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hi this my first os so bear with my spleening errors.

two couple came out of the wedding hall all were happy yes the couple is ardhika hand in hand . and nesam behind them they were happy because it was their best friends wedding.
radhika thinks 10 years back i would have not thought i will end up here like this .

10 years back 2006 june month

radhika had entered her new school radhika was beautiful young charming girl with less and curly hair . she never wanted to meet the person she saw in front of her neighbour saral she hated him he had a crush on her eventually every boy had a crush on her she was damn beautiful . she was in class 9 that time . 2 more new girls and 2 old girls were friends now they were one gang in girls other girls did not like them as they were talking with boys radhika was in relationship that time because she had left the old one she had forgotten about it . samira the old girl long hair black straight cute everybody in the world would like her because she was cute and she was very much talkative . radhika is new classmate arjun he had crush on radhika and as rasam were close and sarj were also close he thought of talking sam’s help radhika was girl who never trust anybody when she it was damn difficult to break it ,sam was happy as her both best friends were getting together radhika could not understand her feelings she thought arjun as same as sam and neil . neil the guy who loves sam the most he can go through anything for sam and sam had the same felling for him too radhika and neil were like arjun and samsam and arjun were more that friends they were the true bffs anybody would think one tear for sam eyes may cause arjun to break all the things he would get angry very often .these other girls started to
tease rashika very badly but radhika had found her love arjun and sam was always in love neil from the very begging these four were so close to break each others trust . even the parents of all four became close sam had to sis and she belonged to a joint family and she was pampered a lot a lot means a lot sam’s family had their own business they were always two body guard and one driver with her arjun’s father was also one of the leading business man he was the only child so sam was like their daughter to them and even had the same condition as sam why sam all the four were rich but never showed it off radhika had younger brother and neil had one elder sis and he even belong to a joint family and
neil was pampered a lot one year had changed nesam and ardhika ‘s life completely now they were in the same universities but different departments .it was easy to convince their parents


arneil is now a very big business man like their fathers and sam had her own event management company and she owns a very big institution now and she takes care of her family business also radhika is a cardiologist by profession and she is an writer also . nesam and arniel went to the same house there is a name board outside with all the four names in it with their profession on it . all this ten years all four never touched each other that way . they consummated their marriage

after 4 years

radhika is having a kid on her hand and say will you not when badi maa gives yeah it is nesam kid it is boy and the name is arnav and one more girl comes running and says badimaa me and the girl name is ishita and sam is having two kids on her lap saying a story they say choti maa yeah they are ardhika ‘s son and daughter raman and khushi when will papa and chote papa come and just then arjun and neil enter and all these four jump on them and say papa nd chote papa and badi papa and jump on them respectively they live happily there after.

guys how is it i is my story i am sam my bbf is ardhika and neil is my bf

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