Why is nandini alone being blamed?

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Silsila has become trending nowadays with everyone bashing nandini. from sl*t to b*t*h, it has now become psycho. i don’t understand why everyone is targeting her. Why isn’t anyone telling anything about Kunal? So Nandini knows Mauli from childhood, But Kunal knows Mauli in and out right?
Nandini is being selfish, I agree.
But she doesn’t deserve your condemnation. The people who are calling Nandini a sl*t… What rights do you have to do that? Just because you support Mauli? Even Mauli had the decency not to do that. Why can’t you use proper language?
This hatred towards Nandini but nothing towards Kunal shows how we are. We may call ourselves feminists or being in the modern era.. The truth is, you believe kunal was a jerk. All men are jerks. so why point fingers at them? Instead, let’s point our finger towards nandini who’s mauli’s best friend.
By calling nandini names, I feel like I’m supporting Mauli. I’m such a good person. How moronic is that? If you want to support Mauli, you can do so in other ways. But no, you choose this crude way. It shows more about the fans rather than the characters.
As someone who’s watched this show since the beginning, I love all three of the characters. I cried when Nandini lost her baby, I cried when Mauli found out the truth. I watched when Kunal was struggling and hoped that he wouldn’t do the wrong thing. It takes incredible skill to execute this type of emotional drama and instead of praising the actors, we are degrading their work.
Someone actually wished Nandini dies yesterday. Is this the world we live in? Praying for one’s death? How can anyone even think like that? Don’t you feel sorry?
I understand that you guys hate nandini but do you think it’s right? What rajdeep and mauli’s mom are doing? leave aside rajdeep. but mauli’s mom? do you really support her wrong deed just because you support mauli? how can you judge nandini for her deeds then? What makes you better than her?
I’m sorry if I hurt anyone. But in my opinion, None of us have the right to tell off nandini or kunal. You like someone, hope for the best! Don’t bring the other character down. We are human beings, not animals. Empathise with Mauli. Don’t try and show your support by bringing others down cos it shows your character more than your support.
I know this is not going to make any difference, but still thought i should write this. I’m not a nandini or kunal fan. Nor do I support their love. But it’s not my place to tell them anything. I just watch the show and think about what will happen next.
I really appreciate the words Thursday wrote in the last written update and Anjali’s reasoning in 19th september written update. it makes sense and frankly, shows more intelligence than anyone else’s comment. I also like Shraddha’s confusion in deciding who’s right or wrong.
There’s a saying : one wrong or right does not make a person. Understand this.

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  4. I like kunal and nandini yes everyone don’t think situation like this does not happen in real and if it were too happen you cannot wish bad things to happen to that person like life is not black and white there is lots off greys there why does the husband have to return to the wife? Because you like her? Lots off ppl like she has her fault but according to the track off the serial she genuinely loves kunal and he does too you cannot control your emotions when it comes to love

  5. I agree nandini shouldn’t be blamed alone and cursed, just bcz someone felt low we can’t be low as well. When the ema is portrayed without involving mauli, i feel more than nandini kunal is to be blamed he had a good wife he loved, cherished while nandini was so much miserable in her life that she felt for the first guy showing kindness towards her.

    But when i put their connection with mauli i believe both should be blamed equality kunal is her husband she loved, trusted, supported, he was her life while one the other side nandini was the sister she never had, a childhood friend she wished only the best with whom she shared her feelings
    Mauli was a companion for both kunal and nandini, aside being a good wife she set up her husband’s dream and aside being a supportive friend she gave nandini shelter, protection, encouragment to lead a better life

    In bepannah another show dealing with EMA, after zoya finds out yash-pooja’s affair and cut her nerves, sakshi- pooja’s mother come to visit her in the hospital in order to apologise on her daughter behalf then zoya said she has not resentment towards pooja since she was none her to, all her anger, questions, hate, resetments was for yash bcz he was the one she had relation with, the one she trusted and loved.

    Betrayal from both side is too much for one person to bear. kunal and nandini are both culprits of mauli they doings can’t be justified in any way at least certainty not with pure love statement. Only lust needs to be fulfilled, love can be mantained without physical contact even from the other side of the world. If at least they would mantain dignity maybe i could be convinced it might be love but from the bed scene to the physical proximity during the festivities in front of the whole family it doesn’t seems they can leave without being close to each other.

