One mansion is shown which is decorated for marriage… In entrance it’s beautifully written as SWARA weds SANSKAR

Suj:my son knew blushing too

Suj:kk cum down… Everyone is waiting for u
San smiles and nods
After few minutes
San is shown who is sitting in front of the agni, waiting for the bride
Shekar:saw janaki who is tensedly descending stairs, wat happen
Jan:swara is not in room
Ram:wat happened
Shek:vo vo(stammers)
Suj:subhamugurtham time is missing… Bring my daughter in law soon
Shek:she is not here
Ram:wat r u saying
Ramsuj shouts
San stands and looks at them confusingly
Suj:if she didn’t like our proposal then you she accepted it.. Do u people planned to insult us??.
Shek:no not like that.. V really don’t know y she did like this.. Plzz.. V r sorry..
Suj:sorry.. Did this sorry bring back our reputation which v lost few minutes ago because of ur family
Jan:plz sujatha..
Suj:I don’t know anything… I want my son marriage to happen.. If swara is not der.. K anyway v have ragini right
Jan:no no this couldn’t be happen
Ragsan looked shocked
Ram:wat r u speaking sujatha
Suj:I know wat was I speaking
Jan:but ragini is uneducated and she is orphan(guys ragini is shekar’s sister daughter) she doesn’t deserve to be sanskar’s wife
Suj:oh then whom do u think?? The one who left her house before her wedding
Jan became numb…
San:ma plz .. U r not in sense
Suj:no beta I want this marriage to be happen
After a small argument… Everyone accepted and they not even asked abt ragini’s wish but it happened… Our ragsan got married….

@wedding night ragsan room
SANSKAR entered his room saw ragini who was sitting on his bed. As soon as she saw him she stands
San:(lil bit rudely) don’t come to my room without my permission
Rag:sorry (she doesn’t know wat to do now both stands in a same position)
She slowly takes steps to leave… When she abt to leave.
San:use the next room
Rag nods without turning and went
San:y they did it to me? To my family? I can’t take this betrayal

@ragini room
She entered into the room..
She sits in front of the mirror
Rag:looks at her reflection… Wat r u seeing ragini… Yes u got married but no one is happy in this.. Y u always be a burden?? First to ur uncle and aunt and swara and now to sanskar… Her eyes become teary she started remembering her childhood how she lost her parents in the young age? How she b unwanted thing in her uncle’s home? How they use to treat her? How she use to do all works in her uncle’s home? How she wants to study but how they didn’t afford for her studies ?? So she disconnected and how they verbally accuse her for every bad thing happened to them and at last her marriage… She wipes her tears.. Again look at her reflection smiles sarcastically u always thing ur life will get a changeover when you get marry like cindrella… Yes atlast it happened but nothing changed ragini.. U r still a burden and unwanted thing… Again she got tears… No no u hav many days to cry… Dont waste it on a single day…

After few minutes she slept…

She got ready
To herself plz save me God.. I’m very nervous to face them.. She builds up her guts and went down..
Suj:ragu u sry I didn’t talk to u yesterday.. I was on bad mood.. Today is ur first day so u have to make sweet.
Rag:nods she didn’t accept this kind of behaviour from her.
Suj wat happened
Rag:r u not angry on me(nervously).
Suj:y should I? Im angry on ur uncle, aunt and swara but not on u
Suj:because u r my daughter in law
Suj laughs by seeing her expression u didn’t do anything beta but ur family did
Rag:but aunty
Suj:i don’t want to discuss it and spoil my mood.. Plzz v will speak abt it later.. I like ur since the day I saw you so I’m really happy to get u as my dil
Rag blushes lightly

After few minutes.
Suj:beta go and give this coffee to sanskar
Rag:aunty me
Suj:yes u oly.. I know everything happened so fastly but I want both of us to accept things and move on

She is standing in front of the closed door of sanskar’s room.. She remembered his words and sacred to open the door.. She slowly knocks the door and waited but she didn’t get any response..
She saw uttara coming on that way
Rag:uttara can you please help me?plz give this coffee to ur brother
Uttara :I don’t know how u people didn’t have any guilt to speak with us
Rag:felt bad I’m sorry she starts to leave
Utt’:wait I know about my brother.. He definitely didn’t like to c ur face.. I will give it to him by saying she snatch the cup from her
Rag hold her tears and went down and saw ram sitting over there.. She was scared to speak to him.. She silently starts to leave to kitchen
Ram:v r sorry..
Ram:v gave a punishment to u for ur family mistake.. I know sry won’t change anything but I’m really sorry
Rag cuts him plz uncle don’t speak like that…whoever was there will do like this oly.. May be it’s destined to happen…plz don’t make me feel bad
Ram nods smilingly

After there breakfast
Suj:take ragini with you and go to temple
San ma I’m not interested
Suj:I said go
San nods helplessly and went

San:i never forget u and ur family did to us..
Rag looks at him
San:u r just a replacement don’t forget it.
Rag heart pains more by his words… How much she dreamed of loved by her husband but all she got is.. That too on the first day of the marriage…

She turned her head to the window side and controlled her tears.. Suddenly car stopped.. She looks at him when he didn’t get down
San:turns his head
Rag enters into the temple with heavy heart

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