahana slipped and hugged Kabir. Ahana was waiting for Kabir’s hug. But no response came from Kabir. So Ahana tried to move, but Kabir hugged her more tightly.

Vansh didn’t like the rituals, but his family members were full of joy and happiness because of these rituals. Vansh was also happy to see his entire family was celebrating his marriage in a grand way. Suddenly, the music stopped. Everyone was confused. Suddenly, a voice came from behind Kabir. “Kabir, how could you do this to me? Did you forget me?”

Kabir turned his face. It was Ragini. Ahana was in complete shock to see Ragini. Vansh was about to take his gun and shoot her, but Riddhima stopped him.

Vansh: Ragini, how dare you enter my mansion? who invited you?

Ragini: Chanchal aunty invited me. Vansh, I am not ready to talk with you.

Ragini went near Kabir and took his hand and clenched it with her hands. Vansh understood that it was Mohit Sharma’s plan to manipulate Kabir again and destroy Kabir’s life.

Ragini: Kabir, I am sorry. I should have agreed to marry you. I just want you again in my life. Dad is ready to give his company in your name. You will be the chairman of our company. I am ready to marry you now.

Ahana was standing near Kabir like a statue. Ahana’s heart stopped when she listened to the words of Ragini. Ahana knew that Kabir would definitely agree to Ragini’s offer. Riddhima and Vansh came near Ahana to support her, but she signaled them not to come closer. Ahana was waiting for Kabir’s answer. But, Kabir was also in a shock to see Ragini. No reply came from Kabir. Ahana couldn’t tolerate Kabir’s silence any more. Ahana was about to move to her room, but suddenly someone held her wrist tightly. It was Kabir.

Kabir held Ahana’s hand and went near Riddhima and Vansh. Kabir took the mehandi cone and wrote his name in Ahana’s hand.

Kabir: Ahana, do you like it?

Ahana was astonished to see the other side of Kabir. Ahana started to stare at him while Ragini went into anger mode.

Ragini: Kabir! What are you doing? I am talking with you. Just reply to me. Kabir broke your relationship with Ahana, and you should marry me.

Kabir: Ragini, you betrayed me. I don’t want your marriage offer or job offer because I am happy now with my family. I like my job and my wife. You already gave me so much pain, so stay in your limits.

Vansh: Angre take Ragini to the dark room. Angre make sure that the punishment I am giving to her should make her think that she is in hell.

Ragini: I will tolerate your punishment, but my dad won’t tolerate you anymore. I will destroy your life and your family’s happiness.

Angre with the help of security guards took Ragini to the dark room. Ragini was laughing like a mad. Riddhima was nervous to see Ragini challenging Vansh in front of her. Vansh just gave a side hug to Riddhima.

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