I Hate you like I love you…Ishqbaaz ff (Anika POV) By Nishi (Part 3)

Anika-rudra’s naagin dance, masquerade party and shivika’s first kiss…so let’s start with it.
But before this third episode…i need to ask you guys that you are liking this ff or not..if I should continue further …please drop your comments on this context…or any suggestions regarding to it.

SCENE -1 (shopping mall)
I would heartly thank to the technology who is the only known one in this unknown world..it makes easier for me to fine the correct shops for my stuff..
Scrolling over my phone.. I saw a nice cafeteria through the glass beside the mall…I quickly collected my things and went straight to cafeteria.
I finally made a plan to relish my saira bano or americano you should say…it’s my habbit to give these kiddish names to my dearest.
“what would you like to have ma’am?”, the waiter stood near me to take the order.
“anything more ma’am?”
I glanced over the place to take a look of this cafeteria and just then i realised someone sobbing quietly behind me.i could not see his face exactly but i could make out that he’s 18-19 yrs old boy with a cute personality.
“do boys cry like this?’i questioned myself..”that too in a public place..i think the matter must b worse..should i talk to him?”
“but anika..you don’t know him right..how will you talk then?”
“no..he’s in a major problem i guess and i should help him out..after all i can’t see anyone sad of depressed like that..so it’s final..I WILL TALK TO HIM.” i said putting aside the war going on in my mind.
“hey..are you crying..?” i said in a concern.
“no i’m dancing..can’t you see i’m sad.” he said in a low tone.

Ofcourse anika..how can you ask such a stupid question..totally my fault..i thought.
“actually i can’t see anyone unhappy like that so i just asked..you see i’m a magician..i can solve any problem in seconds..i’m sorry but will you please till me what happened?” i said in one go.
“excuse me do i know you?”,he asked raising his eyebrows.
“no..but if you tell your problem to anyone..you’ll fell better..or vaise b bato me tax thodi na lagta h”,i said flattering my style.
“okk..vo my gf ditched me.”
i felt quite amused at his problem…”my god…nowdays children are getting involved in complicated reationship…are you serious..? you are crying on such a stupid matter…boys don’t cry after all..”
“Dear grandma..boys don’t have a heart or what ?.and i’m 19..not a child.”
“okk..i’m 23 but still i’ve never been in all these craps…practically there is nothing called ‘true love’ in this world..it’s all an infacuation..for that you don’t have tto stress yourself.”
“You talk nice…but will you be able to till the remedy of my problem?”he said rolling his bright eyes.
“Fine…just listen to my words..this world is soo big and you just have one tiny life to enjoy…just get a life boy..be carefree and be always in a happy wala mood like me..you see i don’t care as i i’m confident and love my life.”
“You talk like om..quite philosifical.”
“Om..??? who’s he.”
“my brother..anyways..i understood your point but you see i’m at this age where i love to get attention from everyone…i’m handsome no doubt..but that reyhaan keeps poking in between always…he always outsmart me..i tried to be like him but fails badly.”
“So there the problem is…koi nhi..being yourself is all it takes..if you want to impress someone..don’t try to be someone else…just be yourself.”
“Wow di..you are actually a magician..bilkul physics ke numerical ki tarah sab saaf saaf samjha diya…thankyou.” he said finally smiling flashing his white teeth.
“Your most welcome,”I smiled.
“Now i’ll show that dumbass reyhaan..east or west Rudy is the best.”he said lifting up his collar.
“Rudy…ur name is rudy.?”
“I’m RUDRA SINGH OBEROI…Rudy the cool.”he said again in style…”and your’s?”
“Anika..from St xavier’s collage.”
“Ohh..wow Anika di you know my brothers are in the same collage..you must be knowing them..they’re quite famous.”
“No…actually i’m new here…i came from pune in the middle of sessions so i rarely know anyone.”
“It’s okk…you can take help from my brothers if you need any..i’ll tell them about you…”
“Omkara singh oberoi and Shiv..?”

