My wife, Yuvani, part 30, *last part*

So the main fb ends here.

Yuvraj was in long sitting position and was caressing sleeping Suhani’s head.

He was lost in thoughts.

Yuv: I promise you, I will be with you in every thick and thin. Thanks for coming into my life and now you became my life.

He hugs her tightly and sleeps.

Next morning:

Both were excited and also tensed.

Suh: Everything will be fine right??

Yuv: yes, but I will miss my first wife…

He fakes crying, that too dramatically.

She shook her head in disbelief. Holds his collar and dragged him towards her.

Suh: You don’t have an option Mr.Birla, you will have to give divorce.

Yuv: of course I did, and it is a last gift I am playing this game.

Suh: Last gift, for whom?

Yuv: For my ex wife.

He winks.

Yuv: And yeah, I promise you that I loves it as you soul mate, wife, will take cares as his child and…. (he thinks) yeah will respect you  as my parents.  But ha, I can’t be your sibling  thank God you didn’t make my game my sibling.

He winks. She pouts and hits him on his chest lightly.

Suh: I hate you, you Monkey!! You see I will stop writing diary.

Yuv: I was going to tell you that.

She looks at him.

Yuv: I want to be your diary, with which you shared your every incident of life without any pressure.

She smiles and hugs him.

Suh: I promise you, I will never hide anything from you.

He smiles and hugs her back. But their hug is disturbed by a the calling bell ringing. They part and Suhani wiped the door.

Younger Birlas along with Sharad were there.

They smile and get in.

Yuv: Bhai tickets,

Sau: Yeah, I booked it online, you don’t worry.

Yuvraj hits on Suhani’s shoulder.

Yuv: What is the need of buying tickets, I told you na, you will get free entry on my behalf.

Suh: I too told you na I don’t need anyone’s favor. My husband is not a kanjoose like you, he can afford our tickets, so you don’t worry.

Everyone shook their head in disbelief.

Suh: Why did I say anything wrong??

Anuj: Of course not, how can you be wrong.

They broke laughing. She fumes.

Yuv: Guys, I am getting late, will see you there, reach on time ok?

They nodes and he leaves, Suhani makes face.

Suh: I hate that game and I don’t know now anything other than how a goal occurs. I will be bored.

Anuj: Bored?? That too when I am there,

Suh: That would be main reason of getting bored.

Anuj fumes.

They spent some great time together.


They all went to stadium to watch Yuvraj. Suhani as usual went to dressing room to wish him and then settled near Saurab.

Suhani was looking at Yuvraj alone and was jumping up and down whenever he scores. Neil and the Birlas adore seeing while others where giving her weird looks and she didn’t mind anything.

And the games ends with them winning and Yuvraj scoring a hat trick and thereby wins the match ball.

When he was about to come down from the podium, reporters round him and he smiles.

Yuv: Yup, I know, I promised to answer your quires today.  Well there is a reason for my sudden retirement, and I am really happy that we won in the last game of mine. It was always a honour to lead my team and I hope they too loves me.

His team smiles.

Yuv:  Playing my game was the best thing for me, which always gives me peace. My soul was attached to my game and I never thought one day I will stand like this, in front of you all, saying a goodbye to this beautiful game.

I have health issues from the last fifteen months and I was advised to quit the game. Well, if you remember, there was a time when my performance was so low. That was the beginning, and then things started to change, because of an entry in my life.

He smiles widely.

Suhani looked at him shocked and others smiles.

Yuv: My wife, my only encouragement, today I am in this form only because of her. Because when I was looking my confidence, it was she who supported me. There were times when I felt really low, because my coach, our team management, my doctor, everyone discouraged me and I was having difficulty in taking their words, but she never let me down. She fought the world for me.

Suhani was having tears by now.

Yuv: Nine months back, doctors predicted that I would expire in six months, and I was shattered.

Everyone was shocked.

Yuv: But today if I stand in front you, it is only and only because of her. She encouraged me, and with her help I could keep me strong both physically and mentally.

