Spoilers 8th December 2018

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

Mariam and Fawad perform in Aaliya’s birthday party. They get into a moment of romance. He wants to confess love to Mariam. He gets smitten by her charming smile. He likes her a lot. He gets speechless. She finds him restless and asks him to tell her what does he want to say. He gets stuck. She asks him to complete the sentence. Fawad gets mesmerized seeing Mariam. He feels she really looks pretty like a princess. She dances with the kids. Fawad turns smiling seeing her. He doesn’t know how to profess his feelings to her. He wants to propose her.

Muskaan celebrates in her mehendi ceremony. She gets Ronak’s name written on her hands. Ronak and Muskaan dance in the Sangeet ceremony. Muskaan performs with Dolly, when Gayatri insists her to dance. Muskaan’s dance reminds Ronak about her brothel days. Ronak angrily slaps Muskaan. He asks Muskaan to stop dancing. Gayatri holds Muskaan and scolds Ronak for slapping Muskaan. Sir ji asks Ronak why is she so angry, what’s the matter, they want to know the truth. Ronak refuses to marry Muskaan. He doesn’t want to answer anyone. Ronak recalls Muskaan’s past. He

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