My wife, Yuvani, part 19

Yuvani reached their new home. It was a two bedroom small but beautiful flat. Both were so sad, and miserable.

Suh: Yuvraj households,

Yuv: Will come now.

And few minutes later, some people came with all the household items and they settled them.

Suh: perfect!!

Yuv: What perfect?? We have too much to do.

Suh: Huh??

Yuv: See, the house turned dirty and also all these implements are just brought from the shop, so dusting is required for them.

Suhani looked at him open mouthed.

Yuv: What? Why are you staring me, I didn’t say anything wrong.

Suh: No you didn’t.

Yuv: Before starting put the vegetables and fruits in salt water, don’t know what all chemicals they have injected in them.

She nodes and does so.

Suhani went to take the broom.

Yuv: What are you doing?

Suh: Going to clean..

Yuv: like this?

Suhani looked at herself.

Suh: What is wrong with me??

Yuv: How can you clean without wearing gloves and mask?

She looked at him like he was an alien.

Suh: I have never worn these things while cleaning.

Yuv: WHAT?? How can you be so careless? Come now, wear these.

He passed her a pair of glove and a mask.

Suh: I am not going to wear these.

She kept them back in hands.

Yuv: You will.

Suh: No way.

He sighed and then he himself made her wear those.

(The farmhouse scene.)

She was very much affected by their closeness and kept looking at him, and he was busy with the glove and moves back after make her wear it.

Suh: Over?

Yuv: Mask,

Suh: Hey Bhagvan, nothing can be done with you.

She irritatedly put the mask on. He too does the same, and then they started to clean. No actually she started, all he did was to order her, that too without any rest and not letting her complete her work. She was thoroughly annoyed but he was not bothered.

Suh: Yuvraj stop bossing around, either you do some work or keep quiet. I know to clean.

Yuv: Yeah, I am seeing it, you need my guidance to clean, otherwise you would just mess the whole thing.

She glares him.

Yuv: Now don’t give me that look and let us continue. They completed their cleaning, and then arranged their bedroom and rest of the rooms. Now there was not even a single space in the house which they haven’t arranged together.

Both where happy, because the house reflected their characteristics.  They arranged the hall with their pics, and  also few family pics. Suhani even pasted a poster of Big B, in the kitchen.

They settled on the sofa being tired.

Yuv: Hungry?

She nodded.

Yuv: Ok, I will order something. You are tired na

Suh: Ok, but we will prepare some desert.

Yuv: We?

Suh: Yup, this is our first day on our new home, so we will do together.

Yuv: But I don’t know anything.

Suh: I know, you just come.

She took him to kitchen.

Suh: Let us prepare custard. You cut the fruits, which I know you will do perfectly.

Yuv: Of course I will.

He cuts the fruits and by the time she boiled the milk and made the paste. Then he added the fruits in it. He felt very happy.

Suh: So we will have this as starter, by the time we finish, food will come.

And they had it, it tasted special,, of course it will, because they made it together.’

After having food, Suhani called her parents and informed the whole thing, Punkaj supported her and Lata was upset. Somehow Suhani called her.

Yuv: Come let us take a selfie, we can frame it and keep it, as a memory of our first day here.

She smiles and they take a selfie, then called Saurag and Menuj, a video call, showed them their new home. They became so happy.

Then Yuvani slept out of tiredness and woke by evening. Suhani prepared tea and coffee for both, and then both got busy in their works.


At night.

Suhani she in their balcony and was lost in thoughts, Yuvraj came there and back hugged her.

Yuv: Still upset?? Are you angry on me??

Suh: No, never, I was just thinking why all this is happening.

Yuv: I don’t know, but,

Suh: Don’t feel guilty, I know why we left our home, but I wish you could stay with your family. But at the same time I don’t want them to stress you, to pressurise you.

He kept staring her,

Suh: It is ok, maybe this was supposed to happen…

Yuv: I don’t know,

Suh: Leave it, shall we sleep.

He nodes.

Suh: You sleep, I will come after writing my dairy.

Yuv: ok, good night.

Suh: Good night.

Ok, now will you go that day’s diary.

“Many things happened today. Firstly we left our home. I was feeling very miserable. I never want Yuvraj o leave his home, not when his time is limited. I wish he could spend some quality time with Ma and Dadi. Three of them deserve it. But now I don’t know. I know none of them are wrong, but still things are happening against everyone’s wish, why is this so?? I don’t know, I really don’t. But Saurab Bhaiya made me promise on them that i should go with Yuvraj. I wanted to stop Yuvraj, they didn’t let me. They were so much worried about me, they wanted me to go away.”

He looked at her painfully.

Yuv: even though I did it for myself, now I too realise that it was decision for you.

“Then we reached our new home. I love it here, it is so beautiful. But this Yuvraj na, I don’t know what will I do with his cleanliness disease. He is just too much, sadu.”

Yuv: Don’t call me that.

“He made me wear those stupid glove, and mask. I was very much by that closeness, but my unromantic husband looked like he wasn’t. He was very much interested in the that stupid glove, don’t know what is so special about it”

He laughs.

Yuv: To the truth be told, I was more affected, that is why I concentrated on the glove. Because if I started, then I would not have stopped, and our cleaning would be left there.

“And then he made me do all the things, and he was just bossing around. This guy! I must get the Nobel prize for peace for tolerating this Sadu.”

Yuv: I am not that bad, I am just organised, you feel so, because you are so messed. In fact I should get the prize for tolerating your bak bak.

“Then we arranged the whole thing. We together, I love it. Now this home is ours, resembles our characteristics. I love my home. From this first day itself, it starts to resemble us, now I wanna live here till then end, because this is our world and when he would be gone this would the ideal place for me to cherish our memories.”

Yuvraj had tears in his eyes; his guilt feeling was getting more and more immense.

“Then we made custard together, ad trust me it tasted the best.”

He smiles remembering it.

“Then I talked to Mummy and Papa. Mummy was very worried, God please give her the strength. Then had a talk with Bhaiya and all. They were happy for us, I wanted to talk to Ma and Dadi, but I know they won’t. But I miss them, even though I know they are angry on me, I wish things get better, like before, I know it won’t, still…. ”

Yuv: (chocking) This is all because of me, for me, you have to ear all their anger, I am sorry.

“The rest of the day passed on, Yuvraj was upset, he was guilty, I somehow calmed him, but there is no need for him to be guilty.”

Yuv: No there are many.

“I don’t know what wais us, but I know I have to prepare myself for it,

Good night.”

  1. ItsmePrabha

    Aah!!that farm house scene…missing yuvani badly..after reading this..Loved it alot..Will be waiting for the next..

    1. Yuvani

      Me too missing them badly,the magic saraj created….
      Thank you dear

  2. God,you know Anjaly, you took me back to those days when I used to watch ssel like the craziest fan.. I miss them so badly..
    Coming to the epi, it’s fantastic, the farmhouse scene was really hilarious.. I still remember it very well.. looking forward to the next part..

    1. Yuvani

      Me too, those days, God, it was something right, and yeah that farmhouse scene was superb, Yuvraj was proving that Suhani alone can control him!
      Thank you dear

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