He takes a breath.

Yuv: I was always focused, my only aim to perform better in every game. I wanted to do better than what I did in the previous day. And when we completely focus on something, we ignore everything else. Well, people usually say that it is good as we won’t be distracted and yes, I agree to it. But the problem with this is that, along with the distractions, we also infinite the best things of our life unknowingly, and happened with you.   I, I ignored my wife.

Suhani shook her head in no, she was crying.

Yuv: I couldn’t see the struggle she faced, the sacrifice she made. She consoled me when they said my then is limited and I became fine by her care, but I forgot what would have gone through her when she heard this harsh and bitter truth of her husband , who would have she consoled her. She knew it, I won’t have a life without my game, because it was my life. So she made sure that I remain happy, but that on the expense of her happiness.

He was crying by then, he wipes his tears.

Yuv: she suffered the anger of both our families, but remained called and made sure that I stay happy. Thankfully I came to know all these, but I ashamed that needed someone’s help in that, So enough now, I can’t let her suffer more and hence this decision. Because I know more than me she has right on my life and I can’t play with her life anymore.

Everyone was smiling seeing their love.

Yuv: I promise you, I will love you like you love me, because I know your love on me is the upper limit of love in whole. No one can love anyone as much as you love me.

Everyone was smiling with tears.

Reporter:  Sir, is she here, your wife??

He nodes.

Yuv: Suhani, please….

She was overwhelmed and was crying. Saurab tried to pull her, she nods in no.

Sau: Come with me, or else I will take you by lifting you.

She widens her eyes, he forward his hand, she took it and he took her to Yuvraj.

Yuvraj held her by her waist.

Yuv: So here she is, Mrs Suhani Yuvraj Birla, my wife, my soul and my lifeline. I am so grateful that I am your husband, God blessed me with you.

That was it for Suhani, she hugs him tightly, unable to control her feelings.

Everyone smiles widely and Yuvraj hugs her back.

In BH, both Pratima and Dadi, who watched Yuvraj’s farewell speech, felt so guilty and ashamed of themselves. They decided to apologize to Suhani and bring them back.


Yuvani broke their hug and Suhani bends her head blushing.

Yuv: Guys, I hope I gave you my explanation. So shall we move now.

They were excused.

Suh: what was that for??

Yuvraj smiles.

Suh: I hate you,

Yuv: But I love you.

He kissed on her forehead.

They reached their flat along with others but was shocked to find the elders there.

Suhani looked and Yuvraj and he was trying to control himself.

Elders directly came to Suhani and apologized to her. She was blank.

Dadi: Beta, please come back.

Suhani looked at Yuvraj.

Yuv: Suhani, you go in, I will come.

She nodes and went in.

He faced his parents.

Yuv: (angrily) Just a sorry and everything is fine?? Do you have any idea what you have done to her?? Have you ever considered her as a human?? From the beginning you guys were hurting her. On what rights you hide the matter of my disease from her, didn’t you once think from her side, how  will she feel?? If anyone did the same with your daugther, will you able to take it??? And then, you were mentally torturing her when she was there, she was dying without your words, still she stood strong. Thankfully we came from that house. But still you were not done, how can you even think is such things, didn’t it pained you once seeing her face?? You all killed her. I really can’t address you as my parents. Your anger and frustration directed to me as fine, even though it hurts me, I know you have a reason behind that and I could take it. But I can’t take what you did to her. Why????

He took a long breath.

Yuv: She suffered a lot for me, and I know she loves to be there at that house. And now I want to fulfil all her likes, so we will come. She as your dil, and I as her husband, not as your son. I don’t want to repeat your mistakes, but I need real time, please don’t expect anything from me, but we will come there.

He goes in without waiting for their reply and they agreed to it.


Yuv: Shall we go home.

She nodes.

Suh: But you,

He hugs her.

Yuv: I need time, but it is ok.

She hugs him tightly.


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