My wife, Yuvani part 16

One more week passed. But it was far peaceful and pleasant for Suhani, comparing the last one.

Every night, Yuvraj calls. All the time he was depressed, upset with his performance and poor health condition. He was loosing hope by every passing second, and mostly cries on those calls. She listens to him calmly, let him release all his frustration, and then she would encourage him. She makes him remember his passion towards the game reminds him his achievements and even cracks jokes. He relaxes by all these, then she would make him sleep by singing. Then after writing her diary, she too sleeps, with half peace. Because even though she is happy for him, she is upset because she knows that he would leave her soon, how hard she tries, she is not able to digest that bitter truth.

Then on morning, she wakes up early and wakes him up, encourages him again and hen he leaves fro practise and encages herself in prayer.

Dadi and Pratima’s anger was growing day by day and Dadi was mentally harassing her by her taunts and scolding, and Suhani just hears them. Pratima was on silent mode, she acts as if Suhani is invisible, even though Suhani is very much affected by their behaviour, she kept calm, and she has her bils and sils’ support so she was finding peace in them.

One day, Anuj lost his calm and was about to shout on Dadi, Suhani stopped him. Dadi left from there angrily.

Anuj: Bhabhi, why did you stop me? Dadi is harassing you. Why don’t you react back??

Rags: Yes Suhani, I know Dadi is elder, but this is too much,

Sau: You don’t have to hear this all, wait i will talk to Dadi.

Suh: No Bhaiya, none of you will speak a word to Dadi.

Men: but jiji why?

Suh: (taking a deep breath) Guys, hear me out. It took me a week to even speak with you all right? I am blaming you, but you too were not ready hear me. Because you were so worried for your brother. Then just think of Ma and Dadi. He is their son. The love our parents have on us na, it is incomparable, it is very vast and wide and divine. They are worried for him at least ten times more than us. Doctors says that he can recover and be normal,

Anuj: But,

Suh: I know, I know ki he won’t accept and we would lose him, but they are not in a position to think of all that, this disease of his scared them to that extend that the only thing they want is his recovery and they belive it by leaving his game he would be fine. They won’t be able to think rational or be practical, and it is not their fault. Their son is walking towards death no parent can digest it, never. They expected that I would give them their son back, and what am I doing? It is obvious that they would be angry on me. Dadi is taking out her frustration on me, I am happy at least I can do this for her. I hope Ma too open up.

Rags: Even with all these too, what they are doing now is a bit too much.

Anuj: Aren’t you hurt.

Suh: I won’t say I am not; it hurts, because they are my Dadi and Ma, and who can take your loved ones anger? But I am happy if it helps them. And then I have you all with me, I am ok.

They smiled at her.

Suhani kept their hands on her head.

Suh: Now, promise on me that none of you would ever oppose Dadi and Ma if they taunt or scold me.

Anuj: Bhabhi,

Suh: Please guys, for me.

They smiled and promised her.

That day went peacefully.

Yuvraj would reach home the next day, after his match.

Yuvraj was reading Suhani’s diary of the past six days, the days before he came home. On each day, she starts being upset because of the taunts. But then, she calms her selves saying it is inevitable and she should face it. The she talks about Yuvani’s convo. She is happy that he is happy and peaceful, and then turns upset as she knows that he would have to leave soon.

Yuvraj looks at tearfully, even after having this much in her mind, she never showed it to him, or was he so much involved in his game that he didn’t she her pain. He was feeling guiltier. The pressure he was in appears to be too small in front of her struggles.

Then, the last day before him reaching home.

“I am so happy today, Yuvraj would be coming tomorrow, he was very much upset today, and somehow I managed him, thank God. But to tell you the truth, I too am so much tensed. I hope he performs well. He has to, else he will lose his confidence, I am trying hard to maintain it, and for it to remain constant, he must perform well tomorrow. Please God, be with him.”

He looked at her admiringly and also tearfully.

“As usual Dadi scolded me.”

It pinched his heart, when she wrote this scolding’s is daily routine. He felt him selves responsible for this.

“But today it was a bit too much. Anuj lost his cool; thank God I could calm him. I know he is upset; he couldn’t stand his sister being scolded. But that is the only ay Dadi could calm herself na. I know I upset both of them, they are very angry on me and they have to be. Still it hurts ha. And I made them promise that they won’t ever say anything to Dadi and Ma if they scold me. I think I made them understand their views so that they won’t remain angry on Dadi and Ma. They shouldn’t be. Already I am taking on of their sin away from them; I don’t want them to lose their other kids. They don’t deserve it”

Yuvraj’s respect on Suhani was increasing in a very fast rate.

“No one deserves all these. What was Yuvraj’s fault that he deserves this punishment, he loves his game more than anything, he hasn’t done any crime na, then why?? Why Dadi and Ma have to go through all these?? Why God?? Why are you punishing us all??

No, Suhani no, you can’t fall week, God is testing you, but then you too are Suhani Birla, you will pass this test. Don’t know, what is store for us, but I won’t back off. Never.

Tomorrow I would be seeing him after two long weeks. You see, I can’t even take this small time period, I really don’t know how I would survive without him. But I have no other option na. You know, I am gonna do something tomorrow, I will say that tomorrow, you would find it absolutely crazy, but I don’t care.

Anyway see you tomorrow.

Good night.”

Guys, I am really sorry for the delay. My laptop was out of order.

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    Coming to the chap, I really adore the way Suhani supports Yuvraj.. and this dadi, I just can’t stand her.. even here she taunts her..
    Waiting for the next chap and your new FF as well..

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you dear, yes this Dadi is too much!!

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