Just then we got startled by a loud noise coming from the next street…it was a punjabi baarat.
I gave up my plan of my dearest saira bano as i was happy to find a friend-not-so-close in this unknown place.
I looked upto the grand baarat and then to rudra…he was enjoying the scene forgetting his state of mind two hours ago.
“Hey rudra come with me”..and i held his wrist to take in the direction of baarat.
“WHERE..?” he asked still in confusion.
“Just come with me…delight every second and you time starts now”, saying this i went to the baarat and starting dancing with them.
I danced near him and asked him to join…AND THEN THE TRACK CHANGED…NAAGIN DANCE..
We both danced like a maniac on that song..mein naagin naagin..joining the people in the baarat.
We danced till the baarat took an another way…we were panting badly…we rushed back to the cafe and drank 5-6 glasses of water as if we were thirsty from years.
After a while..he spoke up..”Anika di..today i had a best day of my life..i mean seriously di ..I never felt soo free before..you know what I love my brothers immensely but today i fealt like i got someone related to me..you understood me so well..i wish i could be there with you always…thankyou so much di.”
“are yar tu to senti ho gya re…even i grateful to god that i met such a cute person like you.”i said patting on his head.
“please di don’t spoil my hair..girl won’t like me then.”
“Hahahahaha…”we both laughed in amusement.
“OH..noo”,i said looking at my watch.
“what happened di?”
“I too late rudra..i forgot thati had to reach hostel by 5 and now it’s already 6..i have to go fast..bye.”
“BYE anika di.. we’ll meet here next sunday..okk??”he said waving his hand.
“OKK fine.” and i walked hurriedly to the hostel.

SCENE 2 (hostel)
It was my luck that i escaped from the warden’s punishment as i made up an excuse of not knowing the places so well.
“Nainuu….where are you?”i called her name peeping into my room.
“I’m right here anika…wait..can you tell me the secret behind your smile..? koi mila tha kya?”asking this with a wide grin.
“Really kaun…kaisa tha vo..or mili kha tu usse..kya bat hui?” she showered so many questions on me and started dancing around me.
“there’s nothing like that what you’re thinking…he’s like my little brother.”i said.she sat on the bed with a frowing face. I told her the whole story.
“rudra singh oberoi..he’s OM’s brother.”
“Yea but how do knoe OM? ..nainaa..why are you smiling? are you hiding something from me?”
“It’s nothing anika..leave it..”
before i could ask anything further someone knocked on the door.
“yes..?”i saw a middle aged man.
“Are you miss Anika?” he asked.
“Principal sir is calling you…be there in 10 minutes.”
Principal sir is calling me? but why ?did he see me coming late today?oh no..i’m in a major problem.
“who was that anika?”
“principal sir is calling me ..i have to go..i’ll tell you the matter later.”
“should i come with you?”
“okay .”
we both were standing in the principal office with a terrified look.
“Miss anika mehrotra…i’ve seen your documents of your school..they are excellent..you are an excellent organiser…so i would ask you to organise a felicitation ceremony to held after 3 months..as it’s a big project so i told you beforehand…make up your dream team and work upon it..you may consult other students regarding this…so all the best to you..i’ll check your progress weekly.”
“THANKYOU SIR…i am very grateful to you that you gave such a project in my hand.” i said overwhelming.
“good..see you after a week and miss Nainaa arora..you are also with her equally.”
“thankyou sir”and we departed with a bulk of happiness.

PRECAP -masquerade party..shivika first kiss…funny moments between shivika.
It’s all for today guys i was upset with the no. of comments..maybe i’m not being able to entertain you all..say it openly..i’ll change it otherwise.

  1. Shivika

    It was amazing rudy and anika bond is awesome just like serial…..it was fab….i felt really good reading it…dear keep writing..will be waiting for masquerade party to come…..

    1. Thanks shivika for your lovely comments… ? ? I’m happy and will update soon

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    It’s amazing Dea….??…
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    I am so glad to be a part of your ff…. I am overwhelmed by this act…..?
    I am so eager for the next episode the PRECAP is on fire….
    And who said that you are not entertaining us…. your ff is truly an amazing one and I can say you are uploading daily so even in that shirt time you are getting a good response….
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    1. I’m sorry nainaa for I should not say to stop this ff… I love you always and thank you for this beautiful comment.. I wrote this episode day before yesterday but it was not saved so I had to write again.. I’ll make it better now

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    First of all your narration of Ani’s character n her POV is too good
    And Aniru’s bonding from very first meeting was khidkitod dear. It was amazing
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    I guess its the very first shivika ff from female protagonist s POV..
    Update soon

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