    Kunal and nandini have equal shares on the happenings so instead of victimised themselves crying or ending up at hospital they should come clean of what they want to do next and free mauli from this pain. It is too much cruel to want to be with ecah other and keep mauli with them too. If for once they thinks about anyone’s else feelings than theirs they could get some more appreciation

  6. My dear writer,first of all you are not an authority to assess the intelligence of the commenters on telly…..Everyone is entitled to their own views….Just keep your views to yourself and stop passing judgements…..What s that you want to say ….that we should treat all the characters in the same manner? Not to distinguish between good and bad ….neither to praise nor condemn? …For that you have to be either a saintly person who has left all the worldly desires or an emotionless dummy….
    Coming to criticising ,it is the character Nandini who is being criticised ,not Dhrashti….Drashti should rather be proud of her performance as she is eliciting the expected response from the viewers……If she is scared of criticism,she should n’t have opted to play a negative role ….Nandini is 100% a negative character….And who said that Kunal is getting accolades for ditching his wife….Both Nandini and Kunal are equally to be blamed and they will be condemned….If you want to be neutral ,be so,but don’t try to defend them and use abusive language ….some viewers may have gone overboard while commenting about this fictious character but why are you doing the same by talking about viewers’ characters and questioning in what way we are better than Nandini…Please ,you very well know what is the difference….that’s why we are condemning this character……while participating in discussions we should know how to agree to disagree….keeping our own views ,we should try to appreciate others’ views as well..

  7. This is a trick question. Because Nandini alone is not being blamed. Kunal is getting bashed too. But i get your point that Nandini is just not being blamed, she is getting called names and what more, people have started saying Rajdeep was right or they enjoy Mauli’s mother’s humiliating words. Which is disturbing at another level. No ones calling Kunal a sl*t, or a dog, or whatever. Why? He was the one running after Nandini and the first to fall. Just because Nandini is a woman? If people can support domestic violence (Rajdeep), or one woman humiliating another woman on the basis of clothes/make up (Mauli’s mother), then these same people have no right to question EMA.

  8. I dont know y everyone r saying dat only Nandini s being blamed…fyi everyone r blaming both of them…no one s supporting Kunal n blaming nandini….instead only kunan lovers r supporting them n blaming mauli dat it s due to her irresponsibility Kunal went to another woman….y don’t u write abt dat y they r blaming mauli…srsly????if a wife fails to give time for her husband, he can go to other woman…then there r many housewives in our society whose husbands don’t have time fr them….r they going to other men due to dis simple reason or will u guys support if their characters were vice versa ie. if Kunal s very busy n don’t have time fr mauli n she goes to another man due to that..vil u guys then support that…..
    I don’t understand that if u guys r getting angry fr blaming n insulting d character of nandini when she s wrong….then how could u blame mauli when she s nothing but perfect n loyal
    N there r some guys supporting both Kunal n nandini saying dat their chemistry s good????srsly guys??? Only d physical appearance matter to u guyss ??

  9. well said…love is beyond reasons n it happens without asking if i can come or not…
    i really like the chemistry btw kunal and nandini..however i feel sad n revolted for mauli…she does not deserve this from her husband n friend…but this serial is depicting a reality of whats happening in the world..a harsh truth and i would say that this serial helped me to make the right decision in my perso life…showed me that how ema can destroy so many lives…
    this serial is great…awesome actors n so real this reel show…great keep it up

  10. Already 10 percentage people do this without society knowings when you guys start to give good name to ema and support it they may think it’s not a bad think because of the people like you when you or your sister was their in this situation will you support ur husband ema or will tell other girl in ur husband life has sister and give ur place. In real you guys will be the first one to blacken her face. Social media is also a media which make us make many things the younger generation after seeing this may this the society don’t feel bad so we can do whatever we want. And one more some one asked who gave us right to bash her when u can support the character and bash our comments why can’t we do that. The view which I studied was full bullshit Bec every one is bashing both but making comments like feminist and all this they are trying to make us Nandhini character good though we have moder thinking we din became that modern to think our husband ema has our sister. Though if that’s is our real sister itself we will beat with our slippers. Because we are living with customs and tradition. Leave all this cheating some one who think about us before them it’s next level cruelty. Just I want kunal and Nandhini to separate and think wat wrong they did today’s episode was ultimate mauli din blame anyone just she took a decision nice one I don’t want her to forgive both of them.she should move on and live a happy life. But I hate the both they should go to hell

  11. If love is beyond anything can you marry your own brother or father if I think like that vomit is coming so you guys shut up . It’s will be good if you stop giving name has love

  12. Dear zinc,
    I agree that certain sections of comments use derogatory terms which shouldn’t be used. But your views are very acute. Nobodys elevating Kunal by supporting him for his deeds (Actually there are some who defend his actions as love for nandini, they refuse to accept the adultery as lust) and bashing nandini. They’re given equal chastising, so don’t you worry about only nandini getting all the hate. One cannot use feminist card to defend Nandini and malign Mauli at the same time. Why confuse yourself as a feminist in the first place? There are some sections of viewers who think it’s unfair to bash a character (not the actor, mind you) based on their actions. While they are opponents of people criticizing a character, they praise the characters in the same comment. I mean so people can only praise in the comments section and not criticize? Talk about freedom of speech. On one hand they tell people not to get personal and on the other hand they themselves feel personally attacked by views that don’t match theirs or if they feel it makes their fav character look bad. So to people who are confused on why people hate nandini’s actions, here’s a gist. Hopefully this list will clear up your confusing on the no 1 question, why hate ghandini(cr-twitter, I found the name funny) . So the gist: 1) No man/woman loves a rondhu person #fact (I dare you to be there with em for a few days, you’ll definitely run away) 2) Behen I know you suffered abuse. Your friend made you stand on your own feet, the reward for that? Break the trust if your bestie. 3) I find it amusing that ghandini is nothing without Kunal, like really? Is there no identity without him? Are you a puppy who wants to roam around it’s master all the time?
    4) GUILT, Notice how I highlighted the word in Caps? Where is the guilt? You cry when you get confronted but stay guilt free whenever Kunal is there? (Kunal is the biggest @ss, Mauli was your wife for 7 years. Show guilt at least? )
    5) I don’t get how she turns into devi when it comes to Kunal and chudail when it comes to Mauli.
    6) She considers herself as the cheater’s wife. Wait for a divorce Behen. Itni jaldi to share a queen sized bed? (You cannot deny this, you know this is one of the reasons). She equates physical pleasure to love.

  13. Thank you Zinc, I’m glad you wrote this article. It’s nice to read your mature words.

  14. Omggg!!! I am so glad someone finally addressed this . I honestly don’t like Nandini’s character and sympathise with mauli. But I am totally with you I don’t understand why people are bashing Nandini and using derogatory language . What she did was wrong but at some level I can understand why she did what she did . She has been abused and mistreated all her life . She saw some love and respect and she grabbed it without thinking about it . What excuse does Kunal have ??!! Being a woman it really hurts seeing women calling nandini names and saying she deserves rajdeep. I like the portrayal of character why does Nandini have to be negative or mauli need to be negative to justify cheating . It happens in real life and the characters are very real and not exaggerated . People are okay to watch kidnapping , black magic , murder ,rape , nagin and all the shit in the world and can’t watch a show which is so close to reality . Hats off to dhrasti to take up this role .It is easy to play someone everyone loves but really takes courage to take up a role like this .

  15. Really well written article happy to see one sensible viewer being respectful to women .

  16. People are blaming Nandini coz they like living in utopia… what Dida, Rajdeep and Mauli’s mother and those name sake activists did and are doing is cruel… no one wants to see…
    We live in a very hypocritical patriarchal society…..if a man does it….it’s not wrong…the woman needs to be blamed…. no one is thinking of Mauli also here….they only are saying…they were married and she is loyal etc etc… do any of you think she deserves a man who doesn’t love her anymore….her mom and Dida are making a mistake by forcing her to be in a relationship with Kunal….which is so toxic for her own self esteem.
    And Nandini has also suffered a lot without her fault….how come no one condemned the words said by maulis mother and that neighbour when Nandini was living in maulis house….
    People are ok to blame the woman all the time…. wrong and right is contextual and situational…. “what right for a spider can be wrong for fly stuck in the web”..
    Whichever part of the world….it’s the woman who is always taking the blame and shame….men get away with it….
    May be Kunal is right because he is love….well love doesn’t see right or wrong I guess…. but all of them are ignoring how the society and other characters are hypocrites ….people are rejoicing that Mauli and Kunal are together…but no one can be happy in a forced relationship…..they are ok for Mauli to live a compromised marriage with no real love…. but not ok with Nandini’s feelings and calling her names….it’s just pathetic and double standards

  17. Ok there is a say that,”women are there own worst enemy ”
    I always believe it and it is true .more then men women r mostly betrayed by other women for eg.
    Mother in law
    Sister in law
    Step mother
    Step sisters
    Own sisters
    Best girl friend
    Some time even our own mothers who favors they sons more
    In all my life I have seeing it how women betrayed more by women

    In most of the broken marriage most of the time the main causes will be a other women interfering in between the couples
    Being the same species they betrayed they own species
    Being a woman they give the same pain to other women
    What iam trying to say is
    Nandini know the pain of betrayed of husband she gave the same pain to Mauli
    Mauli is not some other women she is her best friend who helped her in worst time of her life she betrayed her childhood friend
    Nandini is not a teenager making a decision without thinking the cons and pros of the situation she is mature women she already made one wrong decision in past and suffered a lot again she’s doing the same in
    Nandini saying sorry to Mauli but we can’t see any guilty on her face or actions, sorry can be accept only if u try to correct ur self ,right .
    When we r in pain we usually ” pray O God pls don’t give the same pain to my worst enemy too” but her she gave the same pain to other women
    Being a women and suffered the pain she gave the same pain to other women that to a good soul
    I think this is the logical reason why more blame nandini more

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